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Good Morning Easter Saturday

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12Michael Sat 03-Apr-21 06:09:38

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight at the moment here in Brackley but its dry outside Plans for the day , get bus to Buckingham ,and then get the bus from there to Bicester , today going that way will be last opportunity to go under a pair of former railway bridges , which are on the former Great Central line , these are being removed to be replaced with a new bridge to carry the HS2 line over the road .
Mind you talking of HS2 the amount of work taking place locally , such as getting ready to remove overhead pylons , which will be underground , having not travelled since lockdown its noticeable more so than travelling over those roads regularly.
Take Care,

Scentia Sat 03-Apr-21 06:26:45

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is just getting light. Hopefully we see some sun today.
I have DGS staying over so we are up and watching TV already! He has his cup of milk and hot cross bun for his first breakfast, he will want a mango smoothie later when I have mine no doubt.
We are off to meet DS and DDiL this morning for a walk.
This afternoon I will get on with DGS quilt I am making as DD loved the one I made for the new baby.
I do hope you all have a lovely Saturday and see some sunshine ☀️

grandMattie Sat 03-Apr-21 06:26:49

Old morning from a grey cold E Kent. How it is pot hat Liverpool had 20C and sunshine, down here it was struggling to get to 8C and was cold and windy?
Mick, it seems that you are really enjoying getting out again!
Did very little yesterday apart from hand sewing miles of strips of fabric to cover the seams joining the blocks for DGS quilt. More to do today, then finishing off the raw edges.
Nothing again today. Cooking venison steaks for dinner tonight. DH does like his game, I’m not fond of it.
A flmboyce of 🦩🦩🦩🦩 for those in sorrow, pain, anxiety, and cheesed off. Hope today is kind to everyone. 🌹🌺🌷

Beechnut Sat 03-Apr-21 06:40:00

Good Morning all from Severnside. Another dry day to get on with garden work. My favourite daughter is coming to help me as the chainsaw will hopefully be in action. If all goes well I will then be able to put in a new fence post (kindly given to me by my neighbour) and I’m already thinking what new easily manageable shrubs to put by the front wall.

I saw some packs of flamingo paper napkins in Tesco yesterday.

I hope you all have a lovely day possibly seeing loved ones 🌻

Dwmxwg Sat 03-Apr-21 06:46:55

Good morning from north Surrey. Been listening to a blackbird singing outside my window.
Managed to get a walk and some fresh air when I got home from work yesterday, makes such a difference now with the lighter evenings. DH had made beef stew which was delicious.
Have a visit to mum and dad planned for this morning and will pop in to DD on my way home, the DGSs are with daddy until tomorrow so she has an empty which I am sure as a single mum she is enjoying.
Simple fish supper this evening and I may start a new jigsaw puzzle.
Gagagran so glad to hear your DH is improving and felt well enough to get out on his bike.
Grandmajet difficult decisions to be made, talking to those who have had similar operation will, I’m sure, help you 💐
Wishing all a happy Saturday

Pantglas2 Sat 03-Apr-21 06:47:24

Good morning Mick and the quilting grandmas! Such nimble fingers you have - all I can manage are alterations! Is it me or are all dresses designed for Amazonians?

It’s a lovely morning here in North Wales where LauraNorder got her order for Easter sunshine 🌞 in first! Attagirl!

Dropping Easter bunnies off at DGC this morning and I trot off to a friend’s around the corner for a glass of fizz in the garden later this afternoon. Back home for Thai red chicken curry later, one wot I made earlier, so an Urmstongran day for me!

Sorry to read a number of you not enjoying the best of health at the moment (I shan’t name, I’d hate to miss someone out) I do hope that you know we’re cheering you better and hope today is a good day in some way 💐

grandMattie Sat 03-Apr-21 06:49:51

No, pant, dresses are all for dwarves. I end up with belts under my bosoms and waists in my armpits, trouser legs half way up my shins! Be glad that they are adjustable by being too long! 😂

Ashcombe Sat 03-Apr-21 06:52:39

Good morning from a chilly Torbay, currently only three degrees! Yesterday, we had sunshine but it was still cool. Nevertheless, my bubble mate, with whom I had lunch, did not run the CH so, much as I appreciate her hospitality, I don’t enjoy the “coolth”!! Do I sound ungrateful?

Grandmajet: please share your worries on here and rest assured you will receive a sympathetic response. I hope discussions with your family and contact with other patients help you towards a decision that is right for you.

