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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 07-Apr-21 06:12:16

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its a dry start here in Brackley this morning, but probably cold outside .
Today ,an easy day in, maybe shredding with new shredder , I had a call from surgery as the cardiac had sent them a letter s to dosage of betablockers , due to my irregular heartbeat .
Should pick up all the prescriptions soon .
I was expecting a call as to my 2nd covid jab , but not yet .
Had an enjoyable hour out on the bus yesterday as well.

Lins1066 Wed 07-Apr-21 11:53:02

Marydoll flowers

Nannagarra Wed 07-Apr-21 11:55:37

Loved your account of speaking in French and being spoken to in English Grandmafrench. It’s happened to me so many times!
Pleased to hear the news about your DS harrigran.
Sar53 your cross stitch is beautiful, a real work of art. There are some extremely talented crafters on this site. I always enjoy seeing what you’ve created. Nowadays I knit ventilator hats for prem babies in the SCBU in Liverpool’s Women’s Hospital. I keep the needles and wool in this bag. How apt!

Blossoming Wed 07-Apr-21 11:57:04

Thank you Grandmafrench apart from a now fading bruise on the twisted foot I am almost as good as new 🙂. I think the shock was the worst, and the fear of broken bones.

Marydoll Wed 07-Apr-21 11:57:35

Dustyangel you haven't upset me at all all! I know when people are joking. I'm always making fun of myself and enjoy a bit of banter.

TopsyIrene06 Wed 07-Apr-21 12:04:08

Marydoll can't do the symbol but flowers!

Lins1066 Wed 07-Apr-21 12:19:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EkwaNimitee Wed 07-Apr-21 12:38:22

Hello, Mick and's really Good Afternoon again! It's chilly here on the Cumbrian coast but largely sunny.
As I've been struggling with a kidney infection that won't go away, I determined to try and get an appointment with the doc. To my surprise, the phone actually got answered after only 10 minutes of trying and there were still appointments to be had. After a good chat with the doc, I succeeded in getting antibiotics prescribed which is generally difficult these days. I don't like taking them but with all the packing and cleaning I need to do before my move, I can't be lying on the sofa all day reading detective novels. Which is largely what I've been doing the last few days.
After the consultation, came the new prospective tenant and the letting agent. I'm sure he'll take it, he was very enthusiastic especially with my large sunlit sitting room. He might change his mind in the winter feeling the cold air flowing from the large bay window which only has vertical blinds to insulate.
Now I'm off out to collect my prescription and will take the opportunity to treat myself to a M&S dinner instead of cooking tonight.
Have a good rest of the day everyone.

Litterpicker Wed 07-Apr-21 13:03:57

Good morning Mick and all. Sun breaking through here in West Sussex but still cold. We had snow and sleet showers yesterday evening.

Selfishly, I am glad it is too cold for the garden as we have builders putting in a new conservatory next door so no privacy and quite a bit of noise. Neighbour brought us a bunch of flowers at the weekend to apologise but as I’ve already told her, she is only getting her revenge for the noise our workers made last summer 🥲.

Marydoll I thank you for the detective tips to keep me amused with my maps of west central Scotland smile. I have not kept up with the boundary changes - it was only recently that I realised Strathclyde had disappeared and Renfrewshire had reappeared but slightly altered! I am hoping to be visiting daughter and family in June but only for a week as DH will be anxious about neglecting the allotment at that time of year, so trips beyond The Lothians may have to wait.

I think many of us in England have trouble remembering what rules apply where. Scotland and Wales have been much clearer. Shielders, like Marydoll and others on here, have suffered almost beyond the imagining of fortunate souls like me who have no serious health problems.
The rules often seem inconsistent - why ‘this’ and not ‘that’? I hope any untoward comments were misunderstandings and not intended to cause distress.

Grandmafrench your account of your clinic visit for vacc 2 was hilarious. I once had to ask for directions to a garage in France and found it impossible to persuade the very kind group of people in a shop to speak slowly in French, which I could understand, rather than struggling to speak English!

I join the admiration of your crossstitch Sar - so colourful.

Mick glad to hear your heart problem is getting sorted and your are enjoying your bus trips again. I like to use the local buses here rather than always taking the car but haven’t ventured on one yet - maybe after 2nd vaccination.

Marydoll Wed 07-Apr-21 13:20:24

Litterpicker, I used to live and teach in the old Renfrewshire Council area. Overnight I worked and lived in a new LA. All very confusing.

Marydoll Wed 07-Apr-21 14:53:38

After doing some thinking, I am now wondering whether I misunderstood Muse's comment. Overly sensitive at the moment! 😚
The last part may have been referring to the mother of my son's friend or Grammaretto's friend . My perception however, was that it looked as if it was referring to me.

A lesson for all, (including me) to realise our posts can be misinterpreted and therefore important to ensure there is no ambiguity in our posts. Not easy.

Kalu Wed 07-Apr-21 19:20:36

Grandmafrench Not that bored to consider role playing. However, what you get up to in your private life is entirely up to you. 😂😂

Muse. I get the picture thank you.