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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 29-Mar-21 06:08:17

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark start but looks dry out there in Brackley this morning.
Today , small shop early , then some housework , lunch, a nap ,as no cycling on TV until midweek nothing much.
I am looking forward towards the coming days , when I will local travel in a way on the buses , and hopefully see people I have not seen since late last year .
Take Care ,

ann678tifney Mon 29-Mar-21 12:30:04

Morning all, sorry afternoon, where has the morning gone. It is very windy here in the NE but dry. Went to see our DGS yesterday to see how he is managing with his broken femur, but seems cheerful enough, but needs a lot of attention to keep him in bed. DD is hoping that next week he will get a pot on, which means he will be able to be more mobile. Had a lucky escape this morning at work, heard this almighty crash, the ceiling caved in!!! Its the are where the kitchen and toilet, and luckily I had made the coffee for us a bit early this morning , or I would have been under it!!! I am cutting my days at work down after Easter to 3, in anticipation of me retiring at the end of August, so waiting to see how that goes. Hope everyone is keeping well and safe.

Edith81 Mon 29-Mar-21 12:44:50

Good morning lovely ladies. I’m expecting my Ninja Foodie 7.1 air fryer today. Never used one before but hoping to improve my culinary skills from all the positive things I’ve read about it. Any particular advice ladies?

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 29-Mar-21 12:45:33

Good afternoon from sunny North Hampshire. I’m back from a walk-in visit to our cottage hospital ex-ray department, which made me think of our Cornish friend who has to use crutches. Sadly I can’t remember her name as it was changed recently, but perhaps it was Mellowyellow.
I may be breaking rules but I was always intrigued by chat about her concrete cupboard, and I miss her.

Ashcombe Mon 29-Mar-21 14:09:20

You’ll love the air fryer, Edith81! It does well with all manner of foods and is a healthy method of cooking. I found the manual helpful at first, then just tried cooking various items in it. Good luck!

ginny Mon 29-Mar-21 15:25:01

A very late Good day to you all.
Woke up feeling quite good and hoovered all round, cleaned the bathroom, prepared dinner and mopped the floors.
Then we had a call for help from our next door neighbour which has resulted in her going off to hospital.
DD3 called at lunch time and said she and DGS were on the way to our local rev. for a picnic and he wanted Nana to join them. That really cheered me up.
Feet up for a while now.
Hope you all find a 😁today.

dustyangel Mon 29-Mar-21 15:39:36

Just to add to my tale of woe earlier. After I’d posted I decided to get the sparkling clean jug from the dishwasher and make a nice fresh cup of coffee. New filter in, coffee carefully measured out, beautiful smell in the air,went to pour the coffee out and guess what the jug was still in the dishwasher!
I got my daily exercise just clearing that up 😂

Grandmabatty Mon 29-Mar-21 17:24:50

Oldbutstilluseful the lady you are referring to was known as Viridian. She's much missed by me on this thread.

Blossoming Mon 29-Mar-21 17:49:03

I miss Viridian’s thoughtful posts. She said she was taking a break, hope she rejo8ns us when she feels ready.

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 29-Mar-21 18:08:34

Thank you Grandmabatty and Blossoming. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones missing her.

grandmajet Mon 29-Mar-21 18:11:27

Still giggling at Marydoll’s exploits with the plug!
We have an exposed plug hole like that in our bathroom sink, but I keep one of their little grid type things on it that you use in the kitchen to catch the bits. Just in case! It caught my tweezers once quite efficiently.

Marydoll Mon 29-Mar-21 18:45:02

DH is still insisting I have lost part of it, as we can't fit it back successfully.
He says that he will undo the U bend, just in case I'm guilty of breaking it. wink
We will be lucky if it is sorted this side of Christmas!!!! grin