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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 04-May-21 06:05:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry and windy here in Brackley this morning , with some cloud as well .
Today , usual housework etc, and then have a coffee mid morning, before I get the bus to Bicester .
I will have an hour in bicester , before returning home .
Take Care,

dragonfly46 Tue 04-May-21 06:11:42

Good morning Mick from a very wet and windy Leicestershire.

Up with the lark this morning to take Dexter to the vet for his operation.

Hoping to hear from mary today.
Wishing you all a lovely day especially those with concerns.

QuaintIrene Tue 04-May-21 06:16:15

Good morning Mick and everyone to come.
Chilly and dull here in West Yorkshire. I am waiting for a letter from the Bank hopefully to confirm my loan so I can get my leaky roof repaired. The upset of it all nearly did for me.
Snowy the cat has been a wonderful comfort and she deserves extra treats. A tin of pilchards for her breakfast, when she wakes up.
My thoughts to anyone Ill or troubled and I hope everyone has the best day they can 💐🐈

grandMattie Tue 04-May-21 06:29:55

Good morning from a partly cloudy E Kent. The wind is blowing at about 45mph. Not pleasant. We had a teeny bit of rain last night; refreshing but hardly any use...
I have an appointment with the dental hygienist this afternoon and am going to see my old friend in the nearby nursing home. I haven’t seen her since March last year, but have refused to go until I didn’t need to sit in a car or cold seat somewhere waiting for the results to the LFT.
I hope today brings little nuggets of joy to everyone, all the GraMmingos,, a smile 😊 and some sunshine ☀️ in your lives. 💐

Kim19 Tue 04-May-21 06:30:35

Hello you three and all who follow. Sounds like the calm after the storm here this morning and thank goodness. I know the ground needed the rain but it was thrown around with such ferocity. I had one of my laziest days in a long time because of it. Tuckered down and watched the snooker. Have to deal with some essential correspondence today and then I will get myself outdoors and back into action gently. Hope everyone who follows manages some gentleness in their day too. I will return later, as usual, and see what exciting things you've all been up to.

Nannagarra Tue 04-May-21 06:31:14

Good morning from a very wet, windy and cold Sefton coast.
I imagine I’ll be cooking and researching family history as I did yesterday rather than being out walking.
Hope all goes well for that cutie Dexter and looking forward to reading all your news. Keep safe everyone.

grandMattie Tue 04-May-21 06:47:35

Forgot! Today is Star Wars Day - May the 4th be with you.
It is also DS2’s39th birthday. He’s on nights tonight so we won’t see him. But where have the years gone?

Beechnut Tue 04-May-21 06:53:43

Good Morning all from a brighter Severnside.

Belated Happy Birthday NannyTopsy 🎉🎂💐

We were able to do some plant buying yesterday until we were rained off. It rained all of my journey home. At one point I saw a little yellow car waiting to come out of a side road and thought Marydoll had been blown into my neck of the woods.

This morning I have a swimming session booked. I have been so fed up lately that I’m going to have a go at getting my life back. Slowly though I must admit and only do what I feel comfortable with.

Have the best day you can all 🌺

grandmajet Tue 04-May-21 06:57:27

The sky here in Notts. today is many shades of grey (?50)! It rained and rained yesterday. Now I want a heatwave.

Yesterday my key got stuck in the lock - inside, thankfully - when I was trying to get out. It is still there. I don’t know what has happened but I found the phone number for the man who fitted it about four years ago so hopefully he will come out soon. Apart from that incident it was quite a boring day, I defrosted the freezer, made some scones, did a bit of dusting and peered out at the rain.

Fingers crossed for Dexter, dragonfly, I hope all goes well.
Your friend will be so pleased to see you grandMattie, after all this time.

Have a pleasant day, everyone.

Gagagran Tue 04-May-21 06:58:12

Morning all from a rather storm-battered south coast. It is 8.3c though so the wild west winds chased away the cold air flow at last. Lots of rain throwing itself at my bedroom window through the night but dry, windy and sunny this morning.

