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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 04-Mar-21 06:12:58

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, looks like its been wet as well overnight heer in Brackley.
Today , a easy day in have something to try and sort out later as to email but will do it at own pace and not panic .
I hoping to receive a copy of a newly released paperback, today in the post its about a local persons childhood in the 50`s and 60`s in the town where he grew up in which is Brackley .
That person left Brackley ,and keeps his ties , but went onto lecturing history at Buckingham University , now retired to a location in North West .
Take Care,
PS : also 4 weeks since hospital discharge

Pantglas2 Thu 04-Mar-21 06:20:50

Morning Mick and all who follow from a dry and dark north Wales- can’t believe it’s 4 weeks since your little episode, do take care!

Can’t remember who said yesterday that they were finishing the nothing they’d started the day before, but that’s a brill summary of my life at the moment 🤨

Loved reading Miss Marydolls adventure in HB! I’m the same and we have a B&M next door to it in Llandudno- deep joy!

💐 to those with tough times at the moment- hard to know what to say each day really other than our thoughts are always with you as we muddle through with lesser worries x

Beechnut Thu 04-Mar-21 06:29:10

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. Also still dark and damp.

I’ve just woken from a dream where I was cleaning the bathroom. I must be hard up for something to dream about 🤣
I’ve just got frightened by some bank notifications on direct debits taken. All ok on checking what they were....phew!

Some general tidying and hoovering is on the cards for me to do today.

Have a safe day all 🌻

Gagagran Thu 04-Mar-21 06:48:10

Morning all from a mildish south coast 8.6c on the weather station.

Busy day today. We are off for the click and collect shortly and I have my first dental check up for 12 months later.

DH has to do his special antiseptic showers and drink 4 cartons of special liquid ready for tomorrow's surgery. We also need to pack his bag as his "taxi" (DSiL) is picking him up at 7am in the morning. He has to have another special shower first and drink 2 more cartons of the liquid supplied.

On top of that we have some deliveries coming from the big river company! Oh and I have to put clean sheets on his bed following this evenings shower. All go today folks!

Glad you sorted your direct debits out Beechnut.

Hope the day turns out to be a good one for us all.

Keep safe everyone. sunshine

Scentia Thu 04-Mar-21 06:53:07

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it looks dry but will probably be colder than I think as usual!!
Work today and we have quietened down so much, which is normal for this time of year.
I have told DD I will have DGS on Friday and Saturday to give her a break, she is 7 1/2 months pregnant and he is running her ragged, bless her. He is a bundle of energy, as all 21 month olds are😍
Went to see DFiL in his visiting pod at his new care home, I will be very pleased if he stays this happy, it was a delight to see and hear how wonderful this new home is❤️
DH is making an appointment to try the Covid Pod on Friday, DFiL will think he is dying with all these visits after not leaving his room for a year😂😂
Take care everyone and stay safe.
I will say a prayer for you all, there are so many with troubles, I think the road map was released too soon, some of those dates seem a lifetime away, it’s getting people down!!

Ashcombe Thu 04-Mar-21 06:54:23

Good morning to you all from another overcast day in Torbay, much like the last few days. Yesterday, the weather gods sent fog late morning to add to the gloom!

Gosh - a month since your heart event, Mick! Good to know you’re quite well. I couldn’t log on immediately and had a bad gateway message so at first I was worried at not finding this much needed thread. Thank you for your daily commitment.

Yesterday we had an enjoyable Zoom meeting with the theatre social club with much banter, probably more so than when we meet in person. The protection of being onscreen emboldens folk, I think. Topics covered ranged from the film “Caligula” to potential productions planned in the Bay, government guidelines permitting, later this summer.

I remember all those pre op requirements before my hip operation, Gagagran, and I enjoyed the special drinks. Hope all goes well for your DH.

I’m planning an early trip to Lidl as a change from Click and Collect from Asda. Have as good a day as possible and my thoughts are with those who are saddened by illness and loss of loved ones. 💕💐🥂

grandMattie Thu 04-Mar-21 06:59:49

Good morning from a grey wet E Kent.
Overslept this morning. I don’t sleep well but DH who doesn’t either is such a noisy, fidgety insomniac! He kept me awake with his sighing, tossing about and finally getting up for some Horlicks.
It was me with the “nothing” left over to be done ... ditto.
Got my Spanish lesson today. I feel I’m going backwards but our teacher is so encouraging and sweet.
All those with troubles and sorrow, pain and distress are much in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe ☀️☀️☀️🌷❤️☀️

Bellasnana Thu 04-Mar-21 07:01:39

Good morning from Malta where the weather is good.

No puppy sitting today so I really must get out and stretch my lazy legs. First I have to leave my nice warm bed which is a struggle.

