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What are your favourite drinks

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Judy54 Wed 24-Mar-21 13:57:11

Mine are:

A cup of builders tea
A strong cup of coffee
A chilled glass of white or rose wine

What do you like to drink and why?

Auntieflo Wed 24-Mar-21 14:09:59

A cup of weak, black Earl Grey tea usually. It's my first thing in the morning drink.

Blossoming Wed 24-Mar-21 14:37:03

Tea. So comforting. Water, I just like it and it keeps my blood in balance and my kidneys functioning.

For an occasional treat, as too much alcohol upsets my gut and affects my balance, a glass of Sangiovese 🍷

BigBertha1 Wed 24-Mar-21 14:44:18

Green tea with lemon- first drink of the day

Lavazza Coffee with breakfast half a carafe- life support system

Afternoon regular tea.

G & T at 5 - dry and sharp gives me a boost and helps me watch the 5 o'clock briefings.

Wine with dinner - New Zealand Sauvignon or South African Pinotage depending on menu.

If its very cold then a whisky and dry ginger.

kittylester Wed 24-Mar-21 15:24:10

6 am - 2, white china, mugs of PG Tips loose leaf tea with milk and sugar.

11 am - 1 white china mug of as above

1pm - ditto

4 pm - ditto

6 pm- 2 glasses of chilled white wine - chatting over the day with dh while cooking the evening meal.

EkwaNimitee Wed 24-Mar-21 15:32:23

Tap water, lots of it, partly for health but I really like it
Good coffee, beans or ground, two mugs a day
Wine, usually red, a bottle spread over 3-4 days normally.

J52 Wed 24-Mar-21 15:32:54

Lemon tea to start the day, coffee with breakfast. Mint tea throughout the day. Two glasses of a crisp white wine in the evening with dinner.

Kim19 Wed 24-Mar-21 15:37:30

First drink of the day is hot lemon with honey & ginger. The remainder of the day is a combination of drinking chocolate or fizzy water as and when with no restriction.

Callistemon Wed 24-Mar-21 15:43:58

More tea

A glass or two of NZ Sauvignon Blanc (sometimes)
Very occasionally a G&T with lime and Fevertree tonic
Sometimes just the tonic water on its own

More tea (decaff)

Water as I know I must.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 24-Mar-21 15:44:45

2 mugs tea before breakfast
1 cup coffee with breakfast plus glass orange juice
Mid morning coffee
Tea after lunch
Tea mid afternoon
Red wine (usually) with evening meal
Coffee after evening meal
Water before bed and during the night.

Erica23 Wed 24-Mar-21 15:48:06

Strong coffee, Ginger beer, and Ribena. Never liked tea, but drink a lot of water too.

H1954 Wed 24-Mar-21 15:51:30

Tea..........loose leaf tea..........made in a teapot, splash of milk, no sugar!

Coffee...........instant is fine but water HAS to cool slightly after boiling.........milk but NO sugar!

Red all time favourite........Cahors!

Calendargirl Wed 24-Mar-21 15:54:42

I like a mug of cocoa at night.

In winter, I like a little glass of sloe gin or sloe vodka (home made) whilst cooking evening meal. Only at weekends.

(A big glass would be nice, but need to make my supply last)

TerriBull Wed 24-Mar-21 15:58:56

Strong coffee, I drink about 3 or 4 during the morning, coffee pods, I don't drink instant anymore, Plus several glasses of water.
After about 1 p.m. I switch to tea, I have one to two cups usually. I like it strong and I always have it in a fine bone china tea cup, I have several lovely old fashioned tea sets that belonged to my late mother in law.
I love red wine such as Malbec, Merlot or Rioja, but I do try to lay off it during the week and confine my drinking of alcohol to the week end, which I can usually do unless I'm watching someone on the telly mid week such as Rick Stein quaffing then that makes me want to join him or them. Very infectious for me at any rate!
Chilled white wine in the summer. The occasional Gin and Fever Tree Tonic, with ice and lemon, again more of a summer drink, Only the first one is good, so I tend to do just that and stick to one.

Alima Wed 24-Mar-21 16:04:27

Strong black coffee, my staple as don’t do tea.
Also have a couple of glasses of fizzy water every day, assists with wind issues. More in the warmer weather.
Will drink a white wine spritzer when needs be but the needs haven’t beed for over a year now.

Severnsider Wed 24-Mar-21 16:09:40

Ovaltine at night, it helps me sleep

White wine with my dinner, can't drink red wine, it gives me a headache!

Plenty of water during the day.

Redhead56 Wed 24-Mar-21 16:19:55

Breakfast tea three or four big mugs sparkling water with Belvoir lime or ginger cordial. A very dry white wine rose or red but if I drink too much I lose my balance too🍷

Baggs Wed 24-Mar-21 16:28:23

Tea and Baileys. Often drunk together.

Also various wines.

Baggs Wed 24-Mar-21 16:30:03

Also have a couple of glasses of fizzy water every day, assists with wind issues

Oh! That's interesting. I'm not keen on fizzy water but to help with 'wind issues' it might be worth a try.

grandmajet Wed 24-Mar-21 16:34:15

Is that the creation or prevention of wind issues?

dogsmother Wed 24-Mar-21 16:37:03

Builders tea first thing.

Bacardi and Coke Zero on Friday nights at the local pub.

A good red wine if eating out and appropriate.

A glass of cold pellegrini sparkling water.

I really enjoy all of the above.

NotAGran55 Wed 24-Mar-21 17:08:56

Coffee , coffee , coffee and more coffee.

The odd glass of wine at a weekend , usually Pinot Grigio .

Sparkling water with lots of ice in the summer . Never tap water .

NanKate Wed 24-Mar-21 17:38:05

Strong tea
Strong coffee
Lady Grey Tea, but only in the afternoon
Amontillado Sherry (drinking one now)
Bacardi and coke
Ginger beer
White wine chilled
Occasional Prosecco or champagne

Jaxjacky Wed 24-Mar-21 18:09:53

Mugs of builders tea, only drink coffee abroad or occasionally a good cappuccino in the UK. Water with every meal, glass or two of dry white before dinner and two or three times a year Tia Maria on ice. The current bottle is circa 2019.

muse Wed 24-Mar-21 18:28:09

Every day Black Earl Grey in the morning and mid afternoon. Find it really quenches my thirst.
Black coffee (Alta Rica) mid morning. Sundays we do a pot of strong fresh coffee from beans

Cool rose or dry white wine with meal
Real Ale - love a good pint at room temperature
Guinness or Murphys - not chilled.
Spiced rum - current favourite Red Leg

Winter time: Strong coffee with good glug of Baileys in it. Mulled wine. My daughter makes a mean one.
Stones ginger wine with lots of ice
New favourite - my sloe gin with ice or feverfew tonic

Lots of water every day. Got into the habit in my late 20s when kidney problems diagnosed.

No fizzy drinks (except the tonic) or juices. Really dislike prosecco and champagne.