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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 29-Mar-21 06:08:17

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark start but looks dry out there in Brackley this morning.
Today , small shop early , then some housework , lunch, a nap ,as no cycling on TV until midweek nothing much.
I am looking forward towards the coming days , when I will local travel in a way on the buses , and hopefully see people I have not seen since late last year .
Take Care ,

Urmstongran Mon 29-Mar-21 08:21:35

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s dry but blowy. I’m meeting my walking buddy at 1pm for takeaway coffees and our usual walk. No other plans so later I shall continue to binge watch ‘Big Little Lies’ it’s really good!

Welcome to you Grandmadinosaur 👋
We had a pocketful of newbies a couple of weeks ago and we welcomed them all in turn, but they have been ‘no shows’ since! Perhaps they prefer to read and not post after all?

Hope Monday is good to us all. Are you feeling any better on the thyroxine Scentia? I assume gillybob hasn’t replied NanKate regarding our exhortations to return. We have missed her through the better part of a year now.

Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Grandmajean Mon 29-Mar-21 08:30:28

Good morning from Cheshire. Will come back and read posts later. Looks like a nice day here.
Hope Easter weekend good as DS, DIL and two GC coming for an egg hunt in garden and local streets.

baubles Mon 29-Mar-21 08:32:39

Good morning Mick, morning all from wet and windy South Lanarkshire.

Enjoy your outing today Mick and the same to everyone who is now able to see friends and family.

No empty for me today as the golf course is closed due to the rain. DH is suffering from cabin fever more so than I as I’m better at footering about and keeping occupied.

Annoyingly I’ve had to order one ball of wool to finish the little blanket I’m crocheting, I hate paying postage for such a small order but resisted the temptation to buy more as I’ve a rather large stash to get through.

Today will be more of the same little routine which I seem to have settled into, a quick once over of kitchen and bathrooms, sweep floors then sit down with my breakfast of Greek yogurt with berries and a couple of espressos. I don’t generally have lunch but afternoon is when I walk the little pooch and somewhere in between I’ll organise this evening’s meal.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Lins1066 Mon 29-Mar-21 08:33:02

Good morning Mick and all from a damp S Welsh coast. I failed to post yesterday morning so gave up. I had a disturbed night, still awake at 3am.
Welcome grandmadinosaur.
We met up with our little family for a walk along the Heritage Coast, it was wonderful to see them. The four year old had grown taller and she loves being back at school. We chatted happily and she announced that " I like peas now "! We laughed at that and at our son who desperately needs a haircut.
If anyone is in touch with Maw please give her my heartfelt condolences. I know how much Hattie meant to her. Maw has been very kind to me over the years and I miss her on GN.
Little planned for today, my OA is playing up. Thinking of everyone for whom life is a struggle. Hope Cherry and Martdoll are ok and that these two weeks fly by for you NanKate.
Stay safe everyone.

Jaxjacky Mon 29-Mar-21 08:35:04

Good morning Mick and all from an overcast S Hants. We have warm sun over the next couple of days, need to epilate my legs and try shorts on. We’d hoped to see DD and DG’s after school this week in the garden, but eldest is in isolation. DD did message me last night to say she’d booked a few days in Bude at the end of July, so they’ll get a summer break. Garden pottering today with voluntary phone work this afternoon. Welcome grandmadinisaur to this pleasant start to the day. Big hugs to those in pain, may you improve as the day passes. Have a gentle one all 🌞
PS Grand Prix and LoD made for an exciting Sunday.

Lins1066 Mon 29-Mar-21 08:35:32

Marydoll 🤦

Grandmajean Mon 29-Mar-21 08:35:55


Morning all from a very grey and cloudy (from what I can see of it) south coast. 9.2c though, so I am hoping for the nice warm day we have been told to expect.

When I got up to go to the bathroom at 2am I thought the light had been left on but it was the most brilliant moon shining in. Really lovely. Reminded me of the Walter de la Mare poem "Slowly, silently, now the the moon walks the night in her silver shoon...."

DGD1 is due back from university today and we are hoping that she calls in to see us in the garden, as she has promised she will. It will be a great tonic for her Grandad to see her smiling face. She was a faithful visitor to see him in his 5 weeks in hospital last summer.

DD borrowed our old, garage fridge yesterday for the third time in as many weeks. Their giant American-style one had conked out again despite being mended twice before by the accredited engineer. They are giving up on it now and ordering a replacement. Meanwhile our 20+ year old, battered, spare, from the garage, used to store soft drinks, keeps performing. I have warned it that it will be off to the tip if it stops!