Had a lovely FaceTime with DD2 and DGD yesterday. I had complained about the birthday flowers I had ordered so the company had apologised and sent a much better arrangement. DD2 was pleased with both, I hadn’t told her I had complained so she was surprised to receive a second lot.

Wishing you all a good day. Take care all.☀️

Dwmxwg Thu 04-Mar-21 07:02:39

Good morning all from North Surrey, very overcast here.
Dog alarm has woken us and DH has delivered my tea in bed, the boys are still sleeping. Will have to wake them soon as they have school today.
Another visit to mum and dad this morning. Mum was a bit strange yesterday on the phone which panicked my sister. By the time I visited all was calm and mum no more muddly than usual for her. Did her observations at GP request which were fine and will drop off a specimen to the surgery today “just in case” she has another UTI brewing. School collection this afternoon and have promised the boys film night as there is no school tomorrow.
Need to pop to the shops today too for a few essentials.
Sending thoughts today to harrigran, georgesgran, Auntieflo and Merlotgran all going through difficult times just now.
Wish all as good a day as possible

Urmstongran Thu 04-Mar-21 07:06:00

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s dry, no frost and seems mild enough.

No plans at all for today other than writing a couple of birthday cards and get them in the post. Our Yorkshire Lass phoned me last night. We chatted for a good half hour. She sounded so much better about things and ergo, I slept like a log.

I have a GP consultation booked for sometime today. A scan of my neck and perhaps an ENT referral is on the cards as, 3+ months in I am still having intermittent earache and a pain at the side of my windpipe.

Hope Thursday is good to us all. I can’t believe you’ve been home 4 weeks now Mick and that your daughter is so far along in her pregnancy Scentia. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Sar53 Thu 04-Mar-21 07:12:23

Good morning everyone from another dull, grey and damp day in Essex by the sea.
Supermarket shopping this morning, my cup runneth over !!
Have a good day xx

Pittcity Thu 04-Mar-21 07:22:58

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. I was woken by a text from Royal Mail telling me that they were delivering a parcel this morning. The excitement disappeared when I remembered that it was just my repeat prescription and would just come through the letterbox.
It's online quiz night and chicken curry on the menu.
Sending hugs to all x

cornergran Thu 04-Mar-21 07:23:30

Morning Mick, morning All from an overcast corner of Somerset. Looks like one of our Eeyore days.

General catching up and faffing for e today. Nothing physical as I’m a bit achey after launching myself and a vase of flowers across the living room yesterday. My knee decided it didn’t want to support me, picked it’s time for sure.

Hope for a positive outcome from your GP appointment urms, that’s been going on for a while. It sounds a good thing you can check in your parents dwm. Wishing your husband well for tomorrow gaga, the preparation sounds a bit complicated. That feeling of relief is a familiar one beechnut, pleased all was well.

Take care everyone. Special thoughts for all struggling this morning, so many have burdens just now.

NanKate Thu 04-Mar-21 07:30:35

Good Morning Mick and All.

A cloudy sky in South Bucks but we are slowly edging towards Spring. We have a Mr and Mrs Robin in our garden now, such a joy.

Having a tidying up and sorting day as our Cleaner is coming tomorrow at 8.45. Haven’t seen her since December. We will go to do click and collect in the next town and have a walk by the river, taking our own coffee with us as we like to give her free range and we return as she leaves. She is worth every penny.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 04-Mar-21 07:36:04

Good morning Mick and everyone from another dull and dismal Oxfordshire, so many GNers with troubles so I won’t grumble about anything.
DD is out of hospital today, so it will be all hands on deck to sort her out as she will be here for another 6 weeks, not sure how we will be able to quarantine her for 7 days though, as she still needs looking after, oh well, I’m sure we will muddle through.
Stay safe everyone and virtual hugs for those in need of them.

brook2704 Thu 04-Mar-21 07:45:13

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s another grey cloudy start to the day.
I’ve also been having some weird dreams lately Beechnut nothing sinister but just really strange stuff - like last night I was in a singing contest and hadn’t rehearsed so hid round the back .... 😂😂
Nothing planned for today but will probably have a walk somewhere as I always feel better for it - and some grocery shopping as I didn’t get to the shops yesterday.
Hope all goes well with your DH tomorrow gaga
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today , however small and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

baubles Thu 04-Mar-21 07:45:49

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s damp and cool at 4*.

A good day ahead as we have decided to go to see the further away GC to give their mum a break. We can do this now, although apparently it was always the case but just hadn’t been made clear, because one of them is under a year old. Anyhoo I’m ridiculously excited and, truth be told, slightly nervous about going so far from home. If traffic isn’t too bad it’s about an hour and ten minutes.

I will come back this evening to find out how everyone is doing.

Wishing everyone a peaceful peaceful day, especially those in sorrow and pain.

