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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 16-Mar-21 06:08:20

Good Morning Everyone,
Its daylight here in Brackley this morning , but remains grey and wet outside .
Today , my final full day of wearing my ECG monitor , and a day in with maybe some physical exercise like housework to test the monitor and myself.
Later watch the final stage of cycle race in Italy on the Adriatic coast , and see if the Brits riding improve there positions in the time trial .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Tue 16-Mar-21 06:20:40

Good morning, Mick and all the early and not so early risers! It’s a calm, fine morning in Torbay. Yesterday, we reached the dizzy heights of 14 degrees with several hours of sunshine.

The cake sounded delicious, grandMattie! I expect Bellasnana is relieved to have got through her medical procedures and I hope all will go well for cornergran today. I hope Marydoll is none the worse for her dental treatment. DH also had a (long awaited) visit to the dentist yesterday in France where an infection was discovered to be causing his discomfort so a regime of antibiotics and pain relief has been prescribed.

A quiet day ahead with a Zoom Toads Theatre Company Committee meeting booked for this evening, during which we will finalise the programme for the forthcoming season , through to June, 2022.

I hope all your worries are little ones and you have some sunshine today, real or metaphorical! 🌤☀️🌞

grandMattie Tue 16-Mar-21 06:22:00

Good morning from a drizzly E Kent.
Mick, last day! How long before you get the results?
Thought to all those with Oscopies today.
Saw DS and DGS yesterday. My word, my lovely babe is 17 on Saturday and a right maypole. I wonder when he’ll stop growing. Was wonderful to see the two of them so comfortable with each other as they don’t live together.
Supermarket shop today. My one outing of the week...
Only 12 days before the clocks change. I hate it as I get jet lag; it takes me a while to settle it the the time zone!
Hope today is kind to everyone, stay safe. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Bellasnana Tue 16-Mar-21 06:31:28

Good morning Mick and all. It is a stormy day in Malta with the wind already whistling and force 8 expected.

Thank you so much for your well wishes yesterday, I was overwhelmed by your kindness when I read all your messages.

It was not a very pleasant experience, don’t want to bore you with details but there were no anaesthetists available so I was wide awake. The gastroscopy wasn’t too bad, but the colonoscopy was so painful that my blood pressure took a big nose-dive and they had to abandon the procedure. I was put on a drip and given pain meds but still feel a bit fragile.

The staff were all lovely, I can’t fault the care I received. Got some results from the CT scan I had last week. Nothing life threatening, just uncomfortable. I have been referred for a more specialised CT scan to look at the bit of my colon that they couldn’t access.

Thinking of cornergran today. I do hope yours goes better than mine. Best of luck.

I was glad to hear Pinchy is doing well. Such a dear little lamb.

Hoping you all have the best day possible. I’m staying in bed for now. Thanks again for your kind thoughts.☀️

NotAGran55 Tue 16-Mar-21 06:38:22

Good morning all from a dull grey West Berkshire.

Off to the hospital this morning to discuss the removal of a single gallstone that measures 4cm in diameter!

I hope you all have as good a day as possible.
Thoughts especially for those in pain or facing tough times for whatever reason.

Kalu Tue 16-Mar-21 06:45:43

Good morning from Glasgow where it is a tad damp at the moment but a full day of sunshine, reaching 13deg. to look forward to.

Wellies on later to do some power washing, garden pots to clean with coffee breaks will be a perfect day for me.

Youngest GD, 11yr, back to school yesterday. Delighted to be back and see her friends again. Being an optimist, I have everything crossed hoping there will be no more interruptions to children’s education and socialising with their peers again. 🤞

Hoping everyone can enjoy some outside time today for whatever reason.

brook2704 Tue 16-Mar-21 06:46:43

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a dry and cloudy start to the day with some sunshine forecast for later
We had a lovely day yesterday walking by the river, today DH is going do do some work in DD2 garden and I’m staying home catching up on washing and much needed cleaning... Then this afternoon I’ll be listening into the Scottish Government announcement on dates for lifting some of our restrictions - fingers crossed it won’t be too long now ...
Sorry to hear yesterday was so difficult Bellas have a gentle day today.
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles today, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Beechnut Tue 16-Mar-21 06:49:07

Good Morning everyone from Severnside.
A damp and dull start to the day so probably an indoors day.

My brother came by last night and we had a doorstep chat. It’s getting better now that the nights are getting lighter and we can see each other.

Take care and thinking of you all with hospital appointments 🌺

Beechnut Tue 16-Mar-21 06:51:17

I was rather alarmed to see infection red up arrows on the local news last night.

