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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 02-May-21 06:12:22

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry and bright start here in Brackley this morning.
Apart from being 73 today , I am OK .
Today, will be a quiet day , and will have a fry up breakfast for a change.
Yesterdays trip was OK ,with odd showers , which spoilt drinking and eating out in a cafe , as like most customers headed for tables with umbrellas , the flea market closed earlier , as most stall holders do not have gazebos , otherwise a nice trip on buses.
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 02-May-21 06:22:43

Happy birthday, Mick. Hope you have a nice day! 🍾🥂💐
Good morning from n apricot surprise. Sunny intervals today. None of the promised rain. They claim we have a 43% maximum chance of rain, but a 45mph SW winds.
Planted out most of the new plants. Was extraordinarily tired yesterday, no idea why, but lasted until about 930. We had a really nice couscous salad last night with the remains of the Sunday roast beef. Honestly, if we have a roast on Sunday, it usually lasts us 5 or 6 days... I need to be very inventive.
Virtual church and roast chicken tonight.
Hope today is bright☀️and you find the odd flamingo 🦩 and smile 😊.

Dwmxwg Sun 02-May-21 06:37:12

Happy birthday Mick, enjoy your fry up. Not peeped out but BBC promises a day of sunshine and okay temperatures. Thankfully as we have family visiting for lunch.
Yesterday did lots of tidying in the garden and the children’s outdoor toy sorting. Pile of ironing and a long dog walk and then hit a brick wall of tiredness. Have slept well so re energised.
DD working this morning so the boys will be arriving soon. We have a local country park which is good for dog and children so will spend time there and then home for roast lunch prep. DS and his family coming, lots of fun and games with the cousins getting together. The boys are very good with the little one.
Wishing all a lovely day

Ashcombe Sun 02-May-21 06:44:31

Happy birthday, Mick! All the best people have birthdays in May! Good morning to all - I’m grabbing some WiFi while I can!

A very chilly one, here in Whiddon Down, near Okehampton, with thick frost on my car! I came prepared and wore fleece PJ's, socks and a fleece lined onesie, including the hood! This is more of an endurance test than a holiday!

I hope you feel rested today grandMattie. Some days we just have to go with the flow and relax. If WiFi can cope, I’ll send photos of last night's sunset. The third one is of my home with the grey Fiesta parked alongside.

May all your cares melt away and sunshine warm your hearts. 🥰

Ellianne Sun 02-May-21 06:52:34

Happy birthday Mick.
I know where you are Ashcombe because our son and dil got married at Hittersleigh!
They are coming for a barbecue today and depositing canoes and bikes in our garage as they move house this week.
Have a nice day all!

Urmstongran Sun 02-May-21 06:54:39

“Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day ..”. 🎵 🎶

Goo morning everyone from an already sunny south Manchester. I hope it lasts into mid afternoon as our daughter and son in law are hosting a family barbecue for our small family - stepfather and our Yorkshire Lass and partner are driving over. The smalls are so excited because it’s to celebrate their grandad’s birthday! It’s actually mid week but they will be in school plus it’s nice for the YL to be able to join us. She rang me last night and said “mum, never mind the smalls, I’m so excited too!”. We haven’t seen her since early December. They offered to pick her grandpa up so it saves Himself going. We can just stroll over at our leisure!

Hope we all have a good Sunday. Keep safe. x

Urmstongran Sun 02-May-21 06:57:14

P.s. Many happy returns of the day to you Mick. 👋

grandMattie Sun 02-May-21 06:59:16

Gosh, it sounds like everyone is having BBQs and seeing family today. How marvellous for you all. Enjoy!
I think the lockdown has made our offspring recognise how much they need us, as opposed to sometimes taking us wrinklies for granted. Long may it last!

Urmstongran Sun 02-May-21 07:00:22

Definitely grandMattie! 😊😊

harrigran Sun 02-May-21 07:02:09

Good morning from a dry NE.
Happy Birthday Mick, enjoy your day. I am another May baby but not for another ten days.
Yesterday was a less stressful day and I did manage to have a sit down lunch.
Sister and BIL brought some shopping to the door so I got to chat too.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Sar53 Sun 02-May-21 07:05:01

Good morning everyone from a sunny and bright Essex by the sea. Many happy returns Mick, have a lovely birthday.
We had a lovely walk yesterday at one of our favourite places, then coffee and biscuits sitting on a wall looking out to sea.
Rugby this morning with DH's grandsons then the club are having a BBQ, hopefully the weather will stay sunny. Snooker later, the same as yesterday 😒😒, I'm not a fan but DH is.
It's just over 2 weeks until I get to see DD2 and family and I'm counting down the days. DGD5, age 3, has just started ballet and I received the most beautiful pictures of her in her ballet outfit, I can't wait to see them all.
Have a good Sunday and find that 😀 xx

ginny Sun 02-May-21 07:10:23

Good Morning all.
Happy Birthday Mick. !

