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Good Morning Monday 9th August 2021

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Michael12 Mon 09-Aug-21 06:07:39

Good Morning Everyone,
its dry with grey sky here in brackley this morning.
my plans today , to finish off the gravel stone laying at parents graves.
And then have a quiet day in with housework etc .
Take Care,

Nannytopsy Mon 09-Aug-21 06:26:12

Good morning Mick - you are awake early today! So folk has grey clouds again and we appear to have had some rain overnight.
I have ironing to finish and a menu to complete for a visitor filled weekend.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Nannytopsy Mon 09-Aug-21 06:26:33


grandMattie Mon 09-Aug-21 06:43:58

God morning from a damp E Kent. Drizzling here for a change. We seem to have had a lot of strong wind rather than rain recently.
It’s DH’s birthday today. 18 years ago today, he was having a radical prostatectomy and not given long! Hasn’t he done well? Not doing anything much, he doesn’t like a fuss. Normally, we’re with the DGDs who have big parties which they organise.
Cleaning and more patchworking today. The dishwasher runner wheels gave up the ghost last night. Poor DH will have to wash up by hand until new ones arrive, 😢
Hope your day goes well and you catch a rainbow 🌈, smile 😊 or flamingo 🦩 in flight.

Ashcombe Mon 09-Aug-21 06:44:09

Good morning, everyone, from Torbay, where it’s brightening up after a wet night.

I hope your discomfort has subsided, cornergran and that Beechnut feels better. Rest is sometimes the best remedy. I hope the weather is improving for your family's activities, Gingster.

Thanks for offering me your washing , NanKate, but I think I’ll pass on that!! I hope you enjoyed the Golden Wedding party, Grandmajean. It’s always heartening to see traits of lost loved ones appearing in the younger generation, Alizarin.

Thank you for the wildfire map, dustyangel; such a worry for you all in these countries experiencing these currently. Good news about your DH finding a little of his appetite, harrigran!

Beautiful sunflowers, ginny! Singing in church now is a joy after so long, but, like you, B9exchange, I struggle with the full range of my voice! Your DGD sounds like a great character, Grandmajean with her interesting fashion choices! Excellent!

What a special day for you, GrannyGravy13! It must have been wonderful to be reunited and great that your family could quarantine with you.

Today, I shall continue being a laundry queen (!) besides going to my “Move It Or Lose It” class. Yesterday evening, I had a short walk over the Downs (yes, including a crafty cider in The Buccaneer!) as the weather had brightened up. In general, it seems slightly less busy than before I went away. Perhaps that’s because the first fortnight of the school holidays is a popular time to escape.

Hope today is the start of a good week for you all. 🦩👍🥰

Ashcombe Mon 09-Aug-21 06:46:45

Happy birthday to Mr.grandMattie with two reasons to celebrate! 🎉🍾🎈🥂🎊

Marydoll Mon 09-Aug-21 07:01:08

Good morning Mick and all. Nannytopsy, Mick is actually two minutes early 😁! A very good morning to you too and all the others who will have posted by the time it takes me to fumble with the keyboard! 😁!

Its cloudy here in Glasgow, with a mixed bag of weather predicted. DH is golfing and I'm going to make best use of the empty. Usually, I take myself out on a Monday, but I'm still feeling under the weather, so hameildaeme. The Scottish contingent will understand! 😉

Much to my joy, DH came with me yesterday to see Dollie. There are only three important men in her life, her daddy, her husband Finlay , (who has heartbroked her, by finding a new girlfriend) and her beloved papa!
DH was positively beaming, but did come home covered in glue and glitter after being conscripted into craft assistant duty! grin. He has never been so obliging when I have asked him to help me with my crafting projects. 🤣 Dollie indeed has him twisted around her little finger!

May I please asked for prayers for my friend's two week old , premature grandson? He had just got home, after being born five weeks early, but was admitted to hospital last night and will have surgery today or tomorrow. I saw him the other day and he is so tiny and fragile. We are all so worried about him.

On a lighter note, GrandmaFrench, you are to be lauded for your poetry skills. I'm sure many on GN were impressed by it! Soop loved it!

Have the best day you can, everyone. I will be back later to read all the news.

