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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 28-Apr-21 06:08:04

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright but grey skies overhead after overnight rain here in brackley this morning.
Today, a quiet day with a small shop , and watch cycling later.
Yesterdays trip out was OK , but have yet to bump into some familiar faces to myself from work .
Have a quiet day ebveryone,
Take Care,

Kim19 Wed 28-Apr-21 06:19:18

Morning Mick! Something like yourself in that I've a quiet day ahead with only a small shop planned. A little bit of essential paperwork (ugh!) and, if the weather is kind, I will try for a little more improvement in the garden. It was too cold yesterday for that. Never mind, May is within touching distance and that's one of my favourite months. So full of promise........

grandMattie Wed 28-Apr-21 06:20:35

Good morning from a dull E Kent. It would have been wonderful to have rain, but it always misses us.
The asparagus season has started! I’m going to be seriously poor as it costs £10/kg and we have some at least 5 times a week!
Had my hair cu! My word, it is short...after 5 months, I no longer look like Worzel Gummidge!
The gardener has finished the heavy work and pruning. He didn’t prune the trees much to my liking, but DH is thrilled so I may leave it unless they really get on my nerves. He just cut everything in a round shape rather than keeping generally to the tree shape and thinning huts, cutting others out! Naturally I was out when he did it.
Attached is a photo taken from my bathroom of my neighbour’s apple tree in bud and, behind it, a pear tree in full flower. Our plots used to be an orchard in the 1940s before it was built on. A couple of the houses still have venerable Bramley apple trees and Conference pears.
I hope everyone has lots of rain today, their plants perk up. Hope you have freedom from pain, sorrow, anxiety etc., today. 🦩☀️🌺

Ashcombe Wed 28-Apr-21 06:44:19

Good morning from a damp Torbay after an overnight soaking and more rain expected. 🌧 Farmers and gardeners will be greatly relieved. ☔️

Thank you for the many kind comments about the horse drawn hearse yesterday and what a brilliant photo of your horse in silhouette, GrannyGravy13!

A quiet day apart from a Zoom meeting with the theatre mid-week social club, followed by the daily one with DH, olddudders.

I hope Rose feels better now her endoscopy is over and all those in pain of any kind find relief today. 🌤🌈⛅️

Gagagran Wed 28-Apr-21 06:44:55

Morning all from a slightly damp south coast. My rain dance obviously worked! It's only a sprinkle so far but the first wet stuff from the sky this month.

Had some exciting news last night from our DS who has landed a job in the field he was aiming for, away from high finance in the City. He is hoping to start next week if the contract can be drawn up in time.

DD has an interview for a permanent university job on Thursday as the funding for her research is coming to an end and may not be continued. So, happy parents here this week! We never stop worrying about our chicks do we?

Cleaners due this morning followed by the District Nurse to attend to DH's personal needs then we can relax and enjoy some April showers, hopefully!

Hope the day is a good one for us all.

cornergran Wed 28-Apr-21 06:45:19

Morning Mick, morning All from a damp, grey corner of Somerset. The rain is welcome as long as it doesn’t stay too long but goodness why is it so cold?

Yesterday’s trip was predictably exhausting but successful. Got very cold though, a biting wind. Today is our usual Wednesday. Grocery delivery and dust removal, not exciting but somehow it gives shape to the week. Our goddaughter was reassured by a nurse yesterday and sounded much less stressed, relief all round.

Look after yourselves everyone, hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

Beechnut Wed 28-Apr-21 06:46:34

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where we mostly have Micks Brackley weather.

I’m off to the dentist at last and then I’ll run a few errands. I might try to get my haircut this week. It’s the longest it’s been for a very long time and now starting to get on my wick.

My apple tree is on its last chance. The year before last there was hardly any apples and last year they had brown rot. This year it’s looking pretty at the moment with plenty of blossom so we’ll have to see. I’d wouldn’t mind keeping it for the blossom but don’t fancy picking up manky apples every year.

Have a good day all and to all the rain dancers, it worked 🌧🌸

GrannyGravy13 Wed 28-Apr-21 06:55:30

Good morning Mick and all

It’s grey here in S E Essex, I slept terribly last night, consequently I have a headache and feel exhausted. A quiet day is what I need.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

brook2704 Wed 28-Apr-21 07:01:48

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where the sky is mostly grey, yesterday was dry but with light rain in the evening. My DD1 always jokes that whenever I visit I bring the Scottish weather with me as invariably it rains!
We had a lovely lunch yesterday at a hotel garden in town, not far from youngest DGS nursery. We sat right next to the outdoor heater under a marquee so I was cosy and warm and they had blankets if you wanted to borrow one. We had a good chat and I eventually found out a little bit about her new job which she’d started in February! Then we picked up DGS from nursery and the elder one from school. Got to meet one of DD running pals too.
Today I’ve got the day to myself so I’m going to look round the botanical gardens, taking my umbrella of course ..
Good news about your DS gaga and hope your DD interview goes well too
cornergran so pleased your goddaughter is less worried now 😀
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Susan56 Wed 28-Apr-21 07:03:39

Good morning from Shropshire.Raining here too which is just what we need as the water butts are empty.

Looking after Henry today then school pick up for DGD and then once the children are home we will do the supermarket shopping.

Have a good day all and thinking of all our absent friends and all struggling with their health or the health of loved ones.

