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I’ve ordered a 2nd sack-of-potatoes dress

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Witzend Mon 31-May-21 18:41:10

Bought the first a few weeks ago, wearing it for the 1st time today. It’s not far off ankle length, sleeves just past elbow length, not the most flattering ever but so cool and comfortable! (Very warm here today.) It’s cotton and linen seersucker but doesn’t crease! So I thought sod it and although it was on the pricey side I’ve ordered another in a different colour.
So if the rest of the summer turns out to be rubbish, you can all blame me. 😉
I’m now sitting in the garden with the first G&T of the year, so cheers all! 🥂

Kim19 Mon 31-May-21 18:47:04

May you have occasion to wear them both regularly👍.

Puzzler61 Mon 31-May-21 18:48:33

Your dress sounds a perfect kind of summer dress Witend. There are a lot of wider, some tiered, long dresses around this year. You are “on trend” as the saying goes.
I’m sure it looks effortless and elegant.
I love seersucker and can remember having seersucker blouses in my teens. 😊

Emily49 Mon 31-May-21 18:56:41

I think the fancy name is Lagen look oversized dress [smile{. I have one I bought in a market in France a few years ago, when the temps soared. My OH hates if!

Witzend Mon 31-May-21 19:09:29

2nd G&T now, so cheers again - just as well the dinner won’t need too much effort - spag Bol sauce out of the freezer - God bless batch cooking - and I even made garlic bread earlier, so only a salad to make.

Aveline Mon 31-May-21 19:11:11

Any chance of a pic of the sack of potatoes? I have several that I loved but DH hated

Puzzler61 Mon 31-May-21 19:13:37

DH never says he hates clothes that I currently wear - he tells me in a year’s time when I have stopped wearing it😬

CanadianGran Mon 31-May-21 19:18:03

At Christmas I requested (and got) a sweatshirt style dress. Also sack of potatoes... stretchy, long sleeves and comes to knees. I have worn it with leggings and is very comfy. I don't really think my DH is fond of it but of course he is too diplomatic to say anything.

I seem to remember when every dress was made with an elastic waistbands and some could be very uncomfortable.

Witzend Mon 31-May-21 19:23:06

This is the pic from the website - needless to say I am not quite as slim and svelte as the model!
It’s on the Poetry website, in case anyone would like to know.

Puzzler61 Mon 31-May-21 19:25:05

Ooh I know Poetry - it is pricey. Nice dress.
You will probably wear it on many holidays.

SueDonim Mon 31-May-21 19:26:06

I have a dress like that, Canadiangran. I call it ‘loungewear* but my youngest daughter calls it my ‘goonie’, the Scots for nightgown. How rude! grin

Aldom Mon 31-May-21 19:31:56

Witzend would you consider telling us the make of your 'sack of potatoes' dress please smile

Aldom Mon 31-May-21 19:33:21

Sorry, ignore me. Just seen the photo etc. Ooh, I like the dress.

MagicWand Mon 31-May-21 19:36:06

Didn’t they make something called a ‘Buffet Dress’ in one of the first episodes of Sewing Bee this year. Roomy dresses with gathers and some had ruffles on the bottom and some of them were gorgeous and they’re very in.

Nanna58 Mon 31-May-21 19:40:34

I saw the buffet dress episode - loved it , and would also like a ‘full monty’ dress for when I go beserk in the fridge!!😱🤣

Sara1954 Mon 31-May-21 19:45:24

I like the dress a lot, it’s definitely something I’d wear, but it’s not my colour, I like things a lot brighter.
I have quite a collection of shapeless dresses which I love.

Aveline Mon 31-May-21 19:48:17

Looks lovely and comfy. I bet your happiness and relaxation in it shows on your face so it's win win!

FannyCornforth Mon 31-May-21 19:49:23

I wear that type of thing all year round.
Spring and Summer with trainer socks and trainers
Autumn and Winter with leggings, boots and a cardi.
Loads of jewellery and makeup.
I have comfort glam down to a fine art!

Callistemon Mon 31-May-21 19:54:24

Ooh! I have a length of seersucker material, bought umpteen years ago
However, buying one readymade might be easier!

FannyCornforth Mon 31-May-21 20:03:01

Gudren Sjoden is definitely worth a look

grannyrebel7 Mon 31-May-21 20:13:09

I was expecting that dress to be awful from the description, but it's really nice. Does it come in other colours?

muse Mon 31-May-21 20:17:21

Yes they did Magicwand. They did vary a lot but I liked them. I always think quite a few Seasalt dresses and tunics fit that description. I bought one in the sale and wear it with leggings. It has pockets too😁

Not a fan of seersucker but will take a look at the website.

muse Mon 31-May-21 20:22:02

Ouch ! Just like me to find a dress that I love. (Poetry website). £229.

Witzend Mon 31-May-21 20:48:41

Comes in a sort of light beigey brown, Grannyrebel7, and what they call ‘black petrol’, which looks sort of dark blue and black, which is what I’ve ordered.
They are very good about returns, so no prob if I don’t like it.

Lucca Mon 31-May-21 20:52:29


This is the pic from the website - needless to say I am not quite as slim and svelte as the model!
It’s on the Poetry website, in case anyone would like to know.

Definitely not a sack of potatoes dress. I think it’s gorgeous. Am struggling not to go on the Poetry website now !!