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Do you ‘spring clean ? And if so , what.....

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NotAGran55 Thu 25-Mar-21 15:10:54 you actually do , over and above normal cleaning?

I’ve never had the time or the inclination in the past to do it , and consequently haven’t!
However , I do now have the time but as a newbie I don’t know what to do smile
I have a couple of spare days next week to fill ...

Grandmabatty Thu 25-Mar-21 15:15:08

You've got me thinking. I think I will clean my kitchen cupboards next week. Normal spring cleaning involves taking down curtains for me, washing/cleaning them, cleaning behind sofas and furniture etc. That's got me tired just thinking about it!

grandmajet Thu 25-Mar-21 15:20:38

I’m a domestic goddess all year round!
Seriously, no I don’t think we do any extra in the spring. I think the idea dates back to the days of coal fires, so everything needed a good scrub at the end of winter.

Gannygangan Thu 25-Mar-21 15:22:05

I think spring cleaning is a tradition that has disappeared over the years

BlueBelle Thu 25-Mar-21 15:23:27

No I don’t and never have, just do the normal cleaning stuff any time of the year

Charleygirl5 Thu 25-Mar-21 15:30:11

Not really. I may think I need to sort out my kitchen cupboards so I will do that. My cooker hood needs a good clean so that is on the agenda for this evening when TV does not excite me. It could be any time throughout the year.

I suppose I am more likely to wash curtains in spring because they will dry better outdoors.

My mother, although she worked full time with one day off a month, was a domestic goddess but thank God I did not inherit her genes.

Lucca Thu 25-Mar-21 15:31:18

No. What does it even mean ?

Redhead56 Thu 25-Mar-21 15:37:41

I have a good clean up after Christmas I clean up as I go in general. I am fussy about the kitchen and bathroom etc. I dust when it's obvious I couldn't be accused of being obsessed with cleaning. My priority now is getting my raised beds ready for planting my veg seedlings.

Kate1949 Thu 25-Mar-21 15:47:53


GrannyGravy13 Thu 25-Mar-21 15:52:50

Noooooo!!!! What kind of Hell is spring cleaning

Erica23 Thu 25-Mar-21 15:55:11

Yes I do. My friends think I’m crazy, but there’s method in my madness . I only do it when it’s cool in the spring, (find cleaning when it’s hot in summer hard work ) I won’t do any other heavy cleaning then until October at least, when it’s cooler.
I did mine in February this year as I was furloughed from work. This includes all cuboards and wardrobes cleaned inside and out.All furniture pulled out and skirting boards and doors cleaned ,bathroom tiles scrubbed, beds and sofas vacuumed. I can sit back and relax now 🤣

MrsJamJam Thu 25-Mar-21 16:00:02

In the spring the sun moves round so that from now on it will shine through the kitchen windows in the late afternoon and evening. That shows up the grubby marks, so I will soon be cleaning the insides. They are huge windows, which means I need to get the step ladder out, and I am deeply grateful to have a lovely window cleaner who does the outsides regularly. But I won't complain about sunshine!!

AGAA4 Thu 25-Mar-21 16:03:42

No. Cleaning gets done as and when I think it needs doing whatever time of year.

Judy54 Thu 25-Mar-21 16:34:17

I am no domestic goddess but do like a clean and tidy home. I definitely don't enjoy housework but do it out of necessity. Spring cleaning for me is above and beyond normal dusting and hoovering such as cleaning windows and washing down paint work. The problem is all the dust and dirt comes back and has to be done all over again, I wish there was a short cut but I have not found one to date!

Jaxjacky Thu 25-Mar-21 17:14:58

Good grief no.

FlexibleFriend Thu 25-Mar-21 17:19:40

I clean as and when it's needed, not just in the spring. If I notice something needs extra attention then it gets it.

Patsy70 Thu 25-Mar-21 17:56:00

Yes, the greenhouse!

Davida1968 Thu 25-Mar-21 17:59:45

Oh dear, I guess that I should..........

Sara1954 Thu 25-Mar-21 19:53:14

I am like Judy, I like the house clean and tidy, but I really don’t like cleaning.
I usually take a few days off in the spring to get on top of things, but one of our daughters and her three children are living here at the moment, so I really can’t see the point.

kittylester Thu 25-Mar-21 19:57:37


Noooooo!!!! What kind of Hell is ^spring cleaning^

With you gg.

Urmstongran Thu 25-Mar-21 19:59:29

You slatterns.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 25-Mar-21 19:59:48

I don't usually but this year I am thinking of getting in a cleaner to give the house a good clean. My back has been so painful for about 18 months and its been impossible to do many jobs. Mr Barmey I must say has been a treasure and does most of it but some things need doing, like the cooker home, indoor windows etc that he hasn't thought to do and I haven't the heart to ask him. So its a cleaner.

Woodmouse Thu 25-Mar-21 20:02:02

I love doing housework so I keep the house clean and tidy throughout the year. Consequently, there isn't much for me to do in the spring.

Nonogran Thu 25-Mar-21 20:02:09

I would say I thoroughly clean throughout the year. I don't brooke any nonsense with fluff or spiders. Chairs, sofas, beds, chests and wardrobes, fridge etc all get regularly pulled out and cleansed under & behind. My mum was a marvellous cleaner of our childhood home so I learned a lot from her. Keep on top of it all year round and make "spring cleaning" unecessary.

Kim19 Fri 26-Mar-21 05:42:53

Have to admit, much as I adore it, this sunshine thing has a lot to answer for. It will insist in highlighting dust and cobwebs everywhere. I try for a more in depth clean of one room per year and otherwise muddle through on a minimalist scale - VERY minimalist. I will, however, tidy up the shed/greenhouse otherwise I will be unable to get into it and I do so love it out there. No pleasure without pain....