Scentia Tue 16-Mar-21 06:53:22

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it feels mild.
Bella I am so sorry you had such trouble yesterday.😩
GrandM your baking inspired me and I baked myself a vegan coffee cake, well baking is not my strong point and I am sure you can see mine looked like 2 pancakes. I will tell people my 2 year old DGS helped😂
I have been really enjoying watching 22 kids and counting and last night I ordered 6 of Noel’s vegan pies. There is a three week delay on delivery. No wonder they can afford a Hot Tub and a new French Bulldog😂😂 Sue must have help in that house though, I struggled to keep up with 2 children and a 3 bedroom house!!
Take care all my friends and stay safe.❤️

Dwmxwg Tue 16-Mar-21 06:57:06

Good morning from north Surrey, been raining here.
Late home last night after a very busy shift, didn’t want to wake up this morning but the dog alarm was very persistent. DH has kindly brought me cup of tea in bed.
Bellasnana sorry the colonoscopy wasn’t successful but glad to hear you were well looked after and there is a plan in place for CT scan.
Cornergran hope you managed to get a decent nights rest and your procedure goes to plan today.
I have my visit to mum and dad today and an online Pilates session. No other real plans other than keeping the washing and ironing up to date and walking the dog.
Virtual hugs to those who need them, keep on keeping on. There are flamingos out there if you look hard enough

NanKate Tue 16-Mar-21 07:09:18

Good morning Mick and All.

Grey and damp in South Bucks.

Had my teeth cleaned, checked and a filling yesterday for us both. I didn’t ask DH how much it cost as I knew I would be shocked, but the end result is good. Afterwards we went into Waitrose to do some shopping. It was great to feel normal for a while.

So sorry to hear about your less than successful day Bellasnana. How frustrating for you. 💐

Back to a Nothing Day.

amselerin Tue 16-Mar-21 07:27:50

Good morning Tuesday from an overcast, cold Lueneburg.
My weekend was`t so good. Just a shortened version of the events. I phone a friend every night. Saturday night she did`t answer the phone despite repeated calls. That made me worried - sometimes we even phone each other late at night. Anyway, Sunday morning the same. She lives in a block of flats. So I drove to her flat - no answer. Her children don`t live close and I don`t know their number. After phoning the manager of the flats he came and opened the door. My friend was lying in the hallway and had been lying there since Saturday morning. Her legs just did`t function any more. The ambulance came straight away, I phoned her daughter and she is now in hospital. I am seeing her today to find out. Just makes one realize. She is ok apart from her legs. I have now ordered an emergency call out system. I had been telling my friend to do more exercises. Since this crisis she hardly went out. So, I am going on my exercise bike straight away apart from walking the dog.
I have been reading your posts though. Very interesting, sad and informative. Some of you are not so well and I hope that you do get better and get good care.
Take care and look after yourself.

Lins1066 Tue 16-Mar-21 07:29:00

Good morning Mick and all from a brightening S Welsh coast. Sorry that yesterday didn't all go to plan for you Bella but pleased the medics have a P!an B for you.
The fish van calls at lunchtime, I have ordered a net of mussels for Mr Lins, they had sold out last week. I love fish but am allergic to mussels.
We have booked an appointment with our mobile hairdresser for next Monday, the excitement is too much. I would like to visit the dentist for a much needed check up but I don't think there's much hope of that yet.
Hope Pinchey is holding her own.
Stay safe everyone.

Sar53 Tue 16-Mar-21 07:33:12

Good morning from a wet Essex by the sea but it doesn't feel too cold.
DH is being referred to a Dermatologist not sure how long he will have to wait and we are both booked in for blood tests on Friday.
Sorry to hear that your 'oscopy' didn't go to plan yesterday Bellasnana, I hope you are feeling ok today. Good luck with your's Cornergran.
No plans here today, the same as yesterday really.
Try and find a 😀 and have the best day you can xx

Grandmabatty Tue 16-Mar-21 07:34:42

Good morning all from Polmont where we have blue skies. It's damp out but already 10° so I have high hopes for outdoor play later. Babysitting duties again.
Bellasnanna I can't believe they went ahead without anaesthetic! Poor you. You definitely deserve a day in bed. Cornergran good luck for your 'oscopy today. Mick I'll bet you'll be happy to get rid of that monitor!
I had a lovely day with dgs yesterday which culminated in tea at his house. I had received a box of goodies from dd for mother's day and I grazed too heartily on it when I came home last night which led to a bout of reflux in the middle of the night. My fault for being greedy. Today we will go for a walk in the morning then play in the garden in the afternoon. And a visit to the fish man of course. I hope you all have a good day.

Gelisajams Tue 16-Mar-21 07:35:55

Good morning from a wet Morecambe Bay though it promises to be fine later. Glad to read things went reasonably well for Marydoll but sorry it was more traumatic for Belladnanna.
I’m up early as I have an eye test booked for 9 pm. Now we had had our AZ I feel more confident to wander into town. I’m sure the protocols will be in place in the optician’s. Last night just as we dropped off to sleep our neighbour started playing loud music in his garage. DH got up and hammered on his garage door and it did stop. We got a text message apology this morning.
Take care everyone and I hope you find some 🦩🦩🦩’s today.