Not looked at the weather yet but I’m up early as we are off to see our new DGS 3 . DD and baby came home last evening. SIL wants to take our other DGS to his usual Rugby Tots , so asked us to visit and keep an eye on DD while they are out. Very excited.
Yesterday was lovely . Lunch at a local country park with DD2 , and DD1 and SIL. DGS 1 and 2.
We also had to rescue a Ninjego.
Some of you with small Grandsons may know what that is 😁.
Hope you all find a 😁today

Urmstongran Sun 02-May-21 07:10:51

Mick it seems you share a birthday with Princess Charlotte who turns 6 today.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 02-May-21 07:11:12

Happy Birthday Mick hope you have a lovely day🎂🎉
Cold and frosty start today, but a clear blue sky with sun, it’s -2 but hopefully will get warmer, I blitzed 4 rooms yesterday, tidied the garage, shed and greenhouse, so today I will do lunch and that’s it, I’ll find a good book and sit down.
No side effects from second AZ jab, hair is done, so I’m ready to go out! Not sure when though, maybe Tuesday will be the day?
Have a good day everyone, with hugs for those not feeling so chipper.

Ellianne Sun 02-May-21 07:12:04

I think the lockdown has made our offspring recognise how much they need us, as opposed to sometimes taking us wrinklies for granted. Long may it last!
Quote for the day grandmattie!

brook2704 Sun 02-May-21 07:16:13

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it’s a bright sunny start to today. Just need it to warm up a bit and it’ll be perfect!
A very Happy Birthday to you mick enjoy your day 🎉🍻🎂
How lovely to be meeting your new DGS today Ginny!
Lovely photos muse enjoy your break away 😀
I had a lovely day yesterday, a little bit of shopping in the morning with DD1 and then we all went to a local NT property Anglesey Abbey, for the afternoon. Great for the little ones with lots of den building and hiding in the woods. Today we’re going out again somewhere but to be decided later.
I hope you have a fantastic day catching up with all the family Urmston and a very Happy Birthday in advance to your DH
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today, even just a little thing and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Gagagran Sun 02-May-21 07:21:45

Morning all from the south coast. Only 1.3c on my weather station and tomorrow it's forecasting gales and heavy rain. My rain dance definitely worked it seems.

Not feeling well again today. My energy levels are so low that everything is an effort. I think the past difficult 12 months have caught up with me. My covid illness, DH's ongoing health issues with two operations and with another to come have worn me out. Feeling sorry for myself.

dragonfly46 Sun 02-May-21 07:26:13

Good morning, not sure what the weather is doing as I am in hospital. I was taken in in the night with severe palpitations so now waiting to see what they are going to do with me.

Happy Birthday Mick and sorry to hear you are under the weather Gaga

Ellianne Sun 02-May-21 07:35:24

Gagagran and dragonfly

Sunnyoutlook Sun 02-May-21 07:35:54

Gagagran flowers cafe

baubles Sun 02-May-21 07:37:08

Good morning Mick and a very happy birthday to you. Morning all from South Lanarkshire where the sun is shining albeit a little weakly.

We have DGD’s 4th birthday picnic in the park today in Edinburgh so fingers crossed we escape the showers which are forecast. DD and family will also be there, the first time the cousins will have met since last summer.

Apparently the streets were lined with people for the funeral of my uncle yesterday, he was a popular, well known man in his town. They gave him a terrific send off. This photo was from the town’s on line newspaper.

Good wishes to everyone today, whether meeting family or just having a quiet day at home, may you have a peaceful one.

[Image removed by GNHQ at poster's request]

cornergran Sun 02-May-21 07:37:26

Morning Mick, morning All from a chilly, sunny corner of Somerset.

Happy birthday mick, enjoy your day.

It’s not surprising you’re exhausted gagagran, rest when you can and perhaps seek some medical advice. We very much enjoyed Anglesey Abbey when we’ stayed in the area brook. Some good memories. Hope you can stay warm today ashcombe, lovely photos.

We hope to begin clearing a small flower bed today to future proof it with membrane, slate and some new wooden planters. Yesterday was tiring but surprisingly enjoyable. The two salespeople restored my faith in their profession, we had a nice couple of hours with part of the family as well as a walk around a small shopping centre.

Take care everyone. Hope Sunday is kind to us all.

cornergran Sun 02-May-21 07:39:29

Goodness dragonfly, so sorry to hear you’re in hospital. flowers.

Urmstongran Sun 02-May-21 07:44:46

Oh dragonfly that post came out of the blue. What an anxious episode for you. I hope you get home soon, sorted and reassured. x

Sunnyoutlook Sun 02-May-21 07:45:11

dragonfly46 flowers