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Daisymae Tue 29-Jun-21 11:12:45

The papers this morning are carrying photos of CW being accosted/assaulted by two thugs who are intent on taking selfies. Apparently this is not the first time that it's happened and there's talk of him being provided with security. Seriously what can make these people think that they have the right to do this? I hope they are found and charged. They have their moment of fame so I guess that tracing then won't be a problem.

Oldbat1 Tue 29-Jun-21 11:26:59

It is disgraceful! Seemingly police have "spoken" to assailants which simply isn't good enough. We should all be able to go about our life without being a victim.

Galaxy Tue 29-Jun-21 12:10:09

Surely he needs to have security, that must have been very frightening.

Sarnia Tue 29-Jun-21 12:40:43

Whenever restrictions, tier systems and lockdowns have been introduced or tightened it is almost blamed on the scientists, such as Chris Whitty. It's as if they are responsible for keeping us locked up. Poor chap is only doing his job. If the police have spoken to the assailants then they know who they are. Charge them with assault and take them to court.

Aveline Tue 29-Jun-21 12:44:22

Poor Chris Whitty. He must have been terrified. I read that his father, a diplomat, had been murdered by terrorists who climbed into his car and shot him. That sort of memory must haunt poor Dr Whitty.

Alishka Tue 29-Jun-21 13:09:49

Absolutely agree with charging them with assault and taking them to court. I know that courts have a backlog of cases but can't they have ankle tags or something until their court date?

Kim19 Tue 29-Jun-21 13:14:21

I only saw the tiniest snippet on tv news. Seemed like loutish drunken behaviour to me. Did the offenders actually recognise him?

rafichagran Tue 29-Jun-21 13:31:08

These people are just thugs. I too feel for Chris Whitty.

Riverwalk Tue 29-Jun-21 13:34:46

Disgraceful behaviour by a pair of yobs. He's suffered harassment in the street on a number of occasions, as has Jonathan Van Tam.

They are both very recognisable, at risk, and deserve some sort of protection if this persists.

It's shameful - can't be many civilised countries where public scientists are accosted in the street.

MayBee70 Tue 29-Jun-21 13:40:18

Anna Soubry was accosted outside parliament a few years ago. She said she had to stand at the back on train platforms for fear of being pushed under a train. This is the sort of country we now live in.

fevertree Tue 29-Jun-21 13:52:31

Kim i think he was recognised because in the clip one of the louts asks for a photograph.

I was disgusted to learn of this. Prof Whitty works tirelessly in public service, including doing hospital rounds and covering for colleagues with families during holidays as he is a bachelor (according to the article in the Sunday Times magazine this weekend).

Michael12 Tue 29-Jun-21 13:53:41

Considering he is very much in the limelight as to the covid situation .
He may have been to number 10 ,and as report states in St James Park area , rear of number 10 in away .
He like his colleagues, who have become part of are daily lives need more protection.
You have anti covid movements active as well these are the people that are trying to destroy the country , by ignoring Covid jabs etc and I have even seen locally stickers in bus stops by those involved anti covid if you call it that , only hope those blokes get it now.

25Avalon Tue 29-Jun-21 14:15:14

Absolutely disgraceful behaviour. Those lout’s faces were all over the screen laughing and jeering as they jostled poor Chris Whitty who seemed very stoical. Those louts are recognisable and I hope those who know them ostracise them. I think it said Prof Whitty did not want to press charges. If so it makes it difficult for the police to do much.

lemongrove Tue 29-Jun-21 14:34:43

Fortunately ( so it seems after watching the news clip) although loutish behaviour it was good humoured, but what if it hadn’t been?
I believe there is a case in Belgium ( or France?) where a scientist has been hounded so much that he has had to leave his home.

Riverwalk Tue 29-Jun-21 14:38:21

I'm surprised at 'good humoured' lemon.

Nothing good humoured about forcing someone to extricate himself from your grip.

Aveline Tue 29-Jun-21 14:43:58

They'd better keep their hands off Van Tamm or the Grans will come after them!

lemongrove Tue 29-Jun-21 14:46:01

Good humoured in that it wasn’t wanting to hurt him in any way, they saw the cameras there, clocked it was Chris Witty,
‘Him off the tv’ and wanted selfies with arms around his shoulder.It could have been a lot worse, which is why he isn’t pressing charges.Was it wrong?Of course it was.

jaylucy Tue 29-Jun-21 14:53:06

A bit like the while back when some idiots thought that photo bombing was acceptable!
It must be scary when two complete strangers approach you and just won't go away.
One thing about the pandemic is that it has brought more people that act completely unacceptably whether it be like this case, flashers, physical assaults etc to seem to think that behaving that way is acceptable!

AuntieEleanorsCat Tue 29-Jun-21 17:06:21

Disgraceful. Poor man. When he was only 17, CW’s father was killed by a rabble in Greece so, even more appalling for him.

We have a Govt. in place who has pandered to the rabble. Social unrest was their aim. They have wholeheartedly achieved their aim.

25Avalon Thu 01-Jul-21 08:53:27

In the news one of the men has apologised for any upset he caused and says he has lost his job at the estate agents where he worked as a consequence.

Apparently the police can bring a case even if the victim does not press charges.

JaneJudge Thu 01-Jul-21 08:59:07

an estate agent??? shock

Of course it is dreadful, I don't know where these people get off but I live by some high profile yob and it's frightening how some 'men' (mainly) hero worship him. (Please don't post his name as I think his fan base search his name sad )

Sparklefizz Thu 01-Jul-21 09:00:21

Yes, 25Avalon, and he is quoted as saying that if Chris Whitty had told him to get off, he would have!!!!! What a prat!!

Poppyred Thu 01-Jul-21 09:32:35

Disgusting behaviour, he’s lost his job which seems fitting. He won’t accost anyone else in a hurry!

Lin52 Thu 01-Jul-21 09:51:30


Disgraceful. Poor man. When he was only 17, CW’s father was killed by a rabble in Greece so, even more appalling for him.

We have a Govt. in place who has pandered to the rabble. Social unrest was their aim. They have wholeheartedly achieved their aim.

What a ridiculous last statement, No Government want this sort of behaviour, and have already condemned it. Hopefully the police will prosecute, their excuses are as pathetic as they are. There is much rabble around, all individuals who have the sole responsibility for what they do. I include in this the anti vaxers, extinction rebellion, saw their ‚leader today, who could only quote from non peer reviewed papers, who is openly espousing civil unrest. Government certainly not encouraging that.

Mollygo Thu 01-Jul-21 10:25:41

If it’s true (as quoted by at least one paper) That the two had just been to an anti-VAX protest then how could it have been a friendly gesture?