Enjoyed a surprise garden visit from DD and DSiL yesterday morning en route to the supermarket. She brought me some books to read and pass on and he wanted me to tell the names of plants in our garden. He likes gardening but is still learning names. She was a bit pessimistic about her job interview last Thursday so cheering her up may be needed later this week.

Another day with a blank agenda but my energy levels have crept up a bit so may manage to do something useful today. DD tells me just to chill but I feel guilty doing nothing when I know there are always things I could be doing.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Gagagran Tue 04-May-21 06:59:41

Safe journey home to Inverness Brook! Gad you have had a lovely time with your family in beautiful Cambridge.

Gelisajams Tue 04-May-21 06:59:49

Good morning from a now dry Morecambe Bay after a wet and windy night. More wind and rain forecast.
We are off to the dentist in Manchester for a hygiene and check up. Will call on DS2 as he’s off shift and go on to my favourite garden centre. Then a quick visit to DS1 before heading home.
Hoping a the birthday people who posted after me yesterday had a lovely day, and that Mary is ok.
For a who are struggling in so many ways💐
Take care and stay safe everyone 🦩🌸🦩

grannysyb Tue 04-May-21 07:01:39

Still windy here, but no rain at the moment. Must make some soup this morning and hem the trousers that I am making, and also do some paperwork. Hope Dexter's op goes well. Have the best day possible everyone.

Dwmxwg Tue 04-May-21 07:02:43

Good morning from north Surrey. A very wet and windy night, the rain has eased off now.
Freddie the dog has his op today so I will be doing lots of cleaning to keep me occupied
Hope Marydoll is back with us today and thinking of other missing posters 💐
Hopefully will post picture of goslings and proud parents taken at our local park
May the Fourth be with you ( I know the DGSs will be saying that this morning)

Ashcombe Tue 04-May-21 07:19:38

Here are my photos (I hope!) from my day out in Tavistock on Sunday, which wouldn’t load yesterday. Yesterday the gale force winds encouraged hibernation but that meant cleaning had to be done. Travelling home today.

Hope everyone is well, essential our absent friends. 🥰

Urmstongran Tue 04-May-21 07:21:18

Good morning GraMmingoes (love that grandMattie!). It’s a grey day here (Larry Grayson anybody?). And cold. I’m off round the corner to one of these places at 11am. I have booked a cut and blow and I must have gotten used to Spanish salon prices as £55 seems a lot to pay! I haven’t a clue what I want so I shall trust to Her Scissorship. Not too short will be my only stipulation. Mind you at those prices I feel I ought to go short and spikey for more value for money ha!

We are picking the smalls up after school today as mummy has parent’s evening at her school and won’t be home until around 8pm. A long day as looking at the clock now, she will just be dropping them off at their preschool childminder’s house.

Not seen you about in ages QuaintIrene. Hope you get your loan and your roof fixed. Hope to hear from Marydoll later she must have had a poorly day yesterday not to post.

A train across the road is just leaving the platform bound for Liverpool Lime Street. Thinking of all the workers back today after a washout Bank Holiday Monday. Such a shame for them after all the good weather we’ve enjoyed whilst they’ve been in work. I love retirement.

Hope Tuesday is good for us all. Keep safe. x

Sar53 Tue 04-May-21 07:22:24

Good morning everyone from Essex by the sea where it has been incredibly wet and windy and I believe more is to follow.
DH is off to his boat so I have an empty but there is a pile of ironing that won't do itself.
We had an invitation to my middle brother's 60th in July, something else to add to the calendar at long last.
I had a lovely chat with DD2 last night, she is seeing her Dermatologist on Friday, the first time since her big operation in January, fingers crossed all is going well 👍👍👍.
The best of luck to the doggies having surgery today 🐕🐕.
Have a good Tuesday and don't get blown away 🌬🌬 xx

Grammaretto Tue 04-May-21 07:28:46

Good Morning Mick and all from the Scottish Borders. Cold rain all day yesterday and last night. The gardens will be grateful and those ducks and cute ducklings Dwm.