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

That poem "Silver" is one of my favourites tooGagagran I learnt it at school and can still recite it ! Had no idea what a "casement" was and suspected it was a spider's web type thing ! In those days words were not always explained . Think I was an adult before I connected it with a window.

LauraNorder Mon 29-Mar-21 08:36:14

Good morning Mick and all from dry, cold and windy Anglesey.
Nothing happening here today so I ll just wish you all a random pink flamingo 🦩 in your day. You may have to look for it, but it is there.

Stilllearning Mon 29-Mar-21 08:36:59

Morning from a very blustery S Lanarkshire and welcome to Grandmadinosaur. A cleaning morning for me, the dust is making me sneeze!
I had a very brief glimpse and chat with my youngest grandchildren yesterday when my daughter drove out to collect three First Communion dresses which I have acquired for DGD to try on. Since whichever one she chooses will most likely have to be altered to fit, she really did have to get them now. The wee ones didn’t get out of the car but it was a joy to see their faces ‘in real life’.
It really was ‘an essential journey’, the cost of new ones is just silly and although I would have happily bought it, my daughter feels strongly about these things.
I enjoyed Line of Duty last night although I am already bewildered!
Wishing everyone the best day possible🦩

LauraNorder Mon 29-Mar-21 08:38:07

A warm welcome to grandmadinosaur

Marydoll Mon 29-Mar-21 08:44:02

Good morning all, from a wet and wild Glasgow. The wind howled all night, I'm afraid to look out, as there was quite a lot of banging and crashing going on.

Welcome Grannydinosaur to this lovely thread, are you dipping your toe in the GN water and posting for the first time?

I did have good intentions yesterday to rest, well apart from tinting my very blond eyebrows, which I considered to be a gentle exercise. 😉 They seem to have got even blonder in lockdown. Of course all didn't go to plan, are you surprised?

Our bathroom sink has been partially blocked for ages, but DH just couldn't get the plug out. It was one of those you push down to seal it. Putting drain cleaner down it as an interim measure, had little effect.
I decided to take the bull by the horns and had one last go at getting the plug out. My pleas to MrMD, alias MrProcrastnator, had been falling on deaf ears and I was getting quite annoyed about it. Well I managed it, but after cleaning the blockage, I couldn't get the blooming plug to fit back in properly, so the drain was exposed.

Roll on yesterday to the eyebrow tinting. The tinting was going swimmingly, for once and I was quite chuffed with the results, so I decided to use the electronic, eyebrow shaper thingie I have. Going for the full pampering treatment no less!🤨
Unfortunately, to my horror, I dropped the attachment down the plughole. 😱 * * * *!!!!!
I had forgotten how useless my hands were! One knitting needle, two sets of tweezers and many expletives later,, I managed to retrieve it Why is nothing simple?
DH is none the wiser! 😉😁 Reports of my disasters are on a need to know basis only and he doesn't need to know until after the event and matters have already been resolved!!! 😂

There is nothing planned for today. DH thinks I should stay in bed, as I'm feeling a bit ropey. His golf and my empty have been cancelled, due to the weather. It is my considered opinion, he just wants peace to watch (and doze) the constant sport which is on TV or have his awful music, playing through the Sonos system, without my very tasteful and repetitive Spotify list ( I can't get it to stop repeating tracks) playing in the background in another room!

I got an updated shielding letter on Saturday, giving a possible date of coming out of shielding on the 26th April. I'm finding it difficult to understand why, as Megs has posted that in England the date is the end of March for her husband to stop shielding and people are talking on here about travelling freely to other locations. What does stay local actually mean? Why the anomaly between the two nations?
Quite depressingly and contradictorally, my letter said the advice is to continue to shield until I receive the second vaccine, which in my case will be after the 26th April. sad Its all so confusing disheartening!

Ashcombe, I spotted a new male poster, separated from his wife by the Channel and lockdown, and wondered if you were related? 😉 He seemed a lovely chap.

For all those receiving hospital treatment or having medical appointments today, ( I know there are a few), sending best wishes.
To my lovely friends, who have sent me PMs,thank you for thinking about me, sorry for the delay in replying.
Wishing you all as pleasant a day as possible.

PS, a note to my dear friend Kalu, you are no longer a teenager, be careful! If you don't behave, we won't be able to meet up at Waitrose for a gossip, once I'm allowed out!!! 🤭

Alygran Mon 29-Mar-21 08:47:38

Good morning from North Yorkshire. Dark clouds and high winds again today. The weather looks better from tomorrow.
The river burst its banks yesterday and the path I used on Saturday was under water. I think it must have been snowy up in the dale again.
Off to the garden Center this morning then to collect a couple of new jumpers I ordered on Saturday.
Hope everyone has a good day. Stay safe.

