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No sleep

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travelsafar Wed 21-Jul-21 06:55:09

I had a terrible night last night, about 2 hours sleep. Tossing and turning,drinking cold water, up and down to the bathroom, roll on when its cooler once more at night. I have a busy day today as well(isnt that always the way) Shopping and getting petrol for the car. My Niece is coming round this afternoon and then i have a committee meeting this evening with the bowling club. All i want to do is slump in the armchair. Going to try and get to the shops by 9am then maybe i can catch 40winks when i get home before my niece arrives.

FannyCornforth Wed 21-Jul-21 06:58:18

I do sympathise travels
This weather is awful, my bedroom is like an oven, even with two super dipper fans.
Too hot at night to sleep, and too bright in the morning.
I hope that your day gets better and that you have a nice time with your niece.

MissChateline Wed 21-Jul-21 07:03:34

I think that I must be part reptilian, probably lizard. I love the heat. I love the feeling of the heat getting to my bones. I love sitting out in the heat and can fall asleep immediately outside on a sun lounger in the sun. May this heat last for weeks!

MavisCabbage Wed 21-Jul-21 07:07:36

Oh dear, this is so familiar! As l am a bad sleeper( almost always) my only solution is a sleeping pill once a week and definitely having a rest every afternoon.
I have been given so much ' advice' over the years but my conclusion is that older women ( l am sixty one) probably sleep less, and certainly less than men because they are physically less able to and also because they have busy lives, whether or not they are still working outside the home.
The most important thing is not to worry about it because there are a lot of people who want you to believe it is your 'fault'....and it isn't

tanith Wed 21-Jul-21 07:07:50

It’s very hot yes but I have windows open back and front of the house so there is a breeze my fan at the end of the bed on a timer, a sheet over my lower half and manage to sleep fine. Could you have a spray bottle of water by you and spray yourself if you can’t sleep.

Alizarin Wed 21-Jul-21 07:09:05

It must be amazing to be able to tolerate this heat. It flattens me! Ice, snow, wind and rain are my weathers of choice.

Jaxjacky Wed 21-Jul-21 07:23:19

Normally no problem, even in this heat, but overdid the pints of squash last evening, so in and out the en suite last night.

FannyCornforth Wed 21-Jul-21 07:23:43

I’m definitely with you Alizerin
tanith like you, I’ve got everything set up nicely, but somehow my bedroom remains tropical

dogsmother Wed 21-Jul-21 07:45:55

I’m not happy with extremes.
I need warmth to keep the arthritic aches at bay but too much and I melt and certainly can’t bear sitting out in the sun.
Too much cold and it hurts and we tend not to function so well as a nation.

nadateturbe Wed 21-Jul-21 07:51:36

Maybe possibly try temporarily sleeping in a different part of the house. Luckily my bedroom is the coolest room.

Aldom Wed 21-Jul-21 08:50:53

Travelsafar Thinking of you and hoping you get a better night's sleep tonight. You have been through a lot and rest is so important for your healing. It's a good idea to go shopping early in the morning. I did mine at 8am yesterday. smileflowers

3dognight Wed 21-Jul-21 08:58:32

I’m taking to bed an unopened bag of spinach, a frozen one, and two cold wet flannels- for my feet that tingle and burn at night.

Ear plugs for fan noise.

Sleep mask for early light.

My poor husband- what a sight I must be!

Kim19 Wed 21-Jul-21 09:02:41

I love this current heat. Can't get enough of it. A fitful sleeper at the best of times, I find the freedom of lolling in warmth far preferable to having to snuggle into a thick duvet against the chill.

TillyTrotter Wed 21-Jul-21 09:04:55

Travels I sympathise.
Even the fan is not keeping me cool at night. The expensive Dyson ones (bladeless) are supposed to be blooming quiet.
Are they heck!
I hope you get through your planned activities today and sleep comes easier to you when you get the chance.

Shinamae Wed 21-Jul-21 09:12:36


It must be amazing to be able to tolerate this heat. It flattens me! Ice, snow, wind and rain are my weathers of choice.

I’m exactly the same! 🥶

BlueSky Wed 21-Jul-21 09:14:53

Same here, at least I’m not the only one to suffer in this heat. Have you tried a (hot) water bottle filled with cold water, wet tea towel on neck, also eating a packet of crisps or salted nuts for salt? I usually avoid salt but at the moment it’s needed as well as fruit juice for potassium. I think age and medication make it worse.

geekesse Wed 21-Jul-21 09:58:01

Things I learnt from living overseas for years, many of them before air-conditioning became a regular thing:

I have a tepid shower just before bedtime, then leave my skin a bit damp and allow the water to evaporate off. I then lie on my bed, duvet pushed to one side, and lie very still. Lying still is the key, I find - I choose my most comfortable sleeping position and then quite consciously stay still to keep cool.

I close all windows and curtains upstairs during the day, and open them when it is cooler outside than inside. Before going to bed, I open all the upstairs doors so that there’s a little air movement between rooms and through windows. I have the window next to the bed wide open.

Last night, it was 19 degrees in my room, and I fell asleep within 10 mins and slept like a log. I don’t use a fan, and I don’t drink during the night.

I don’t suppose all that will work for everyone, but I throw it out as one way to deal with the heat at night.

FannyCornforth Wed 21-Jul-21 10:00:18

‘Having to snuggle into a thick duvet against the chill’

Aah! Heaven! (And I’m sure that I speak for Alizarin and Shinamae too)

travelsafar Wed 21-Jul-21 10:37:45

Back home from the shops by 9.45am they were quite empty. Now am going to get in my armchair and try to doze. Curtains closed against the sun and heat at one end of the lounge, other end open with the windows likewise and there is a lovely cool breeze flowing through them. Hope all of you that had a bad night too manage to catch up on your sleep at some point today. smile

overthehill Wed 21-Jul-21 10:52:51

If you have a loft open the hatch this makes a difference to cooling the bedrooms along with having the windows open.

nadateturbe Wed 21-Jul-21 15:51:55

We are in the caravan. Its insulated but still much cooler than the house. If I was young I think a tent in the garden would work.

MoorlandMooner Wed 21-Jul-21 15:58:47

I keep a bottle of aloe vera aftersun in the fridge and spray myself with that before going to bed. It cools me down enough to get to sleep.

tanith Wed 21-Jul-21 16:25:54

overthehill my loft is like an oven so I don't think that would work for me.

Soroptimum Wed 21-Jul-21 16:33:09

I’ve got a ‘cobber’. It’s a scarf filled with gel balls that you soak in water for 30 minutes. Then put round your neck. Absolute lifesaver as I too can’t cope in the heat. Amazon sell them.

3dognight Wed 21-Jul-21 16:59:10


If you have a loft open the hatch this makes a difference to cooling the bedrooms along with having the windows open.

Since reading your post overthehill I have lifted the loft hatch out of the way, upstairs feels a lot fresher.

All doors are open, so it must be hot air rising.

We have a hole in the roof so perhaps it’s going straight out?