Alygran Thu 04-Mar-21 07:51:28

Good morning from North Yorkshire. Another grey day like yesterday. I did have a lovely walk at the arboretum. The snowdrops are stunning.
I’ve been awake since 4 so I have stripped the bed. Hopefully I’ll sleep better in fresh sheets tonight.
I have a funding training event to attend this morning then it will be time for my walk. Day 4.
It was on the radio earlier that Unforgotten has been moved to Tuesday next week for guess who’s interview.
Wishing everyone a good day with thoughts and prayers for all those struggling. Stay safe.

Jaxjacky Thu 04-Mar-21 07:53:27

Good morning all from an overcast colder S Hants. After snuffling and coughing for a couple of days DH has finally given in and taken a hay fever pill. He’s very anti pills, but having read on here and elsewhere the incidence at the moment I persuaded him. Men coming to clear the garden rubbish later, I need to move my car off the drive, then a trip to the butcher and chemist. I have another allotmenter doorstep collecting my spare onion sets at 2, I always over order. Many with sadness here today, I’m thinking of them all.
Have a gentle day people.

NannyJan53 Thu 04-Mar-21 07:56:50

Good Morning from a dull and grey Black Country. Where did Monday and Tuesdays sun go?

An electrician is coming this morning, so it will be a decamp to upstairs

Pantglas I saw a joke recently. 'What are you doing today?' 'Nothing'....'but you did that yesterday'....'I didn't finish' smile

Found a recipe to use up Maple syrup I have leftover. It is a cake with bannanas and pecan nuts. Hopefully make that this afternoon if the Electrician has finished.

Wishing you all a good day

ginny Thu 04-Mar-21 07:59:15

Good Morning from a dull N. Bucks.
Pottering today and a walk down to the local market is about as exciting as it gets today.
DD3 has a midwife appointment so hoping all is well. Sencia she must be due around the same time as your DD.
Thinking of those who are worried , sad or poorly. Hope you can all find a 😁today.

kittylester Thu 04-Mar-21 08:04:53

Morning all from North Leicestershire where it is very grey and, possibly, drizzly.

I have desk work to be doing this morning and expect a Sainsbury's delivery this afternoon.

Thinking of everyone with sadness and worries.

Marydoll Thu 04-Mar-21 08:11:31

Good morning all from Glasgow, where its very cloudy and damp.

Nothing to report at all. Yesterday's plans did not come to fruition at all. After putting everything back in the old hot water tank cupboard after the electrician's work, I suffered a severe angina attack. ☹, so the afternoon was spent lying down. Its so debilitating and demoralising. What a waste of a day! Obviously I had overdone things the day before! There is no fool like an old fool!!!

DD has just phoned from Asda, she has spotted the hanging solar lights, I can't get anywhere. DH will have a fit when she delivers them tomorrow!! 🤣 If I'm going to be confined to barracks, I will ensure it is a brightly lit barracks! 😉

I'm hoping to get news of my car today, although not looking forward to the bill. I seem to have a bit of an eye problem, as has DH. Is it too early to have hay fever, as I also have a splitting headache and blocked nose? My eyes are constantly streaming, so DD will have to pick up my car, if it doesn't settle down.

The plan is to cut my hair today. No point in asking DH, he cannot be trusted. DD has left her professional thinning scissors, so I will have a go. It has become so thick, that every morning it looks like a giant haystack! 😁

So sad to hear the news of Merlotgran's husband, I had noticed she wasn't posting.
Keeping all, especially, Harrigran, Georgesgran and Auntieflo in my thoughts and prayers.
Scentia and Baubles, we always need our mums, regardless of their age. Baubles, safe journey! An day out, how exciting and what a tonic, seeing your family.
Wishing you all a pleasant day.

Gelisajams Thu 04-Mar-21 08:21:38

Good morning from Morecambe Bay where it is now brightening up after earlier rain. The local church where I look after a patch of garden was looking stunning yesterday so I thought I’d share a picture of it. So many crocus. Not sure what today holds. Certainly nothing planned. Maybe I’ll edge the grass.
Thinking of Grandma French having to travel such a distance to get her vaccination.
Lots of sad news on other threads and for all finding it hard at the moment in so many different ways.💐
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌺

BlueSapphire Thu 04-Mar-21 08:22:45

Good morning everyone from a damp and murky Northampton; it was pouring with rain when I went to bed last night. I managed to get an hour or so in the garden yesterday afternoon, and managed to fill the second garden waste bin. Cut back a couple of shrubs and hacked at the climbing rose on the pergola - it always responds well to firm treatment.

Trying a new recipe today - lamb and aubergine ragu, which I found in the Sainsbury's magazine. Shall put it in the slow cooker this morning. Then Sainsburys deliver at lunchtime. After that nothing else planned except read the newspaper, do the puzzles and catch up with more reading and knitting.

Hope things go well for all roday.