Susan56 Mon 29-Mar-21 08:49:37

Good morning from Shropshire.

Welcome Grandmadinosaur👋🏻

Today is my in-laws 70th wedding anniversary🍾🥂Ten years ago we had a lovely meal to celebrate with the whole extended family.This year we have arranged to have a welsh afternoon tea delivered, hope no one else has had the same idea!

Hopefully a quiet day today getting ready for our early start tomorrow.

Hoping Cherry and Mary have both had a restful night and are feeling brighter.

Have a good day all and thinking of all with illness,worries or sadness.🦩🌞

GrannyGravy13 Mon 29-Mar-21 08:53:37

Morning Mick and all

Well what an eventful day we had yesterday, DD rang at lunchtime in tears she had rolled her ankle on the stairs and was unable to weight bare, so DH took her to A & E I had the imp fortunately no break but torn ligaments and crutches for up to six weeks!!! They have moved in as she cannot cope with a 14 month imp a six yr old whilst being in pain on crutches!!!!

Off to sort out the imp!!

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

GrannySomerset Mon 29-Mar-21 08:55:57

Second jab for me later this morning in our local surgery, so a really happening day for once. DH gets his on Thursday and is very keen though it won’t make a huge difference to the way we live. Looking forward to having neighbours in for a garden cuppa if nothing else!

Meanwhile I had better get the day started or nothing will happen.

Anniebach Mon 29-Mar-21 09:04:35

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Gingster Mon 29-Mar-21 09:06:14

Good morning and it’s greyish skyes here in Essex. Hopefully the sun is on its way🌝. DD and smallest Gd have an arranged picnic in the park with other mums and friends from school, so I hope the weather stays fine for them.

Had a lovely coffee catch up in DS1’s garden yesterday (a day early as they will be working this week) . The girls 11 and 14 had grown into young women . It’s amazing how much you miss not seeing them for a few months. One of the twin GS’s popped round to pick up some batteries for his game. He too has grown like a weed and now towers over us. Poor little old grannies that we are 😳

I was dozing in the armchair last evening and DH came through telling me to come into the garden to see the moon. It was bright as a beacon and popped out of the clouds to show its face. Brilliant. ! 🌕

The spice confusion reminded me of years ago when my DM made a bread pudding. Her baking was always a bit or hit or miss, but this was a beauty - moist and full of fruit . .... until we tasted it. ‘Mum’ I said ‘did you put curry powder in this, instead of cinnamon?’ We all saw the funny side as did she. We still talk about it some 30 years on.

Isn’t sociability a strange thing! My DH gets more unsociable as he gets older. Lockdown has suited him down to the ground. I’m super sociable and love nothing more than to be with family and friends, always on the look out for joining different groups or clubs. In the main, we do our own thing but it can cause disputes with gatherings and invitations. 😢

I’ve started watching Big Little Lies Urms and enjoying it. I like a recommendation.

Wishing you all a ‘good ‘day

Gelisajams Mon 29-Mar-21 09:09:37

Good morning from a windy Morecambe Bay. It’s calming down a bit now after keeping me awake howling during the night.I’m sure our timber framed house was shaking!
I’ve got a couple of severe eczema patches which are not being soothed by any lotions or potions at the moment so that didn’t help me to sleep either.
Going into church was strange yesterday after doing zoom for the last year. I didn’t have the confidence to go during the few weeks in summer when it was allowed. Our area always had a lot of cases. Thankfully numbers here are quite low at the moment.
Not much planned for today. Maybe a trip to the garden centre. That always cheers me up even if it doesn’t do my bank balance any good.
Glad to see Marydoll is up to posting a novella! Don’t overdo it!
Take care, stay safe everyone and hopefully you will all find a flamingo 🦩🦩🦩

Grandmafrench Mon 29-Mar-21 09:11:01

Good Morning everyone from sunny and blue 🇾🇪.

Well, big day has arrived for lots of you and certainly Lins who had a head start on all ‘the Rosbifs’ in England. (We’re not called that any more in France - not since Mad Cow Disease in my experience!)

Welcome Grandma🦖, may you have some fun on this thread. Did you mention the region you’re posting from? Sorry if you did...if I go back to check, I’ll lose this post.

Oh Kalu not even a little harmless fun allowed. That’s so unfair. I’ve done it to a foot on more than one occasion. I now sometimes need to dance (and sing) in the car. Empty road, sunny day, great music.....even get DH to join in! I know.....but age and shoe sizes are easy to confuse, and in this weird life, I’ll take as many daft moments of fun that come my way, thank you.

