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Words that make you shudder

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grandmajet Thu 11-Mar-21 19:18:56

My daughter’s partner cannot stand the word ‘moist’. If you use it to describe a cake, for instance, it would quite put him off!
Do you have a word you hate, and is there a proper reason for your feelings?

Pantglas2 Thu 11-Mar-21 19:21:02

Pusillanimous is one that sounds as horrible as its meaning.

grandmajet Thu 11-Mar-21 19:24:47

Ooh yuk! I don’t suppose that comes up in conversation very often.

Kate1949 Thu 11-Mar-21 19:25:55

Belly which seems to crop up a lot now.

grandmajet Thu 11-Mar-21 19:26:29

As in jelly belly?

MissAdventure Thu 11-Mar-21 19:26:43


Kate1949 Thu 11-Mar-21 19:27:37

grandmajet Any belly!

grandmajet Thu 11-Mar-21 19:29:54

I just thought of one myself - mucous! Obvious reason, nasty stuff.

Jaxjacky Thu 11-Mar-21 19:32:19

Hubby 🤮

MissAdventure Thu 11-Mar-21 19:32:32

Someone on a thread like this said that grown men saying "Oh, I must pay a visit to the little boys room" made her shudder. grin

I agree.

grannyqueenie Thu 11-Mar-21 19:37:11

Yep little boys room, hubby and even worse hubster do make me cringe!

threexnanny Thu 11-Mar-21 19:40:41

Gobsmacked - much prefer flabbergasted.

MissAdventure Thu 11-Mar-21 19:41:59


Charleygirl5 Thu 11-Mar-21 19:44:06

Brassiere, panties, little boy or girls room. The word like appearing as every 3rd word.

Lexisgranny Thu 11-Mar-21 19:45:28

Prepared to think, then saw panties, hubby, hubster, couldn’t agree more. I would also add dainty, I’ve always loathed that word, perhaps because I’m tall!

Grandma70s Thu 11-Mar-21 19:47:58

Most euphemisms make me shudder, like ‘pass (away)’ instead of die. Also ‘toilet’, although that is almost universal now so I’ve got used to it, though I would never say it.

I’m sure there are lots more, but my brain isn’t working.

MissAdventure Thu 11-Mar-21 19:50:12

What would you say instead of toilet?
I never know what is polite.

NotAGran55 Thu 11-Mar-21 19:53:07

Yes definitely hubby . Simply awful.

eazybee Thu 11-Mar-21 19:54:26

Lounge; afters; hubby, this bad boy and at this moment, really: meghanandharry

EkwaNimitee Thu 11-Mar-21 20:13:03

Dribble, drool....yuk! Especially hate to see cows doing it.

ixion Thu 11-Mar-21 20:16:04

A sweet (for a pud)

FarNorth Thu 11-Mar-21 20:33:53

Settled & routine, and especially Settled into a routine

Comfortable, as in I'm comfortable with that.

Grannybags Thu 11-Mar-21 21:12:00

Chrimbo (Christmas)
Passed instead of died

Aztra Thu 11-Mar-21 21:13:34

" digging me out" the snowflake version of having a go at someone - I hate it!

Missfoodlove Thu 11-Mar-21 21:17:59

Posh, hubby,belly,serviette,settee,gob and kids.