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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 06-Apr-21 06:07:28

Good Morning Everyone,
Its just getting daylight here in Brackley , but looks dry outside as well.
Today , get the bus to Bicester ,and spend an hour there , browse and shop , will be even better next week, but then having a haircut will be a priority for myself.
Have a nice day ,and take care,

Dwmxwg Tue 06-Apr-21 06:28:58

Good morning from north Surrey where it is dry and cold.
Yesterday morning was bitterly cold with sleet flurries but as the family arrived the sun shone and we were able to sit out, wrapped up, and the egg hunt was in the garden. DS and his partner and DGDs stayed for an hour and then eldest DGD age 3 stayed with us for dinner and the afternoon. It was so lovely to see her playing happily with her cousins. They were all very excited to be together, it was a very special afternoon.
Today I have a visit to mum and dad, I need to collect their prescriptions for them.
DH plans to pressure wash was the wheelie bins.
Cold chicken and bubble and squeak for dinner this evening.
Wishing all a good day

grandMattie Tue 06-Apr-21 06:30:03

Good morning everyone from a clearish E Kent, still very cold for April at 2C .

Nothing on today except supermarket. Was going to have tai chi outside, but we decided it would be far too cold for us old ladies. We could wait another few days to meet indoors.

Hope today is kind to those in distress. May you find a random 🦩 flamingo in that flock of parakeets 🦜

Kalu Tue 06-Apr-21 06:30:12

Good Morning Mick and all to follow. Bitterly cold outside and possibly the same bizarre weather in Glasgow as yesterday, sun and later in the day, .snow !

A visit to Waitrose today for some essentials then returning home to stay indoors to heat up again!

Hoping everyone has a pleasant day.

grandMattie Tue 06-Apr-21 06:31:07

Dwm, we too had snow flurries in the “Deep South”. Most odd.

harrigran Tue 06-Apr-21 06:34:59

Good morning from the NE where it is - 1.
Been awake since 4.45 so decamped to the spare room with my book.
DS still in hospital, heart rate still raised, hopefully get some answers today.
Drove to see DIL and GDs yesterday, just needed to reassure myself that they are okay.
Was very tired all day with a headache too, pretty much what I expected post vaccination.
Thinking of you all.

Sheepandcattle Tue 06-Apr-21 06:36:52

Good morning Mick and all from a dry, chilly and clear Wiltshire.
I didn’t get a chance to read or post on the thread yesterday so hope that all is well with you all. I had a wonderful day on Sunday with my son, DiL and GD3. She was glued to my side all day so I had lots of help with all my jobs! Popeye the poorly lamb had lots of attention and is going from strength to strength now - she still walks as if she has had a drink too many but is eating and drinking well and last night when I went to give her her bottle, she even attempted to do a little skip! GD helped me give a drench to all the orphan lambs - her very important job was to mark the lambs with a marking crayon dot as I drenched them so that we knew which ones we’d done - a job she took very seriously!😁 It felt very flat yesterday without my little sidekick - especially when I found her little pink baseball cap hanging on the mower that she’d forgotten 🥺. Hopefully now that lockdown is easing, it won’t be long till they’ll be back. I spoke to my son yesterday and he said that GD refused to get out of her bed yesterday morning as she wanted Nana Sheep to get her up...... a bit tricky as I’m 90 miles away! GD now wants to be a farmer when she grows up which means only another 15 years or so then I can retire - yippee!
Bogdon the bull is still not right so I’m ringing up about another bull today and hopefully going bull-shopping this week possibly for a Beef Shorthorn bull, which will be a radical change from the continental breeds we’ve had previously.
Wishing you all a good day and I’ll catch up on all your news when I check back later.

Ashcombe Tue 06-Apr-21 06:37:43

Good morning, everyone, from Torbay where it’s bright but distinctly chilly at one degree! Brrh! 🥶 Firstly, thank you everyone for the warmth of your responses to my DH, olddudders, who identified himself yesterday on the GM thread. We were both overwhelmed and very touched by the many comments welcoming him.