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 16-Mar-21 07:44:30

Good Morning all from wet miserable Harrogate
Yesterday I put on my shoes and jacket to accompany DH walking the dog. DH wanted to go up to where I think of as a quagmire, ‘no’ he insisted ‘it won’t be too bad’. So I agreed and squelched after him until my shoe got sucked in and over I went!!! DH had to drag me out while the dog went wandering off. Eventually I was freed, covered in mud, while DH grumbled his hands and jacket were muddy!! When we finally got home t had to shove all my clothes (and his jacket) in the washing machine. I will decline taking the dog this pm.
bella sorry yesterday’s palaver was so uncomfortable. corner just look forward to your first cuppa afterwards.
I’ll try to pop back later to see what the rest of you have been up to
Meanwhile have as good a day as possible!!

baubles Tue 16-Mar-21 07:44:45

Good morning Mick, hope you don’t have to wait long for your results. Morning all from sunny South Lanarkshire, it’s a beautiful bright start to the day.

Corneegran, I hope today goes well.
Go easy today Bellasnana, rest up.

I bet your cake tastes delicious Scentia, I love coffee and walnut.

amselerin how awful, thank goodness you are such a good friend.

Both of the eldest two DGDs had a successful first day back at school yesterday, I do hope it continues.

Today the FM will give us some dates to look forward to, it will be good to have an idea of when we might be allowed to go out and about normally.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

grandmajet Tue 16-Mar-21 07:45:39

Hello from a bright and sunny Nottinghamshire.
Goodness Amselerin, it is a good thing you are such a good friend. Well done persisting; it just shows how vulnerable we all can be.
Sorry your procedure turned out to be so painful Bellasnana, I’m glad they have a CT lined up to make sure all is well.
We have a Tesco delivery today. We are considering staying with having our main shop delivered when all this is over as our nearest supermarket is about eight miles away and it it so easy having it brought to our carport. Are we just lazy? There is plenty to do without trudging round Tesco once a week!
Have a peaceful day, all.

Grandmafrench Tue 16-Mar-21 07:46:01

Good Morning everyone. Blue and sunny already in our little corner of Paradise. An outside day today, I think. In the bottom of the pool, we’ll be out of the wind and sunscreen will be needed.....must make a concerted effort to shift the tiles from the garage floor to the pool bottom. Easy to get distracted by almost anything at this time of year: I keep checking on my pots of plants. Huge growth on my Russian Sage already, the big pots of Papyrus grasses are becoming a sea of green and in the sunshine our hedges are ablaze with the shiny new red leaves of Photinia.

Not a good experience for you, Bella...... but how brave to be awake. I hate all the preparation and checks and palaver, but such Oscopies are done as Day Cases and under anaesthesia here in France. Thank goodness - only so much stress I want to sign up for. Please rest and feel better today. Good luck, corner - it’ll be good to start eating normally again.

Hope your hospital chat puts your mind at rest, Notagran and Mr Ashcombe’s dental problems soon settle. To all trying to catch up on things medical, Bon Courage!

To those with sadness or struggles, may a Flamingo Day today bring you a little hope and happiness ! 🦩🌹🦩

TOYA with a helping of hugs, from French France.

dragonfly46 Tue 16-Mar-21 07:54:04

Good morning from a brightish Leicestershire.

So sorry to hear your colonoscopy didn’t go to plan Bellasnana but good news it is nothing serious. Hope you have a restful day.
What a shock for you Amselerin I hope your friend gets better soon.

We need to pick up a prescription so may go into town pick up a coffee and sit on a bench and drink it. Anything to relieve the monotony.

Pittcity Tue 16-Mar-21 07:59:52

Good morning from rainy Colchester.
Managed to put the correct recycling out on our new bin day and have ordered new council receptacles. Why do they make it so complicated?

Pittcity Tue 16-Mar-21 08:02:34

...pressed send too soon.
Walking to the bank and supermarket today and unpacking more boxes.
Having fun organising work and ordering furniture and bits and bobs for the new house.
Much love to all x

ginny Tue 16-Mar-21 08:03:34

Good Morning all. It is a little misty but otherwise dry here in N. Bucks.

Had to speak to my GP ( doctor ) yesterday re. an ongoing issue. He asked me to pop down to the surgery to see him. We are very lucky to have such a good practice. Anyway , problem not yet resolved but I am reassured.

I have a ‘Teams’ meeting this morning on line with a group I have been referred to re. another health issue. Not sure how that will go but we’ll see.

DH is off for a long walk with a friend so I will probably have a little wander later. Otherwise a few jobs to do and must remember to post DD1 s birthday card.

Hope all who have had ‘procedures’ are feeling more comfortable today. Thoughts with those ill , sad or lonely.

Hope you all find a smile today.