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Can you “fall in love” with a voice?

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MawBe Sat 07-Aug-21 22:26:39

Or at least go all gooey over one?
My mum used to love listening to the actor Alan Badel on the radio - his smooth tones absolutely “sent” her grin
I was dozing in bed last night to last weekend’s “Golden Age of Broadway” Prom on BBC Sounds - songs from all my favourite musicals but woke up to hear Clarke Peters (the actor) singing This Nearly Was Mine from South Pacific. What a beautiful rich, smooth deep voice he has, like a mug of Hôtel Chocolat cocoa, and I was well away!
If you are interested it’s about 38 minutes or so in, on last Saturdays Prom on BBC Sounds

muse Sat 07-Aug-21 22:47:54

Actors: Alan Rickman and Matthew Macfadyen definitely send me gooey.

BlueBelle Sat 07-Aug-21 22:47:58

A long time ago I was volunteering for a women’s d v group and had to ring the landlord of the building
His voice was pure velvet and I fell in love, my deputy had to speak to him, again on the phone and she commented that she was weak kneed We had a giggle and then some weeks later we met him in person, he was a very nice man but quite old, very paunchy with a rather large bulbous reddish nose, and very married
We couldn’t help laughing after he had gone

Marydoll Sat 07-Aug-21 22:53:58

Flying on holiday many moons ago, I fell in love with the voice of the Canadian pilot.💘 It felt like being wrapped in plush, purple velvet.😍

Elleee Sat 07-Aug-21 23:06:18

Look Maw, Nat King Cole was the most chochliest...
Another fan of Alan Richman here, waves at muse
Just as an aside ,in my first job, I spoke to one guy a lot on the phone, he sounded funny, articulate and to me, sophisticated
I met him at a Christmas 'do' and he was none of the above

Spinnaker Sat 07-Aug-21 23:08:12

"The name's Bond, James Bond" as spoken by Sean Connery all those years ago. An absolute dreamy delight to listen to - aahh 💘

FarNorth Sat 07-Aug-21 23:09:53

A very ordinary, small man came to my house doing a survey.
Later, he phoned for a follow up and what a wonderful voice he had on the phone, that I completely hadn't noticed in person.

tanith Sat 07-Aug-21 23:18:14

I heard my husbands voice long before I met him in person and I really wanted to meet him in person to see if I liked him as much as his voice, turned out I did lol.

Chestnut Sat 07-Aug-21 23:29:15

Who could forget the Love Walrus, Barry White? 😄

Redhead56 Sat 07-Aug-21 23:33:03

Yes Barry White what a voice!

Deedaa Sat 07-Aug-21 23:34:58

Alan Badel's voice was wonderful, so was the unforgettable Alan Rickman. One of the first things that attracted me to DH was his voice and I never got tired of it.

muse Sat 07-Aug-21 23:35:22

Same for me tanith. I knew my DH 54 years ago but we lived far away from each other so the relationship was short lived. We met again (over the internet) through a colleague of his, 10 years ago. Before we arranged to meet, we rang each other quite often for nearly a month. He has a lovely deep rich voice. Not how I remembered it from 1968 though. I love to hear him sing.

Lexisgranny Sat 07-Aug-21 23:50:10

Barry White’s singing voice, and Michael Johnson’ s speaking voice. Both remind me of rich velvet.

Chestnut Sat 07-Aug-21 23:53:55

I loved Scott Walker's voice even as a teenager.

Kamiso Sat 07-Aug-21 23:54:07

When I was about 17 I worked in a London office. The female staff were all agog when an American with a very distinctive drawl, was coming into the office in person!

He was “old” - probably at least 30! Wearing a complete mish mash of clothing. Trousers, jacket, shirt and tie all in different checks and stripes, plus a droopy moustache.

I wonder what he made of the crowd of females in the tiny reception area. I hope our disappointment wasn’t too obvious.

merlotgran Sat 07-Aug-21 23:57:50

I’ll have to put my thinking cap on with regard to a voice but Oh that was such a lovely Prom. Took me right back to singing along to my parents’ LP collection.

Chestnut Sat 07-Aug-21 23:58:30


Barry White’s singing voice, and Michael Johnson’ s speaking voice. Both remind me of rich velvet.

Google tells me there's a Michael Johnson who's 1/ an American athlete 2/ a footballer and 3/ an American mixed martial arts arthlete! Basically I don't know any of them, so I'm not sure which one sounds like rich velvet.

3dognight Sun 08-Aug-21 04:05:31

I just have a meltdown when I hear Sean Bean. Have I spelled that correctly?

Kittye Sun 08-Aug-21 06:58:21

Another one here for Alan Rickman. Sadly missed 😢

Grandma70s Sun 08-Aug-21 07:12:40

I once fell for a voice. I heard him before I saw him, just talking at a party, and fell in love - or so I thought, I was completely bewitched. I got to know him and we did go out for a few months, but it was never really satisfactory. In the end I realised a voice was not enough. He was an interesting man though, and I remember him with some affection.

At the moment I am listening to an a audiobook of Jeremy Irons reading Brideshead Revisited. He has a wonderful voice.

Ugly voices put me off, however nice the person is.

Calendargirl Sun 08-Aug-21 07:47:54

Lee Hazelwood singing ‘Summer Wine’.


Baggs Sun 08-Aug-21 09:07:56

Richard Burton reading Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood.

Emma Kirkby singing medieval or baroque songs.

Baggs Sun 08-Aug-21 09:08:34

Ooh yes, and Rachel Walker singing Gaelic songs.

Alizarin Sun 08-Aug-21 09:19:02

My daughter used to be in love with the male voice announcing train times at Birmingham New Street station. grin

timetogo2016 Sun 08-Aug-21 09:31:30

Many years ago my dh andi had an accountant who i hadn`t met.
We spoke over the phone and i loved his voice.
After a few years i had to drop some papers to him in a hurry,i was so excited to meet the "voice" i was gobsmacked when he rolled out in a wheelchair was obese/bald as a coot and stank of cigars.
I couldn`t help but laugh when we finished our meeting.
We still spoke on the phone for some years and i still loved his voice.
And Sean Connory`s voice is just lovely.