It sounds like many of you enjoyed lovely family time over the weekend and it’s a shame that the adverse weather further North led to curtailment of plans for the Bank Holiday. When overnight stays are permitted, I look forward to seeing my family in Crewe and Rugeley, Staffs.

This afternoon, I’m travelling to Brixham as one of my theatre friends is holding a planning meeting to put together a museum experience in the summer half term holiday. It involves actors portraying Victorian characters as part of the Brixham festival. Imagine: I might have the chance to be a live exhibit!

I hope that those with pain and worries find some easement and that your weather isn’t too severe. Stay warm and well, everyone! ☃️⛅️🥰

Lins1066 Tue 06-Apr-21 06:48:04

Good morning Mick, enjoy your trip out. It is 2 degrees here on the South Welsh coast, a pink streaked sunrise and a little ground frost. Yesterday turned out sunny and ckear, though windy. We had a walk to some higher ground and the view over Swansea Bay over to Cherry's neck of the woods was spectacular. We drove around the 3 mile route I used to walk every morning pushing our son in his pram, many years ago now.
A Tesco delivery this morning and a gentle walk with the puppy, Mr Lins has just gone down to let him out of his crate. Nothing else in the agenda today. Lovely to see new posters yesterday and thinking of all for whom life is a struggle.
Nice to see Ash's husband on here and look forward to his promised French photos.
A curry for supper tonight.
Stay safe everyone.

Beechnut Tue 06-Apr-21 07:00:17

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. A dry day and no doubt cold outside. Welcome to olddudders.

I’m not planning on doing a great deal today after a busy time yesterday. My first job is to Hoover the floor as BeechNutella brought some coconut snowballs with her and we made a mess eating them. The front garden work went well and I was most glad of her help with the chainsaw. We had a fall of white stuff for a few minutes and it was quite chilly.

It’s been good to hear of all the family and friend get togethers over the weekend. Even nicer than at Christmas I feel, maybe it’s because of the opening up of things in the not to distant future. Onwards and upwards.

Take care all 🌷

kittylester Tue 06-Apr-21 07:10:26

Morning all from a bright but chilly North Leicestershire.

Tackling Mount Everest today - ironing that is!

Not a lot else going on.

Sar53 Tue 06-Apr-21 07:12:31

Good morning from Essex by the sea where the sun is peeking out but I fear it is another cold day.
I have an 'empty' today as DH is going to power wash his friend's boat, sounds exciting eh !!!
I have housework, ironing and a shepherd's pie to make before I settle down to finish my latest cross stitch.
Hello and welcome to all the new posters.
Enjoy Tuesday and find a 😁 and a random 🦩 xxx

Scentia Tue 06-Apr-21 07:17:22

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is very cold out.
I am off work to care for DGS today instead of tomorrow as DD has a midwife appointment and can’t bring herself to take him this time as he nearly destroyed the midwife’s stethoscope and computer last time!!
I am taking the car for an MOT and then going off to meet DNiece and her DD for a play in her garden, she has a giant trampoline so I am looking forward to a go on that!
Take care everyone and stay safe today.❤️

Ellianne Tue 06-Apr-21 07:20:09

Good morning from a chilly Jurassic Coast.
I'm looking forward to reading all the posts.

Jaxjacky Tue 06-Apr-21 07:21:07

Good morning all and thanks to Mick for opening, enjoy your trip out, very high cloud and -1 here in S Hants. We too had sleet/snow flurries yesterday, I had a quick walk, knee is improved. Ian is coming to complete the greenhouse today. I need to ring the library, who think I still have a book, which I don’t and tweak my Thursday Asda delivery list as hopefully DD and GC’s are coming for a bbq on Friday. Have a good day all, hoping you have a 🦩 in your day.
PS did I miss the GN who lives in S France yesterday?

brook2704 Tue 06-Apr-21 07:25:07

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve had more snow overnight and it’s forecast to be another very cold day.
Hoping your DS is on the mend soon harrigran it must be a worry
I’m so pleased to be looking after DGD 6 years today, whilst her mum and brother have something else to do. We would have normally gone out somewhere but the weather is so bad I’m just going to bring her back to our house and let her play here. I’m looking forward to it!
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today, even a small thing and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Grandmadinosaur Tue 06-Apr-21 07:29:42