Thank you, Grandmafrench, for the helpful details regarding vaccination availability which I’ve shared with DH so we shall wait to see when he will receive his. With the UK threatening to put France on the red list, it looks as if travelling betwixt our two countries won’t happen for some time to come, sadly. ☹️

My neighbour and I had planned to meet outside this morning but I’m not sure I’m ready to risk the cold again! I hope it’s warmer elsewhere for you lovely folk and that today will bring you some joy. 🥰

grandmajet Sat 03-Apr-21 07:00:13

Good morning from another grey day here in Nottinghamshire. I hope the weather picks up a bit as our son and his wife are coming this afternoon and it may be cold sitting in the garden.
I must thank you all for your kind words about my situation, I was touched by every one. I didn’t realise, when first coming on to gransnet, how it would come to be like another real group of friends whose lives I would get to follow, and who in turn would care about mine. You are a lovely bunch!
Yesterday afternoon we sat in DD1s garden with her family in quite warm sunshine, with a cup of tea. It was great to chat to them all. Our GD goes up to secondary school in September and was telling us all about it - it seems such a short time since she was born. Her younger brother spend most of our visit studying something very small in the grass, I never found out what it was - I certainly couldn’t spot anything.
Your bus trips sound fun, Mick, and HS2 sounds as if it is making progress, for better or worse.
My morning tea has arrived, my favourite one of the day - why does it taste so good?
Happy Easter Saturday everyone.

Kalu Sat 03-Apr-21 07:10:39

Good morning all. We have a light frost but a beautiful crimson sun rise in Glasgow which bodes well for another sunny day. 🤞

As we are still in lockdown, unable to leave our local boundary means we are still playing a waiting game of when we are allowed garden meet ups with family and friends again. A positive though is, garden centres will open up from Monday and I will, at last, have somewhere to go.

Have a pleasant day all and a shed load of positives for those who are in need of a bit of an uplift as we plod on.

Urmstongran Sat 03-Apr-21 07:12:24

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s dry and seems mild enough. We have no plans for today. Apartment life is conducive to laziness (no outside work to be done) which means we just enjoy leisure pursuits!

Our grandson’s junior football team have a friendly match this morning. It’s great to hear of such lifting of restrictions. When he goes back to school after Easter, class swimming lessons resume too.

Hope Saturday is kind to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

LauraNorder Sat 03-Apr-21 07:13:52

Good morning Mick and all from frosty Anglesey. So this is what seven o’clock looks like. Beautiful orange sunrise sky and all very still. I might try it again one day.
My random flamingo arrived yesterday in the form of a a surprise visit from our eldest son with his youngest daughter who’ll be 11 on Tuesday. Hadn’t seen them for just over a year. So much joy. Shh don’t tell, they snuck across the border to deliver some tools to another son of ours. I have missed them so much and I will cherish those stolen hugs until we see them legally in May.
More gardening later and a stroll to the beach.
Wishing you all a peaceful Easter Saturday and a random pink flamingo in whatever form.

Gelisajams Sat 03-Apr-21 07:17:56

Good morning from a cool slightly frosted Morecambe Bay.
We went to fill the campa with petrol last night ahead of going to deliver an Easter egg to DGD and seeing DS3 and DiL later today. After filling up DH suggested we watch the sun go down. It looked hopeful for a decent sunset as the sky was quite clear. However once it dropped behind the horizon there was no spectacular display. It was at its best before it dropped reflecting on the mud of the Bay.
Laura you really had me fooled. I only realised reading the thread yesterday! The last time I fell for an April Fool joke was when I was teaching. I was preparing in my classroom before school, the children were arriving and playing in the playground. Suddenly a contingent of children hurtled in to my classroom shouting “Miss, Miss your car is moving”. This was a distinct possibility as I used to park it on a slight slope. I shot past them at breakneck speed only to hear them shouting April Fool. I certainly felt foolish!
Ashcombe It must be so hard being apart from your DH with no end date to work towards. I do feel for you.
Thinking of others too who are finding life challenging at the moment 💐
Take care and stay safe everyone. 🦩🦩🦩

Gagagran Sat 03-Apr-21 07:18:45

Morning all from a grey south cast. 5.8c on my weather station but feels chilly with a sneaky wind.

We are having a joint outing this morning. It's only to pick up the click and collect from Tesco but DH wants to drive so we are going together. He is relishing his freedom from confinement after the bike ride encouraged his escape! This week has been a big step forward in his recuperation, thankfully. He still faces a third operation at some point in the not too distant future, so anything to build up his physical strength and well being can only be helpful. We soldier on!

Hope the day is a good one for us all and a Happy Easter to everyone. sunshine

mumofmadboys Sat 03-Apr-21 07:23:21

Good morning all from Cumbria. Hope everyone has the best day they can. I am just pottering really, hope to make a last minute simnel cake and do a bit of gardening. Take care all