Dwmxwg Wed 28-Apr-21 07:05:32

Good morning from north Surrey, no overnight rain and doesn’t look that promising for any today either.
Had a WhatsApp catch up with all Freddie’s brothers and sisters yesterday. He is one from a litter of 14, they all seem to have the same character traits. Also had an email from the breeder, she kept one of the litter, who she thinks is whelping so he will be an uncle.
Today I plan for another quiet day. Garden and allotment watering if no rain. An online Pilates session and dog walking. Still have a few more Cubs badges to sew on The boys will be here early evening which will cheer me up with their boisterous fun.
I missed the nastiness here yesterday (lucky me), was surprised to see over 100 posts when I checked back in to read but then saw why with lots deleted. How sad people can be.
Enjoy your day and hope those 🦩🦩 are out there to keep us feeling positive

NanKate Wed 28-Apr-21 07:06:39

Morning Mick and All.

Cloudy with a tiny bit of sunshine here in South Bucks.

The Consultant said my biopsies were all clear 👍

GrannyG You need to put your feet up, glug back some painkillers, have a nice warm drink and recover from your bad night 💐

Nannytopsy Wed 28-Apr-21 07:09:16

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Sunshine and clouds here in Suffolk this morning after just a light sprinkling of rain yesterday evening.
I shall have to water today.
We have booked two nights away in a month’s time but I wish I had read the reviews first not afterwards. It seems to depend which room you get. Hmm - what to do?
This is too early for me - see you later! 💤

Gagagran Wed 28-Apr-21 07:10:27

Good news NanKate - you can breathe again now! flowers

Gingster Wed 28-Apr-21 07:11:42

Good morning all and as GG has said, it’s grey here in Essex. A lovely warm day yesterday and caught the sun on my face after only sitting out for 10 minutes.

Sorry you had a bad night GG. Take it easy today if you can. Have you got the ‘ little imp’ ?

Our second jabs today so fingers crossed we’ll be ok with no symptoms. After the last one, I felt rough the next day but DH was absolutely fine.

One of the twin grandsons (15) has broken his little finger playing footie (or rucking with his twin) 😬, so he’s got it in a splint. He told me ‘Nanna, I can’t even play on my X Box , it’s so painful’. 😢.

Let’s hope today is a good day 🙏.

kittylester Wed 28-Apr-21 07:17:34

Morning all from an overcast North Leicestershire. We had rain overnight and it looks as though we might get more today.

I am off to Derby for my second jab today and might get to see DD1. And, while I am out, the floor men will be here preparing for the new hall flooring so that's a result!!

Brilliant news Kate!

Gagagran Wed 28-Apr-21 07:19:05

Thank you brook.

Cambridge is such a beautiful city and seeing your family again is something extra special after lockdown. Enjoy the botanical garden today ! sunshine

grandMattie Wed 28-Apr-21 07:19:29

Iris update - the infection is well under control but she hate having the dressings changed daily by her mum. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

grannytilly2511 Wed 28-Apr-21 07:24:16

Morning everyone
It’s very wet and dull here in Somerset
Just what was needed for the garden
.not a lot going on here today .
Shopping delivery and housework this morning. picking DGS up from school this afternoon., will have to dig the colouring books and games out to play with ,as it will be too wet to play in the garden .
Take care and have a good day

Ellianne Wed 28-Apr-21 07:30:45

Wet Wednesday here.
Gorgeous Freddie Dwmxwg.
Mentions of such lovely places on this thread in the UK makes me happy.

Jaxjacky Wed 28-Apr-21 07:35:25

Good morning Mick and all from a dry S Hants, I think we’ve had the merest sprinkle of rain overnight, more to come today, in theory. The best news NanKate, phew, a big relief for you.
Today I must return my ready reads to the library and put some fuel in my car for the second time in a couple of months, just shows I’m doing more. We have an outside table booked this evening, first meal out for eight months or so, it will be chilly, but fun.
Have a gentle day all.

grandMattie Wed 28-Apr-21 07:36:24

That is wonderful, Kate! Iris nice to have all your fears out to rest. ❤️

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 28-Apr-21 07:36:49

Good morning all from a grey Harrogate
Today I expect we will take the car for a spin and hopefully stop at a shop or two!! Shall put a white wash on and hope it will dry outside. Made an appointment for my hair to be cut, but found my usual hairdresser has left!!! My appointment with 2nd best is 18th May!!!
Now I shall have to make an appointment with the hearing aid clinic
Problem with doing a rain dance gagagran is the rains forgets to stop!!
Great news * nankate*!
Have as good a day as possible folks!

dragonfly46 Wed 28-Apr-21 07:37:57

Good morning, another one from grey Leicestershire.

Hoping to do for a walk this morning. Then I may plant the sweet peas out as the ground should be soft.

Great news Kate and pleased Iris is improving.

harrigran Wed 28-Apr-21 07:39:09

Good morning from the NE where we are having a second day of rain.
While making my cup of tea I looked out of the window and there was an enormous grey heron standing on the garage roof, at first glimpse I though it was a stork and I wondered where he had been delivering to grin
DH had his drive through covid test and then was straight back home to bed. Telephone appointment with oncologist ran late, phoned at 19.15 instead of 17.00. She wants DH to attend hospital today for tests, she thinks he may not be well enough for the procedure on Friday.