DS3's birthday. I hope to see him next month, which will be the first time since DGP's funeral in January.
Yoga this morning, a walk this afternoon and a zoom committee tonight with knitting in between. It doesn't get much more exciting than that.
Happy Tuesday everyone and special pats for Dexter. xxx

Jaxjacky Tue 04-May-21 07:29:41

Good morning Mick and all from a windy, but dry S Hants, it lashed with rain last evening. Good luck to Freddie and Dexter today. Bit of admin today, I’ve given up after three attempts to buy the GC’s some premium bonds, very frustrating, I’ll look elsewhere.
My left knee, which has been niggling for a week made a big click earlier, hoping that’s good. As others, I’m hoping Marydoll is improving and will be back today.
Have a gentle day all.

Grandmabatty Tue 04-May-21 07:31:18

Good morning all from Polmont. A grey day here too. Yesterday was awful weather but at least it's dry at the moment albeit windy as I can see the tree across the street waving. I'm on babysitting duties today so it'll be the fish man, then the park to see the ducks. If it stays dry then we'll play in the garden, otherwise we'll puddle splash. My haircut is next week Urmstongran and I'm not sure what the price will be. I have so little hair that I reckon I should get a discount! Whatever your day holds, I hope it is good.

NannyJan53 Tue 04-May-21 07:34:02

Good morning from a grey and drizzly Black Country. I remember when I used to work, the much anticipated Bank Holidays were usually a washout.

Rained most of yesterday, so it was a pottering about and making a Date & Walnut cake day.

I was planning a walk with a friend this morning, but it may be called off I imagine.

I haven't been to the hairdressers since January last year Urmston but I used to pay £20 for cut and blow dry and £50 for highlights! My 2nd jab is in 2 weeks, so I am going to book an appointment for a couple of weeks after that. Can't wait!

DS had his first jab yesterday (he is 45) so that is everyone in the family has at least the first one now. Except the DGD's!

Wishing you all a good day, and hoping Marydoll is ok, and all who are struggling with ill health or problems

Ashcombe Tue 04-May-21 07:34:16

Sorry - especially, not essential! And loading photos was a bridge too far for the feeble WiFi.

Urmstongran - I guess £55 is a city price for your hair as mine costs that for a colour, cut and blow dry. But then there’s a lot of competition with half a dozen salons within a small precinct locally (St. Marychurch) serving an elderly population where retirees and care home residents abound!

harrigran Tue 04-May-21 07:38:39

Good morning from the NE where we have very heavy rain.
Grocery delivery this morning.
DD and SIL travel to the UK today, they received their test results yesterday morning, DD will need to work while she is here so has letters and papers signed by her boss. DD hasn't seen her Dad for 16 months, she is going to get a shock.
BIL cut DH's hair yesterday and made a good job of it.
My sister rang and talked for an hour, I marvel at what she does. She has more outings in a week than I have had in more than a year.
A comforting pat for Dexter.

Ellianne Tue 04-May-21 07:39:49

Good morning and Good luck to Dexter and Freddie today. Fur babies are precious.
I'm swapping a cliff walk for a stroll along the seafront today and a visit to some shops. The hotels should be taking their scaffolding down in readiness for May 17th. It seems a shame they couldn't open earlier as all the guests they receive would probably have been vaccinated anyway, (being generally older people).
Have a good day.

CherryCezzy Tue 04-May-21 07:42:52

Good morning everyone. Mixed bag of weather this morning in Gower, wish I could cherry pick the bits of blue sky and add warmth.

Finally today's the day that work on my new kitchen starts. Can't wait 'til it's over 😂. Well, it was meant to be done last year!

A belated happy birthday to Nannytopsy 💐 🎂🎁🎉 and a happy birthday to your DS grandMattie*.
I'm pleased that you're back home dragonfly and I hope Dexter's op' goes well today 💐
I hope Marydoll is okay and back posting today 💐
Thinking of harrigran, Auntieflo and our missing posters.

Take care everyone, hope today is a kind one to you all ❤️