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Thought I was losing the plot

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Grandmadinosaur Mon 24-May-21 15:52:22

Last year I remember ( or so I thought) buying a couple of clothing items for DGS from Next as part of his Christmas. Having (thyroid) foggy brain they were nowhere to be found when it came to wrapping up time. Had I bought them or did I just think I’d get them at another time I wondered. I was even in Next one day and was drawn to one of the same items.
To cut a long story short having a bit of a tidy up in the back bedroom I came across a carrier bag and yes you’ve guessed it there were the 2 tops I’d bought him🤦‍♂️ . Not sure if they will fit or if they do they won’t for long. I do have a gift receipt dated August 2020.
I feel so relieved that I wasn’t going mad thinking did I buy them or not. Is it just me or has anyone else done this?

Sparkling Mon 24-May-21 15:55:12

I bought a top for myself from Marks, when I got home I remembered I had bought the same one months ago, it was still in the bag.

Redhead56 Mon 24-May-21 17:38:44

My daughter bought me a gorgeous planter as a gift. It had compost and mixed seeds in it I decided to use the planter for a large candle. I put the compost and seeds in a bag and can't find them anywhere it drives me mad being forgetful. I suspect I will find them mid summer!

Sara1954 Mon 24-May-21 17:51:49

I absolutely know I ordered both my daughters a Clinique gift set each last Christmas, ordered online from John Lewis, I remember them arriving, but I couldn’t find them, and still can’t, I reckon I must have thrown them away!
It’s not the first time either, a few years ago I lost a Clinique set of lipstick, I’m fairly positive it’s not in the house anywhere!
Maybe I won’t buy anymore Clinique.

timetogo2016 Mon 24-May-21 17:56:45

It`s a regular occurance in my house Grandmadinosaur.
By me and dh.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 24-May-21 18:29:23

I bought a pair of boots, totally forgot I had bought exactly the same pair pre-Covid found them when I put new pair in boot cupboard.

mokryna Mon 24-May-21 18:32:47

Doing a surprise birthday and hid the food around the flat but didn’t find the freshly ground coffee until at least six months later, by accident. That was twenty years ago, early old age, given up trying to remember things now and note everything down.

Deedaa Mon 24-May-21 18:34:10

I usually look round the sales at the end of Summer and buy one or two items which are put away for next year. When I start taking out my summer clothes I'm always surprised to find nice new clothes that I have no memory of buying!

Sara1954 Mon 24-May-21 18:57:57

I’m often shopping with one of my granddaughters, and I’m picking up something and admiring it, and she tells me I’ve already got it!

crazyH Mon 24-May-21 19:02:02

All the time - too many to mention 😩

EllanVannin Mon 24-May-21 19:16:38

I bet nobody has bought their own stuff back after giving it to charity !
It's what I did years ago unknowingly until D had said she'd thought I'd given my jumper ( which I had on ) to the charity. I was a worse fog-brain in my 50's than I am now .

Grandmadinosaur Mon 24-May-21 20:16:01

EllanVannin I have been tempted to on occasion. Items I’ve sent to the charity shop then seen it on the rails and thought about whether I still liked it 🤣

welbeck Mon 24-May-21 21:04:41

well it shows a coherence of taste, to choose the same thing again.
so that shows an ordered mind i think.
if you suddenly went out to the hair salon and had a standing mohican in emerald green, and then got a few bits of goth clothing, decorated with large safety pins, and always assuming this is not your everyday attire, then it might be worrying.

icanhandthemback Wed 26-May-21 10:42:57

It sounds incredibly like what happened when our grandson was born. I've still got the clothes as I found them far too late and can only hope that someone I know has a baby! Just please don't make it another grandchild because our Christmas present expense is jut enormous!

jaylucy Wed 26-May-21 10:44:24

I have often bought items, sometimes for presents, in advance then put them away in a "safe" place. So safe that when it comes nearer to the date , that I can't remember where that safe place is so of course I have to buy something else - usually at a higher price!
It must be genetic because after my mother died, when her wardrobe was emptied, there were several carrier bags of things that she had obviously done the same thing with - to the charity shop's benefit!

Athenia Wed 26-May-21 10:51:04

Thank you so much, grans who have contributed to this page!
I have laughed so much at your hilarious forgettings, that I have almost overcome my own one from yesterday.
Have just had to ring my bank to cancel a debit card that I used yesterday morning at home for an online purchase, then only realised that it was missing when I needed to pay for a parcel at the Post Office, as it wasn't in its usual place in my purse.
Must have spent at least three hours yesterday and today turning my sitting room, desk and rubbish bins upside down to locate it.
In the end I gave up, as it was making me so frustrated.
Thank you again to all you glorious grans who contribute to this and other answers.
This site is one of my daily must reads.
I never cease to be amazed at the combined wisdom and kindness so many of you bring to help others with the problems that life throws in their way.
This is a real community of wise women, sharing their insights and daily realities to enrich us all, and I for one am grateful to be part of it.

FannyCornforth Wed 26-May-21 10:53:17

I once 'stole' a bag from Next. I was browsing for bags for my cousin's wedding, and it was one that I'd removed from the rail to get to another one.
I was walking around the shopping centre; looked down and realised that I was holding this horrible white handbag.

That same day I also accidentally said 'I love you' to a shoe shop assistant.
I'd just finished the payment transaction, and said to the poor girl:
'Thankyou. Bye. Love you' confused

The very next day I came down with swine flu; so my brain malfunction must have been caused by that.
I never did go to the wedding sad

4allweknow Wed 26-May-21 11:04:40

When living far from home and had planned a trip back in the summer I thought I would save on postage and bought Christmas gifts to take with me. Had them all wrapped and left with my parents for distribution to family come Christmas. Somehow come the festive season I had forgotten all the planning and bought and posted gifts for everyone again. That is the worst of my forgetting episodes.

Magrithea Wed 26-May-21 11:10:28

One Christmas I bought presents for our friends' children (when we still did such things) and carefully put them away. When it came to wrapping and taking them when we visited I couldn't find them so, as we were passing their large local shopping centre, we 'popped in' to replace them. Bad move! It was Boxing Day and the access roads and carparks were gridlocked, we were stuck for 2 hours!!! Needless to say the original gifts turned up in the New Year grin

Sara1954 Wed 26-May-21 11:10:57

A bit off subject, but a bit like your shop assistant, I was texting a tradesman, who was called Daniel, and predictive text put Hello Darling, god knows what he thought, but he always keeps his distance.

leeds22 Wed 26-May-21 11:16:16

Lost DH’s Christmas present after he’d given it to me to wrap (lol). He eventually found it, hidden in plain site.

KnittyNannie Wed 26-May-21 11:19:02

Oh, dear. That’s why my window sills and worktops are littered with post-it notes - to remind me! There’s always something I forget to remind myself about, though. 😆

TrendyNannie6 Wed 26-May-21 11:20:34

Sara1954 you have made my morning 🤣🤣😭

Belleringer Wed 26-May-21 11:31:26

One Christmas I lost all the veg for the Christmas lunch! We ended up with frozen peas. A week later I found it all in a carrier bag in the back porch where I had put it because it was cold out there and I had run out of fridge space!

Moggycuddler Wed 26-May-21 11:33:14

I sometimes put things away in places where I'm sure I'll remember putting them. But when I look for them I can't remember where they are and can't find them anywhere. So I buy new ones, then find the originals, usually in a very obvious place.