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Assisted Dying. For or against?

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Greeneyedgirl Thu 01-Apr-21 17:22:34

I see that Henry Marsh retired neurosurgeon, has added his name to the letter organised by Humanists and supported by 50 MPs and peers, asking for an Inquiry into Assisted Dying.
Is it time to change the law to support Assisted Dying?

Peasblossom Thu 01-Apr-21 17:23:03

Yes please.

Billybob4491 Thu 01-Apr-21 17:23:52

Another yes.

Smileless2012 Thu 01-Apr-21 17:24:41

Yes it is time.

seacliff Thu 01-Apr-21 17:25:57


Anniebach Thu 01-Apr-21 17:26:10


Redhead56 Thu 01-Apr-21 17:27:55

Yes I watched my MIL die slowly from cancer my DM had dementia and cancer. I wholeheartedly say yes to Assisted Dying.

tanith Thu 01-Apr-21 17:29:13

Yes from me.

spottybook Thu 01-Apr-21 17:30:07

Another “yes” here

Peasblossom Thu 01-Apr-21 17:30:39

Is it your religious convictions Anniebach that make you unsure. I confess to a wobble in that regard.

Juliet27 Thu 01-Apr-21 17:32:01

Yes from me

SueDonim Thu 01-Apr-21 17:34:32

I don’t know. I worry about the possibility of misuse.

Charleygirl5 Thu 01-Apr-21 17:35:47

A definite yes from me.

Witzend Thu 01-Apr-21 17:35:47

A definite yes.

I can understand people with religious convictions being against it, but IMO while they are entirely free to choose for themselves, they don’t have the right to decide for anyone else.

Ilovecheese Thu 01-Apr-21 17:35:50

He is talking on the radio on the p.m. programme at the moment

PammyHoops Thu 01-Apr-21 17:37:09

Yes for me too.

grandmajet Thu 01-Apr-21 17:38:19

Yes please.

sodapop Thu 01-Apr-21 17:44:26

Yes here as well with the relevant safeguards of course.

dustyangel Thu 01-Apr-21 17:47:06

Yes definitely, and I agree with Witzend, the more openness there is about it, the more people will realise that it is an individual choice to opt in or out of.

MissAdventure Thu 01-Apr-21 17:48:57

Yes, but with reservations.
We then need to think whether to include all kinds of people who may want assistance.

bpirockin Thu 01-Apr-21 17:49:33

I agree.

avitorl Thu 01-Apr-21 17:50:15

Yes.I have been able to save my beloved Pets from extended suffering and would like to think the same could be done for me if I needed it.

Grannynannywanny Thu 01-Apr-21 17:50:51

Yes from me. I refreshed my will 2 years ago and at the same time I did an Advance Directive aka Living Will.

I stated circumstances in which I don’t wish to receive further treatment, my life artificially extended etc. I would be more than happy to add to that I’d like to be helped on my way under specified circumstances.

MaggieTulliver Thu 01-Apr-21 17:57:43

An absolute yes from me.

Parsley3 Thu 01-Apr-21 18:00:19

Yes, the time has come to give this serious consideration with a view to changing the law.