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What is the name for a gathering of grandmas?

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Janiepops Mon 07-Jun-21 17:30:17

So we have a ‘flock of birds’ a ‘ murder of crows’, a ‘ herd of cows,’ what is a gathering of grandmas? I found myself sitting with about 7 grandmas at the park after school, and thought we need a collective name, any suggestions? 👍🏼🤪

kittylester Mon 07-Jun-21 20:29:32

A cuddle

Grannybags Mon 07-Jun-21 20:58:52


A coven,

Oops,wrong forum, sorry! blush


That was my first thought!

Chewbacca Mon 07-Jun-21 21:14:34

Judging by the News & Politics threads... a parliament.

Lucca Mon 07-Jun-21 22:13:39

A witter of grannies.

Chewbacca Mon 07-Jun-21 22:14:22


HillyN Mon 07-Jun-21 22:21:31

Nanagem, I think a natter of Nannas would be even better!

Granny23 Mon 07-Jun-21 22:23:59

A boast of Grannies seems the most appropriate to me.

Grandmafrench Mon 07-Jun-21 22:40:12

A family of Grandmas ? A generation of Grandmas? - although I very much like a generosity of Grandmas.

LauraNorder Mon 07-Jun-21 23:01:20

A gumption of grannies

JackyB Tue 08-Jun-21 09:39:32

A comfort of grannies

gran5up Tue 08-Jun-21 11:05:33

A Granary??

mumagain Tue 08-Jun-21 11:20:47

A Gaga of Grandmas

Meg54 Tue 08-Jun-21 11:21:27

A Gummy of Grandmas!

Aepgirl Tue 08-Jun-21 11:23:44

Definitely a boasting.

Tanjamaltija Tue 08-Jun-21 11:27:18

Joesoap Tue 08-Jun-21 11:40:50

Grandstand seems appropriate

leeds22 Tue 08-Jun-21 11:43:15

A witter or a boasting.

olliebeak Tue 08-Jun-21 11:46:11

A 'Huggle' of Grandmas grin - mixture of Hug and Cuddle

Shortlegs Tue 08-Jun-21 11:56:43

A mothballing?

SecondhandRose Tue 08-Jun-21 12:00:26

People according to the woke brigade

crazyH Tue 08-Jun-21 12:01:38

A “greysnet (hairnet) of grannies “

Kryptonite Tue 08-Jun-21 12:02:39

I love all the alliteration on here. Still thinking. 🤔

crazyH Tue 08-Jun-21 12:02:44

Sorry “Greynet” , not greys net

weeducky Tue 08-Jun-21 12:06:26

I read somewhere it is a 'tapestry' of grannies

Worthingpatchworker Tue 08-Jun-21 12:07:16

A wrinkle in time.....
A silver thread.....
A brainstorm.....