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What is the name for a gathering of grandmas?

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Janiepops Mon 07-Jun-21 17:30:17

So we have a ‘flock of birds’ a ‘ murder of crows’, a ‘ herd of cows,’ what is a gathering of grandmas? I found myself sitting with about 7 grandmas at the park after school, and thought we need a collective name, any suggestions? 👍🏼🤪

WishIwasyounger Mon 07-Jun-21 17:33:18

A grandstand of grandmas

Mattsmum2 Mon 07-Jun-21 17:33:35


tanith Mon 07-Jun-21 17:34:51

A giggle of Grandmas?

Shandy57 Mon 07-Jun-21 17:36:52

A Grumble ;)

PippaZ Mon 07-Jun-21 17:38:21

A group of grandparents - which this seems to be - is either a nag or a wisdom. Chose your group carefully smile

Calendargirl Mon 07-Jun-21 17:42:45

A gossip of grandmas.

TerriBull Mon 07-Jun-21 17:47:39

A Galaxy of Grandmas, or a Gridlock if they are causing a jam!

Redhead56 Mon 07-Jun-21 17:49:42

A group of grannies

Nanagem Mon 07-Jun-21 17:50:48

A natter of grannies

downtoearth Mon 07-Jun-21 17:54:20

A celebration of Grandmas

Squiffy Mon 07-Jun-21 18:11:21

A gladness of grannies?

GrannyGravy13 Mon 07-Jun-21 18:16:28

A Glamour of Grandmas

harrigran Mon 07-Jun-21 18:36:22

A grandiose of Grandmas.

allule Mon 07-Jun-21 18:40:29

A boasting of grannies?

Aldom Mon 07-Jun-21 18:44:34

A 'hug' of grannies.

M0nica Mon 07-Jun-21 18:50:43

A gaggle?

3dognight Mon 07-Jun-21 18:52:43

A groan of granny’s

Blinko Mon 07-Jun-21 18:56:01

A Wisdom of Grandmas, surely...

Peasblossom Mon 07-Jun-21 19:14:40

Oh dear. I’m afraid I’ll have to suggest

a bore of grannies 😬😱

Janiepops Mon 07-Jun-21 20:05:41

Great ideas everyone! We should choose one 🤪😂

lemongrove Mon 07-Jun-21 20:09:48

The ‘Grandstand’ is the best 😃

Blossoming Mon 07-Jun-21 20:11:05

A coven,

Oops,wrong forum, sorry! blush


Septimia Mon 07-Jun-21 20:17:01

Blossoming I was thinking the same thing! There are probably people out there who would agree.....

Jaxjacky Mon 07-Jun-21 20:21:54

A generosity.