I hardly dare say it, but I am concerned that another lockdown may be coming our way here 🤬. Truly hope I’m wrong but what about a vaccination programme, chaps? Is that too much to ask? A small child or even a monkey might have worked out the link by now. In the meantime and whilst everyone’s flexing their muscles, bragging, threatening, and sniping like teenagers the figures are just going up and up.

I’m off to catch some rays in the garden. And phone the Vet to make arrangements for another battery of tests for Ludo. Need to get his meds right.

Have a good day, everyone. I absolutely insist - find those smiles and enjoy! To all who can’t, who are sad or unwell, please catch my warm wishes and hugs coming your way.

Keep Safe! 👍😎🌸🙋‍♀️🌸

Greyduster Mon 29-Mar-21 09:12:59

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is shining in South Yorkshire but it's breezy. DH has just had a text inviting him to book his second vaccination, so I expect I shall get mine soon as we both had the first on the same day. Cleaning and ironing for me today, and washing down the garden furniture as DS and his missus are visiting on Wednesday. It's a year since we were last together.
Welcome to you Grandmadinosaur! Have a good start to your week folks.

EkwaNimitee Mon 29-Mar-21 09:26:27

Good morning, Mick and everyone and welcome to Grannydinosaur!
It's a dull grey morning here on the Cumbrian coast and rather breezy. No sun today, I think.
I didn't have a good start this morning, I rang for a appointment with the doctor. Normally, the phone is answered right away and you get an appointment in 3-4 days time. Now, you have to start ringing at 8am and when you get through, the appointment will be that day. Naturally, everyone is doing that so you generally don't get through until all the appointments have gone maybe after half an hour or so of re-dialling. I had this at my previous GP and it was deeply frustrating . I told the receptionist that it was a retrograde step and she agreed. The staff are rather disgruntled about it but can do nothing. Several local practices have amalgamated so I suppose this is the result. Do they ever listen to the opinions of those below on the front line...the receptionists and patients?!
Meanwhile, it's laundry and housework day with a bit of clothes packing. Ashcombe, I am having the removers do the packing with the exception of my clothes so life should be easier. They have supplied me with suitable boxes for my personal stuff but the amount of clothes! I am going to have to toughen up and get rid of some when the charity shops re-open but that's after I move unfortunately .
Wishing you all some sunshine today, literally or otherwise.

Pittcity Mon 29-Mar-21 09:30:39

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
Going to be warm here for the next few days so I've got washing on to hang out.
Only one delivery to wait for today, a new loo seat!
Once that has arrived we're going to arrange to meet two DGS who are staying with their other grandparents for some of the school holidays. They happen to live about 5 minutes from the park too, but on the other side. It's a big park. Our first group of 6 in the lockdown easing.

Much love to all x

Urmstongran Mon 29-Mar-21 09:33:22

Your eyebrow tale made me laugh Marydoll! I read once re eyebrows that they don’t have to look like twins but should at least look like siblings!!

GrannyOwl5 Mon 29-Mar-21 09:50:17

Morning everyone from the sunshine coast of north Kent. Mild with a clear blue sky. Welcome Grandama🦖

Exciting day ahead. DH is off this afternoon to play golf with his golfing mates. There’s been lots of excited texts, polishing of golf shoes and clubs. Have to be careful when in the garden that I don’t get my head taken off by energetic practice swings.

My exciting news is..... I am going out 😊. I am getting into my car this afternoon and driving to DD’s house on the other side of town. DH will meet me there and we will have an outdoor meal with DD and family. Will wash and clean my car this morning in celebration!

Hope you all have a good Monday. Stay safe

Taichinan Mon 29-Mar-21 09:54:07

Good morning Mick and all who have followed. It's very windy on the Angus coast (and forecast to get windier) but surprisingly warm. I've been noticing that bright white moon the past couple of nights Gagagran but have never heard of "Worm Moon". Somehow I don't equate worms with a moon - I shall Google it later to find out why.
Isn't it lovely how poems we were made to learn at school come back to us now. My favourite is "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ....."
DGD had a lovely time at her 'party in the barn' on Saturday night. She sent me lots of photos (a much censored selection I'm sure!) of them with some horses, and also with a new born lamb. I rather think this was before the music and wine started flowing! I told her I met her Grandpa at a 21st birthday party in a cow byre - but that's another story!
Lots of little jobs to get on with today, none of them connected and leading naturally from one to another, so a list has been made. Now all I have to do is remember to look at it!
Have the best day you can everyone. The end seems very much in sight for you all in England and I hope you all enjoy your regained freedom and the sun shines and the flowers bloom.🙏 for whom this time is difficult, and for everyone 🌞🌷🦩🦋