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What is the name for a gathering of grandmas?

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Janiepops Mon 07-Jun-21 17:30:17

So we have a ‘flock of birds’ a ‘ murder of crows’, a ‘ herd of cows,’ what is a gathering of grandmas? I found myself sitting with about 7 grandmas at the park after school, and thought we need a collective name, any suggestions? 👍🏼🤪

nanna8 Fri 11-Jun-21 11:02:10

Bunch of old chooks

Rufus2 Fri 11-Jun-21 12:28:15

Do you really thing GN is anti-granddads?
Mollygo NO! Of course not! Why would you even thing that? grin
Although you must have paused to notice at one time or another that several Grandads have fled recently! I wonder why? confused

Franco Fri 11-Jun-21 17:52:21

A wisdom of grannies.

varian Fri 11-Jun-21 19:20:00

I like that Franco.

In many ways I feel a lot stupider than my younger self so it would be rather nice to be credited with even a smidgeon of wisdom.

Cunco Fri 11-Jun-21 22:37:27

I don't think GN is anti-grandad. I think most people do view it as mainly for grand mothers and there are some areas where a grand-dad might fear to tread but, generally, a grandad can get involved as long as he has something sensible to say. I would not be interested in GN if it was just grandads or an area like 'grandads shed'.

Having said that, I think 'a wisdom of grannies' is definitely over the top!

Rufus2 Sat 12-Jun-21 12:12:21

there are some areas where a grand-dad might fear to tread
Cunco There are only two places where this Grandad fears to tread;
Cow pats and dog poo!
I think that makes a lot of sense! as well as a lot of mess! grin

Aunty Granddad's name works fine until you say it aloud
Mollygo I think I see your problem! smile
You're a Northerner where the short flat "a" prevails, whereas I lived for several years in the Home Counties where "Aunty" used to be pronounced "Arnty"; not "anti" wink

Kiwigramz Sat 12-Jun-21 12:20:31

How about Granologists?

Cunco Sun 13-Jun-21 09:55:18

Let's face it, these terms are all stereotypes. At times on GN, I think I have met a pride, a prowl and a hug of grans, as well as a grumble of granddads.

Rufus2 Sun 13-Jun-21 11:54:55

as well as a grumble of granddads
Slow down a bit, Cunco! grin
Unless you're a Grandad too, I'm the only one around here and I certainly don't grumble
You might hear me howling at the moon occasionally, but that's only when I'm feeling lonely! sad

Granny23 Sun 20-Jun-21 10:35:19

When I meet up with several Grand Mothers it is usually a Gransnet Meet Up

mamaa Sun 20-Jun-21 11:56:10

A 'gloat of grandmas'...

mokryna Sun 20-Jun-21 13:11:21

A crown of grandmothers.