Morning all from a bright but cold East Yorkshire. DH is back to work today so an empty for me. I will have my weekly coffee call with my friend then bit of cleaning prior to DGS coming tomorrow. Saying that I’m a little concerned as DS text last night to say GS has been coughing. Not one to pray but I did last night.
Thoughts to all suffering and lovely to hear of family meet ups. I’m hoping to go and visit my family in the Midlands soon 🤞

cornergran Tue 06-Apr-21 07:32:43

Morning Mick, morning All. A chilly, sunny start to our corner of Somerset. No snow here yesterday, not that I mind.

Will be finishing the grocery order this morning and joining forces with Mr C to close a bank account. Chauffeuring Mr C to physio this afternoon, stop at a garden centre on the way back, decide on a plant for a new container and buy yet more compost. A good enough day.

Hope Tuesday is gentle with us all. Take care.

Beauregard Tue 06-Apr-21 07:34:15

Good morning all from Derbyshire. Beautiful blue sky but chilly out.

It's DH's birthday today. He's not up yet but will be underwhelmed by the rubbish presents I've got him - underwear and nightwear 😒 sooo unimaginative! There's a bottle of Rioja too though, which might redeem me to him a little!

DD has suggested we have a BBQ here later (brr) and he's happy with that as he'll see our DGSs which will make his day.

Yesterday I was choosing my horses for the ITV7 and in the first race there was a horse called Max Flamingo! Of course I had to choose it...and it won! Unfortunately the other six didn't do so well so no winnings for me this time.

Hope today is a good day for everyone.

Grandmabatty Tue 06-Apr-21 07:35:43

Good morning all from a chilly Polmont. Currently it's -1°and graupel snow is falling. That's the polystyrene balls type. I'm on babysitting duties today. So a walk to the fish man then I'll take him to the park. This afternoon we will play in the garden. Have a good day all.

Pittcity Tue 06-Apr-21 07:36:43

Good morning from sunny Colchester. It's below freezing here.
I'll wrap up warm and wander into town to get a few essentials.
Hope it warms up as outside meetups don't appeal at present.
Much love x

grandmajet Tue 06-Apr-21 07:40:15

Good morning from Nottinghamshire. It looks lovely and bright through the window and there looks to be very little wind,- yesterday was bitter in the lazy wind ( one which goes straight through you!).
I hope they soon get to the bottom of your son’s illness, harrigran, it must be such a worry for you all.
Ashcombe, you live in a lovely place. In 2019 we spent a few days in an old pub overlooking the harbour in Brixham, we just loved it there. Happy memories before the world changed.
So many of us are cheered by seeing the younger generations, it’s lovely to read about your family visits. Our next one is a visit from our eldest daughter and her two children tomorrow - they are coming for lunch in the garden. Tesco are kindly bringing the ingredients today.
Have a lovely day, all.

ginny Tue 06-Apr-21 07:42:07

Good Morning all.
A frosty but bright start here in N. Bucks .
We had snowflakes yesterday morning but we managed a few hours in the garden with family and the sun did show up for a while.
Nothing special planned today so will do a few jobs, have a walk and start on the border of my latest crochet blanket.
Hope you all find a 😁 today.

Kim19 Tue 06-Apr-21 07:42:23

Morning all. Doing a chilly minus 3 here up north at the moment. I will therefore linger in bed! Had a lovely day yesterday with my first long (17 miles!) drive out for shopping. Was amazed at the increase in petrol price. Blimey! Can't remember when I last bought some. Essential purchases of paint and compost were also achieved and the rest was simply stock replenishment. Never disliked shopping before but I was positively on a high yesterday. Happy day indeed. It can only get better. Wishing you all a successful day even if you're only mountain ironing!

Gagagran Tue 06-Apr-21 07:47:34

Morning all from a sunny, bright but cold (-0.8c at 6am) south coast.

I had a low energy level day yesterday but did sleep better than normal last night. Feeling exhausted, I think the last 12 months difficulties have drained the radiator and I need some TLC to re-boot. Not quite sure where to order some from though.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine