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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 14-Apr-21 06:12:53

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light , but with cloud this morning here in Brackley but remains dry as well .
Haircut ,done the hairdresser, came earlier , so was cut before expected time , she visits the residental home I live in , so saved queing to barbers elsewhere.
I got the bus to Bicester ,and headed straight away to the bakery shop with a cafe at back , you had to go into the cafe to order , then go to tables outside , lucky weather was OK .
Track & Trace still continues as well, shopped elsewhere then came home on the bus .
Take Care,

Gingster Wed 14-Apr-21 09:16:49

nannytopsy we aren’t too far from Dunwich, about 20 min drive. We often go there for the famous fish and chips and to walk the dog. Never swum there though! 🥶. Enjoy your time there with your family 👋

muse Wed 14-Apr-21 09:23:56

Quick good morning from frosty Cornwall. I'll be back with a longer post when I caught up with all of your news.

Blue skies so should be good gardening weather again.

Two gifts on their way to lovely daughter for her birthday next week. Message left for dear son last night. My call went to answer phone. Didn't say I worried. Just that anytime today is good for a call if he fancies a chat.

Just spotted the picture Jax. Perfect for me smile. Never had a petite friend but on my final teaching practice I was placed with a teacher 4"11. I'm 6'1". She wore massive heels all the time but it didn't do much for difference between us two.

MrM is back in now to make the breakfast. Another post in a few hours.

Roses Wed 14-Apr-21 09:33:42

Good morning it's chilly here which is a shame as its my birthday and my daughter is taking me out for lunch at an outside restaurant so I think it's thermals for me

Still it's exiting to be going out I can't remember the last time I went to a restaurant

Have a good day everyone

Grandmabatty Wed 14-Apr-21 09:35:21

Happy birthday Roses. Have a lovely day whether inside or out

Mapleleaf Wed 14-Apr-21 09:37:46

Good morning,

It's a bright, sunny and chilly morning in South Yorkshire, just like yesterday.

Nothing to report today. Will read all the posts now.

Take care.

mamaa Wed 14-Apr-21 09:38:01

Morning all, I'm a regular thread reader, but an irregular poster as I've nothing much of interest to say, but today I thought I'd share that I too had my hair cut and restyled yesterday. The difference it makes to wellbeing is amazing isn't it?
Lots of 'outing and abouting' by many today, so wishing all as good a day as is possible depending on circumstances and flamingo appearances!

Auntieflo Wed 14-Apr-21 09:40:22

Good morning Mick, Annie, and all, from another bright sunny Berks day.
I haven't poked my nose outside yet, but expect it will be cold.
This morning I managed to get out of bed without too much trouble, and am thinking about my lovely DD, as she hurt her back on Monday, and has more or less been confined to bed since. It is more comfortable than trying to sit in the chairs downstairs. But, she still manages to work on her laptop!

Today is the first day for ages, that we have an 'empty', so if my back feels up to it, we may go and visit a garden centre. 😀. 🤞
Sounds as though lots of GN's are out and about after the easing of restrictions, and enjoying themselves.

The new fridge is in, filled and looks good, but I may try and re-arrange the shelves a bit. There are two half shelves and I'm not sure where one should be placed?

Iris is a pocket rocket, climbing, scrambling and discovering what she can do. Well done, and GM, you sound as though you had a good time as well.
Marydoll, sorry to hear that you have an RA flare up, but so lovely about the almost, unexpected wedding expense refund.
Spend it wisely, not. Go and splurge, I expect your friend, The Queen of Ebay, can help you decide.
Sending lots of love and flamingoes, 🦩🦩🦩, to our missing Cherry, Urms Bellasnana, and any others who have not posted recently, and may be feeling a bit down in the dumps.
Off now to swallow my growing number of meds.
Have a good day one and all.

hulahoop Wed 14-Apr-21 09:42:54

Hope all goes wellnankate good luck with your moveekwa .sar enjoy your cheese &onion pie I like them but can't make them. We had jabs yesterday morning had good morning going round market ,we both went tired and napped in afternoon ,I had a poor night I was woke several times very hot it was like having hot flushes but ok this morning .everyone sounds in good spirits and starting to get out long may it continue 🦄

Purplepixie Wed 14-Apr-21 09:51:18

Good morning from a sunny East midland. Gardening today and fish and chips for tea.

Blossoming Wed 14-Apr-21 09:55:37

Good morning all from a cloudy mild Lancashire. The sun is peeping out now and then and there’s enough blue for a sailor’s trousers. The flock of sparrows that we are rearing in the boxes next to the top floor windows are cheeping away. I love watching them, they are such beautiful little birds and their plumage is far more varied than people think when you see them close up. We have goldfinches, greenfinches, chaffinches and other colourful birds visiting the garden feeders but I love my little sparrows. Their numbers are declining so I’m doing my bit for conservation.

Hoping Wednesday is kind to you all.

Grandmafrench Wed 14-Apr-21 10:08:14

Good Morning everyone from dazzling sunshine and deep blue-skied South of 🇫🇷.

Happy Birthday Roses with a restaurant treat, and have a lovely Unbirthday get together, Mattie in case I forget tomorrow. X. (Sounds like your new plan is paying off - sometimes people just have to be retrained!)

Good luck, stay calm today, NanKate - remember the Force of Grans is with you (that’s meant to be a good thing😁)

Sounds like you’re really on top of this moving lark, Ekwa. Enjoy every bit of your new life!

Hope your hand settles, Mary, it’s not helpful to have to supervise as a One Armed Bandit! mamaa, we all have something of interest to say, even when it seems just waffle. Hope the haircut lifts your mood and prompts more posting?

To all the out and abouters (and predictive text just described you as ‘shouters’, so that too!) and to all those feeling excited that new buds of hope are opening in life as well as in the garden, have a good time today. Becoming Grammingoes may give those poor overworked birds a bit of time off - you know how it feels to keep trying to cheer those you care about!
Looks like we’re getting there, slowly maybe, but it’s April not January so let’s aim now to infect each other with some real hope and happinesss.

Thoughts, as always, to our lovely GM’ers who are ill or struggling 💐

Off to enjoy the outdoors.....☕️😎🌴 which is where I shall be dashing away with a smoothing iron quite shortly!

Keep safe, dear peeps. 🙋‍♀️😘

GrannyGravy13 Wed 14-Apr-21 10:08:54

Gingster and Nannytopsy we are RHS members and love Hyde Hall as does one of our GC, we have to go up to the top where the bees go back and forth to the hives, he is not afraid just absolutely fascinated.

Greyduster Wed 14-Apr-21 10:36:55

Happy Birthday, Roses! I hope you enjoy your lunch and the food stays hot!💐🎂☕️

Beechnut Wed 14-Apr-21 10:49:05

Happy Birthday Roses 🎂

EllanVannin Wed 14-Apr-21 11:15:20

Good Morning All x. Happy Birthday to Roses x
A bit more cloud this morning but doesn't feel as perishing cold as it has done of late. It's remained dry without any rain to speak of for a good couple of weeks.

I nearly had another visitor from the animal world this morning. Sitting quietly I heard tapping going on and because the patio door was slightly ajar a magpie was merrily pecking at the door frame. None of the cats were around so I suppose it felt brave. I sat stock still and it was happily looking into the living room. A lovely looking bird with its flourescent feathers and " dinner suit".
It may have thought there'd be some crumpet left ! Some hope smile

Exciting times for one and all by the sound of things and Iris has come on by leaps and bounds which is lovely to hear about. News like that helps your own well being.

A lovely break for Ashcombe too even if it was " unusual ".

I could just demolish that Ploughman's lunch {grin]. I used to love them on my trips around the country with my friend. We always opted for them because of the different varieties.
One of my favourite " eateries " was a little cafe in Bourton on the Water where beef and onion sandwiches were a speciality. Never had their like since. D has promised a day in the Cotswolds later on which will be lovely.

Sun's out now so all's well with the world. It makes such a difference. Perhaps I'll get a visit today as there was no sign yesterday.
What I did promise myself to do yesterday was empty my tubs of frost-bitten plants, so I'll do that today and put fresh compost in them ready for new plants. That'll keep me out of mischief for an hour. Lily of the Valley is my first thought.

Hope everyone's fit and well and ready for more trips out and about. Take care still and stay safe. Thoughts go as always to our absent friends in the hope that they're doing alright xx

Jaxjacky Wed 14-Apr-21 11:40:15

Happy Birthday Roses enjoy your day 🎂🎉. Ekwa best of luck with your move, I hope it stays dry for you.
Much joy, txt from my friend who’s a hairdresser, Saturday, 3pm, garden...hurray!

Litterpicker Wed 14-Apr-21 11:59:34

Good morning from sunny but still too cool for me, West Sussex. I am off to the allotment shortly so hope I will warm up with a bit of energetic weeding or edge clipping.
Marydoll I did not miss the “clue” but still find some contradictory ideas in my head from things you mentioned way back eg the size of your town. I may have to pm you! On the other hand, I am enjoying the challenge grin. Also, I would have posted on here at least 15 minutes earlier but got distracted by having to look at the Emporium in Prestwick website - lots of lovely things, I may be tempted 😀

EkwaNimiti good luck with your move tomorrow.

Auntieflo hope your back allows your trip out.

Mick there’s no stopping you now!

Hoping for a good day for all ☀️🌷🦩

hollysteers Wed 14-Apr-21 12:00:03

Good morning Mick and all from a cloudy northwest Lancashire coast. It sounds as if you had a nice day Mick.
Quiet day planned, going to make smoothies with my bullet. I like gathering left over bits and pieces and plonking them in (odd socks etc.). Slipped up though the time I put left over onion in and ruined the whole smoothie.
My complaint about flooding has been turned down by the council, with various excuses and each email comes with another email address to take it further. I know my neighbour has got his knickers, or Y fronts in a justifiable twist, but I am rising above it as I haven’t got the energy, it’s very boring and now my hormones are medically blocked, I don’t get too excited about anything, unless the water actually creeps into the house...
Had a confused birthday chat with my brother in law in a nursing home in the South, we hurtled through centuries as dates were forgotten and we both ended up being different ages to what we are😁 He thought I had sent him a book, but I sent him sugar free chocolates.
Well done Iris, I admire you and Marydoll, I hope things improve. Also thoughts to Cherry, Auntieflo, dragonfly and Georgesgran.
Haven’t read your postings yet, Gransnet is becoming a way of life.

LauraNorder Wed 14-Apr-21 12:23:38

Oops, I did it again 🎸🥁
Late to the party but good afternoon everyone.
Happy birthday 🎂 Roses, hope it’s joyous.
Lovely to read everyone’s happiness at being out and about, hair cuts and lunches, flamingos at every turn.
A little tender care for those in pain and a hope that a bit of sunshine comes your way.
🦩 🌞 cupcake the cake is for muse and anyone else who can’t see the flamingo or the sunshine but hopefully can feel them both.

Dowsabella Wed 14-Apr-21 12:59:26

Good afternoon (!) all you early risers! It's a lovely sunny day in my part of Derbyshire! I don't think I've ever introduced myself properly, but have just popped up to add my twopenn'orth to a post here and there, so please forgive me if it seems as if a stranger is butting in!! I enjoy reading the posts, and many of them make me feel as if I am not alone in what I am having to cope with. Family aren't much use grin as they all live too far away in the south of England, or in other parts of the world!

I have spurts of energy, but mostly suffer from a lot of fatigue caused by long-covid which has been going on for more than a year now. (We won't talk about the brain-fog! wink) Sometimes it's too much effort even to send emails or make phone calls! If I'm extremely lucky, the pharmacy might have my inhaler ready to collect as the other thing long-covid seems to have sparked off is asthma.

Today, I'm hoping to go down to my allotment. If I'm very lucky, I might get one or two bean poles put up! but my energy levels are low, so I may end up just watching the Crown Green Bowls on the adjoining green. The bowlers might take pity on me and offer me a (socially distanced) cuppa!

Hope you all have a good day and are able to enjoy some sunshine

LauraNorder Wed 14-Apr-21 15:39:09

Hello Dowsabella, I think everyone is outside in the sunshine. I just popped inside to get an ice cream cornet for Orlin and I.
Sorry to hear that you are suffering. Nobody is a stranger on Gransnet once you’ve said hello. Hopefully we’ll see you posting again and you’ll feel like a friend.