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The smell of weed from neighbouring properties is getting really bad, so bad that we can smell it in our home if we have doors or windows open.

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nuttylady Wed 28-Apr-21 09:40:35

We recently had a young girl with her 2 children move in next door and the smell of weed has got so bad some days we can't open doors or windows. she has several visitors young and old who all seem to smoke it.
We have other neighbouring properties where the smell comes from but the new neighbour is worse than all the others, even at 1am we smell it from the new neighbour as we have our bedroom window open every night all year round.
I know a lot of people smoke it but if they want to smoke it, it should be in their own home where it does not affect other people.

B9exchange Wed 28-Apr-21 09:50:49

Surely you can report this? Or are you worried that as apparently the only one not smoking it, you are going to stick out as the informant? If you live in the UK, it is illegal?

FannyCornforth Wed 28-Apr-21 09:58:33

The police really won't do anything about it.

FannyCornforth Wed 28-Apr-21 10:00:15

You have my sympathies nutty, we are in a similar situation

JaneJudge Wed 28-Apr-21 10:07:58

Have you tried talking to them? It is difficult with neighbours as I always tend to think it is give and take and we need to live alongside one another without becoming irritated but on the other hand 1am in the morning with smoke smell of any sort coming through is miserable. I suppose if you feel you can't talk to them the community police might talk to them? You should have an email address for your local branch, they are usually quite good at mediation

Atqui Wed 28-Apr-21 10:11:05

How naive am I?I was wondering what kind of weeds could give off such a strong smell grin

Redhead56 Wed 28-Apr-21 10:13:21

There are children in the property yet she has people around smoking pot it can’t be healthy for little ones. In fact it’s down right disgusting subjecting children to that. Can you not ring the local council office where you pay council tax and see if they can advise you? I am not suggesting they will it’s just an idea I hope you get some advice about it.

Smileless2012 Wed 28-Apr-21 10:13:49

Some friends of ours had a similar problem nuttylady and their neighbour was smoking in doors. They contacted the police, not sure if they were community officers, but they did go round and 'had a word'.

It's been a lot better since then but occasionally they can still smell it.

timetogo2016 Wed 28-Apr-21 10:14:44

Report it,we have a neigbour who smokes it and it makes me feel physically sick,so i told them to keep there windows shut.
And fare play they did/do.

DiscoDancer1975 Wed 28-Apr-21 10:20:29

Yes..always say something to the offenders in the first instance. Often people don’t know they’re affecting others, and it seems fair to at least give them a chance. After that...if there is still no improvement, I would contact social services and the police, for the safety of their children if nothing else. Hope you manage to sort it out.

Grandma70s Wed 28-Apr-21 10:22:01

I don’t know what it smells like, so I wouldn’t recognise it!

Sago Wed 28-Apr-21 10:22:58

If the smell is very strong it’s probably because she is growing it.
I would contact the local Police via the 101 non emergency line.

B9exchange Wed 28-Apr-21 10:25:27

That had occurred to me too Sago, any lights on all night? grin

DiscoDancer1975 Wed 28-Apr-21 10:29:42

If there’s enough people smoking it, it will smell strong. It’s sickly sweet Grandma70s. Not a smell I imagine you’d naturally take to.

JaneJudge Wed 28-Apr-21 10:44:36

I don't know, these modern hybrid varieties smell much stronger and are highly addictive.

mumofmadboys Wed 28-Apr-21 11:02:35

Is it just you and your DH in the house? Could you leave your bedroom window shut, leave your bedroom door open and leave a window open the other side of the house?

Kate1949 Wed 28-Apr-21 11:19:03

Our Tesco delivery man came other day and his first words were 'Blimey, that's a strong smell of cannabis'. I assured him it wasn't us!
It's the young men over the road. All sorts going on there.

jaylucy Wed 28-Apr-21 11:21:16

Report it!
They might not just be smoking it but growing it.

Nannarose Wed 28-Apr-21 13:14:43

I would be wary of saying anything to the neighbours at first - you may be setting yourself up.
To me the factors are:
Is your main issue the effect it has on you, or do you have other concerns such as the welfare of the children, criminal activity etc?
How 'identifiable' are you? I sounds as if you are in a heavily populated area, so probably not (note: if you make any comment to them, you may be setting yourself up to be identified)
How are they otherwise? Usually people who smoke that much cannabis are not sociable or pleasant.

I would consider the following options:
Crime Stoppers (anonymous)
Neighbourhood policing officers, who in my experience are brilliant at gathering information
Housing Association (if either you or they are tenants)
Social Services (can be anonymous) if smoking as heavily as you think and allowing a lot of visitors to smoke, the children may not be thriving.

I wish you all the best, this is a horrible problem.

BlueBelle Wed 28-Apr-21 15:40:28

My next door neighbours smoke and it comes down the chimney into my bedroom (old Victorian house with bedroom fireplaces)
You can have it for personal use so I don’t see how the police can or would do anything unless they thought there was dealing or growing going on and I m sure there is neither in my situation
grandma70 you d never miss it once you d smelt it it’s a very unique and pungent smell

geekesse Wed 28-Apr-21 15:49:03

It smells a bit like rotten cabbage. Once smelt, never forgotten!

Jaxjacky Wed 28-Apr-21 15:56:10

Have a chat first if you can, if that gets nowhere and they’re breaking Covid rules, report it, because of the‘many visitors’ just mention a strong smell of weed.

Lucca Wed 28-Apr-21 16:27:21


It smells a bit like rotten cabbage. Once smelt, never forgotten!

Hmm. Not in my experience! Slightly sweet smell I’d say.

Sarnia Wed 28-Apr-21 17:02:12

Does she rent or own the property? If rented then contact the letting agent. May need a bit of detective work here but not impossible. Her tenancy agreement may prohibit drug taking. If owned then contact Social Services. Children are there and weed is an illegal drug. I had this problem in my previous house. We had tiny back gardens and I couldn't even sit outside. I went and spoke to the tenants. 1 girl and 2 boys. She was lovely but the boys considered me a miserable old fart from their expressions. Nothing changed so I tracked down the letting agent and as they had broken their tenancy agreement they had to stop smoking weed or move on. 3 months later they left.

patcaf Thu 29-Apr-21 17:16:07

Our past two houses our neighboours smoked weed in the garden. The young man next door would have one at 7.00am before work. Our daughter was quite a heavy weed smoker as well (now stopped) so we rather like the smell; takes us back to when she was at home before she went to Canada. Not a lot you can do really. Police will not do anything and neither will the council. Social services would only take action if child abuse was involved. They do not consider smoking ,even weed, as a reason for family intervention.