Sar53 Sat 03-Apr-21 07:28:02

Good morning from Essex by the sea where it is grey and cold, a big difference to a few days ago.
I made a very yummy chocolate cake yesterday, I'm certainly no Mary Berry, but it did taste very good 🍰.
I've woken up aching all over, I hope it's not the start of anything. A day indoors not doing anything much is on the cards.
Have a pleasant Saturday and find a 😁 somewhere and some of these 🦩🦩🦩 xx

travelsafar Sat 03-Apr-21 07:34:37

Good Morning and a Happy Easter to one and all. Easter is supposed to be a time of new life and beginnings, so i thought it an appropriate time to return to Gransnet after my very bad start to this New Year. I found have been checking posts this past week which also told me i am starting to take an interest in the outside world once more. I am hoping it is a trend which continues. smile

brook2704 Sat 03-Apr-21 07:43:14

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a bright dry start to the day
Lovely to see you posting again travelsafar 💐
Think we’re going to Brodie Castle today, they’ve got really lovely displays of daffodils and I think some early rhododendrons should be out. We pass Nairn on the way so we might stop off at the beach too if it’s not too busy. We need to make the most of the weather today as from tomorrow it’s going downhill very fast ...
I’m in awe of your DIY skills beechnut - good on you!
I can’t wait for Monday either Kalu when our local garden centres are reopening. There’s a choice of three lovely ones that I like to go to in Inverness. I can’t decide which order to visit them. I think it’s 26th April here when local travel restrictions will hopefully be lifted so fingers crossed .. not long now
It’s just like that at our house whenever the DGC stay over scentia up at the crack of dawn for their first breakfast then another one not long after...
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today, even just a little thing, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Ashcombe Sat 03-Apr-21 07:46:30

Welcome back, travelsafar and I hope you continue to feel stronger after your sad time of loss and illness. This is a good place to be where you are among friends. 💐

Grandmabatty Sat 03-Apr-21 07:46:33

Good morning all. A frosty start in Polmont at -1° but blue skies again. I'm going to Tesco now as ds is bringing his new girlfriend for dinner tomorrow so boeuf bourgignon and cheesecake it will be. Lovely to see you posting Travelsafar. Have a good day all

Nannytopsy Sat 03-Apr-21 07:46:50

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
Grey and still in Suffolk and I expect it’s chilly. My bed is warm 😊
We finally did the patio with the pressure washer yesterday and I got soaked. Didn’t realise how bad it was until it was done.
Today is baking and prep as DiL and DGC are coming for lunch tomorrow. DS will be at work.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Sheepandcattle Sat 03-Apr-21 07:46:51

Good morning and a happy Easter weekend from a dry and cool Wiltshire. Grandmajet, can I add my support and best wishes along with everyone else’s? I sure that with your family and doctor behind you, you will make the right decisions. Ashcombe- it must be so frustrating to not be able to make plans to see your DH, or even have any idea when you will be allowed to.
Life on the farm continues to be busy. In my head, the period after lambing is always a quieter time, but in reality, it never is! What I didn’t say when I posted about jabbing and drenching the lambs on Wednesday is that we had a horrid, freak accident with one of the lambs. I didn’t mention it as I wasn’t at all sure that she’d pull through and thought I’d cast enough doom and gloom on my posts already with Pinchy’s sad demise. What happened was that, whilst running through the ‘race’ ( a series of gates and pens leading to a narrow corridor that allows us to have the lambs lines up to treat them) a lamb turned back and got his head caught in a narrow gap between the hinge end of a gate and the wall. As the other lambs pushed forward, the lambs head got crushed and (stop reading if you’re squimish) so hard that one of his eyes popped out of the eye socket. My DH had the quick reaction to push the eye back in but the poor little mite was in a bad way as the crushing of his head had obviously caused a huge trauma. I gave her a painkiller/ anti-inflammatory and antibiotic jab but really didn’t hold out a lot of hope for her as she was fitting intermittently and unable to stand. The good news is that Popeye (!) is steadily improving. Yesterday one of our fantastic vets came out and took some blood from another lamb, ‘spun’ the blood to extract the plasma, which he then dropped back onto the eyeball and stitched up the eyelids to allow the eye to heal. I have to remove the stitches on Wednesday. I can’t believe that, considering the thousands of lambs that have run through the race over the years, they still manage to find a novel way to injure themselves!
On a less positive note, Bogdon the bull is still not doing well, despite the treatments he has had. We have agreed to give him till Tuesday before we have to make a decision about what to do next. I think, and the vet agrees, that there is more going on with him than just the foot infection. It’s a bit of a disaster really that we could have done without- poor old chap.
I’m attaching a photo of Popeye and a jolly one of the lambs playing ‘king of the castle’ yesterday!
Wishing you all a jolly Saturday and to those of you lucky enough to be spending time with friends and family- enjoy.

LauraNorder Sat 03-Apr-21 07:48:12

It’s good to see you posting travelsafar, a warm Gransnet hug to you. 🤗

Sheepandcattle Sat 03-Apr-21 07:48:23

The photos didn’t appear!

Beauregard Sat 03-Apr-21 07:51:57

Good morning from Derbyshire. 6° and cloudy here at the moment.

Yesterday worked out quite well. I wanted to do some weeding, DH wanted to go walking, so the compromise was an hours weeding before popmaster then a walk afterwards. I plan to get out in the garden again this morning to finish off the weeding and do a few other jobs.

Apart from that, nothing much else going on here.

I'm so pleased to hear that your DH is making a good recovery Gagagran.

grandmajet flowers

Hope Saturday is a good day for all.