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Yet another *Soops* kitchen for all us like minded people

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Galen Sat 29-May-21 20:52:52

I found the key that soop left.
I must complain that getting down to retrieve keys then getting up again is very tricky! Please leave them in a more accessible place in future.
Anyway here’s a bottle of Dom Perignon and a large iced bowl of caviar to open the kitchen!
( we’re going posh this time!

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 18:29:08

All neat and tidy. Will make sure that there is a welcome for you in our new kitchen.

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 18:28:30

I need to tidy up one last time and head for our new gathering place.

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 18:27:58

Sun still shining. No sign of Sweetie Pie pussy cat. Our grand daughter's beloved rescue cat - Juno died yesterday. She is feeling extremely sad.

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 18:26:24

Have taken photos of the garden. Will share with you tomorrow.

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 18:25:46

I need to empty the washing machine. Still trying to catch up with the laundry.

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 18:25:04

Friends called by to chat about the Highland "fling". They joined us for two nights. They too wish to return to Glengarry Castle as soon as we can save our pennies.

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 18:23:13

Welcome back, BlueBalou. I am wishing you the peaceful episode that I'm certain you deserve. flowers sunshine smile

BlueBalou Sun 04-Jul-21 17:30:20

Hello Soop it’s been a while since I stepped in here! How lovely to catch up with you and the Kitcheners.
Life’s been somewhat difficult for the last year plus, to say the least, so hoping for a peaceful episode now please!
💐🤗 and 🍰 x

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 16:39:13

Charleyg Our neighbour believes that she had supper in her apartment on one occasion. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival. Checking approximately every twenty minutes that she's not wishing a hearty meal. We would love to oblige. wink

Charleygirl5 Sun 04-Jul-21 16:02:56

soop has Fern returned for a meal or three since you returned from your trip away?

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 15:35:37

We are almost ready for a new kitchen. It is ready and waiting. I shall not venture too far. I wish for us all to be together when we lock this door. Would be most unhappy if we had Kitcheners wandering around all confused. hmm

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 15:32:35

dragonfly I love the book so much that I've bought three as gifts for friends. My son gave me one when I was feeling low in spirits.

I enjoyed reading your post, annsixty smile

Hello again, Grannmarie. Little Toby won't be one until August. The surgeon has placed him high on the list for his heart surgery. July 15th will be a stressful day. However, all the family are happy that it's not too long to wait and worry over.

dragonfly46 Sun 04-Jul-21 14:53:42

I too have the book Jax - my DD daughter sent it to me. It is magical.

I love the mosaic soop it is so unusual.

Yes for all the little ones with ailments I wish them well and special thoughts to Panache.

annsixty Sun 04-Jul-21 14:52:31

For a very brief second I got my circumference mixed up with my diameter and wondered how on earth you got your beautiful plate home soop and couldn’t imagine just how huge it was.🤭🤔
Good afternoon everyone, I hope all are well as can be and that all the GC and GGC will soon be on the road to a full recovery.
I just hate children being ill.

Late afternoon yesterday I went to a friend’s house and we had a drink in her beautiful garden and then ordered a Chinese takeaway.
It was just what the Dr ordered, I enjoyed it so much, I felt like a different person, so relaxed and carefree.
After one noisy rumble of thunder and a few spots of rain we went into the conservatory and talked and talked while keeping one eye on the football.
The only slight problem was getting a taxi to take me home, I think everyone had gone to the pub or round to friends to watch the match and a few drinks had been taken so the taxi firm was so busy.
I didn’t get home until about 11pm, almost unknown for me.
My friend and I have agreed to do it more often, not too often for me though, she is a lovely warm bubbly woman but very excitable and talkative and I am just not used to it now.

I am cooking a roast today, the first for some weeks so really looking forward to that.

Looking forward also to Tuesday afternoon when the “ boiler man” comes, I have had no hot water since Wednesday evening.
Fortunately we have an electric shower and a dishwasher!!

Very best wishes to you all, I will try to be a more regular poster but I do read everyday.

muse Sun 04-Jul-21 14:51:59

Perfect for the kitchen Jaxjacky. Thank you.

My BF (who owns a horse) has this book and occasionally sends me a quote: horse ones are her favourite. I save them all. I had this one not long ago.

Charlie Mackesy: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.

Hellogirl1 Sun 04-Jul-21 14:30:26

I LOVE the dish Soop, major envy here!
Tyke, Moi?

Grannmarie Sun 04-Jul-21 14:16:12

Hello to Soop and all the lovely Kitchen people! I haven't posted for a while, although I read regularly.

Sending 💕🙏💕 for
successful surgery for Toby,
trouble free healing for Imogen,
speedy recovery for Grannyactivist's wee granddaughter in NZ.

Panache 💐 may you find comfort and consolation in precious memories of happy times with your lovely man.

Grandmabatty Sun 04-Jul-21 14:05:32

Beautiful dish and sunset Soop

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 13:43:58

brook It sounds like you enjoyed a very happy occasion. paid. It's what we do. grin

Another two pics for my pals. Last night's Kintyre sky and today's visiting jay.

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 13:39:34

muse It is high time that you had an xray. In the meantime...elevate!

Hellogirl1 Tyke! Yes, you. wink

During our wee highland fling, Mr Soop took me into a gorgeous gallery in Dornoch. He wished me to choose a special birthday gift. After much to-ing and fro-ing, 'umming and ahhing, I did just that. It now hangs on our sitting room wall. A huge mosaic dish (over six feet in circumference.) The wall needed plugging in order to support it. We both love it. I took a photo for you.

soop Sun 04-Jul-21 13:29:59

Jax I have the book. It is a wonderful addition to our collection.
I am pleased that your granddaughter is more comfortable.

corner We cannot be certain of the when and where our hospital procedures will happen and take place. The good news is...things are progressing. That is heartening during this difficult time.

Blossoming Sun 04-Jul-21 13:08:53

That’s my favourite saying from now on, love it.

Jaxjacky Sun 04-Jul-21 12:16:44

Thought this was apt for our kitchen.

Susan56 Sun 04-Jul-21 07:51:59

Thank you corner.I hope things get clarified very quickly by the cardiologist for Mr C.

Muse, I agree with corner that maybe it’s time for an X-ray?

Have a good day all.

cornergran Sun 04-Jul-21 00:46:48

Welcome home soop, delighted you had such a good time. Of course you’ll be concerned for Toby, we worry about the young ones, but as others have said surgeons are very skilled and all will be well.

Good news about Imogen jaxjacky, hope the progress continues.

Some confusing medical stuff here. A contradictory letter for Mr C from cardiology has made us wonder if he’ll beat me to a surgeon, if so the knee will have to wait. Hope to have clarified by the end of the month, no point fretting, need to wait for a medic to get back from a well deserved holiday, just wish her letter had been more precise.

Please be sensible with that leg muse, perhaps am x-Ray would be sensible, just to be sure?

Enjoy your break away susan, hope all goes well for Barnabys christening.

Time I was asleep, take care everyone and sleep well.

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