Marydoll Mon 09-Aug-21 07:04:45

Oh I forgot to congratulate GrannyGravy on her wonderful news!

monk08 Mon 09-Aug-21 07:09:32

Good morning all from Aberystwyth weather not looking to good, although yesterday when we arrived the sun came out.
We met up with the family in Borth and Dil went swimming with the boys couldn't get the 2yr old out off the water, defiantly does not take after grandma.
They are coming to us today nothing planned but think we may take steam train to devils bridge, the boys will enjoy that.
Will catch up with everybody's news later breakfast is calling such joy its cooked for me.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

monk08 Mon 09-Aug-21 07:11:49

Happy birthday Mr.grandmattie🎂🍺

Grandmabatty Mon 09-Aug-21 07:12:51

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently raining. Good morning Mick. I'm very grateful that you started this thread and I hope the posts give you as much pleasure as they do me. Happy birthday to MrGrandmattie. I hope he has a lovely day and is off dishwashing duties today. Ashcombea walk over the downs followed by a cider sounds excellent. Nannytopsy what's on your menu? I love a bit of forward planning. Marydoll I'm so glad the visit went well and you have a rapprochement.
Yesterday I had a visit from dd,sil and dgs and my aunt. I hadn't expected to see sil so that made me happy. He gets anxious about the wee one behaving though which is quite funny. It was lovely to see them all and have a blether.
Today is a babysitting one and it's to be wet so no park today but maybe some puddle splashing for us. Have a good day all.

Greyduster Mon 09-Aug-21 07:14:29

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a calm, sunny South Yorkshire. Why is it that you only have to be at home a couple of days after a holiday for it suddenly to seem to have been a lifetime ago? Or is that just me? We had a lot of rain yesterday. Today will be a laundry catch-up day, and hopefully a bit of gardening. Some plants appear to have been mounting a hostile takeover while we have been away! Enjoy your day, folks, whatever you are doing!

Sar53 Mon 09-Aug-21 07:16:10

Good morning from a very wet Essex by the sea where it appears to have rained all night.
My eldest granddaughter becomes a teenager today. 2008 was quite a year. My darling Mum died in the January, I met my DH in the April and DD2 gave birth to Amelia in August. A very traumatic birth which luckily turned out OK.
DH is having his hair cut this morning, then spending the day on his boat. I have some shopping to do and a parcel to return via the post office.
GG13, loved your news yesterday, enjoy having your family around you.
I hope you all have a happy Monday xx

Grandmadinosaur Mon 09-Aug-21 07:20:32

Good morning all. It’s a bright one here so I shall catch up with laundry today.
Over the weekend we had the most wonderful news. My pregnant DIL went for her 20 week scan and was told the baby is a girl. To say I’m thrilled is an understatement! I am 60 + and I was the last girl born in the family all who have followed are male. We love the boys to bits but need to even the numbers! The only one who was disappointed was dgs as he wanted a brother. He seemed resigned to the news when we saw them later in the day. So Barbies etc it will be 😀
Happy Birthday Mr GM and 🙏 for the wee baby.
Have a good day and take care.

Jaxjacky Mon 09-Aug-21 07:22:10

Good morning all from a soggy S Hants. A very Happy Birthday to MrgM 🎂🎉. Good news indeed harrigran that your DH feels a wee bit peckish. Hoping your family get together is going well GG13.
Library visit today, some bits and bobs of shopping and a spot of housework. DD and GC’s are out of isolation today, Finley has all day activities at school, DD is taking Imogen to get her ears pierced and shopping.
Those of you feeling under the weather, have an improved day, May you all have a glimpse of a 🦩 or two and if lucky some 🌞🌞. X

Scentia Mon 09-Aug-21 07:28:49

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it looks like a grey day.
Had a wonderful weekend away. Back to work today. DSiL who was sent home to isolate on Thursday is feeling very poorly and went for a PCR test, we await his results. If he is positive that will be a little devastating to say the least. I have everything crossed for good news this morning.
Happy Birthday mr Grandmattie what a star⭐️ All the best people are born in August.
Have the best day you can folks and keep smiling ☺️

Beechnut Mon 09-Aug-21 07:29:58

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s wet grey, looks thoroughly miserable and I have washing to dry. On goes the tumble dryer for most of it.

I do feel better, thank you Ashcombe. I went out into the garden and got some fresh air pottering and sitting. Things are looking up for you and olddudders.

Happy Birthday to MrgMattie. Perhaps he has a pair of Marigolds present.

I’ve some admin to do and finish of a top I’m sewing.

Hope you all have a good day and enjoy the wonderful happenings in your lives 🌼

cornergran Mon 09-Aug-21 07:38:40

Morning Mick, morning All from a very wet corner of Somerset. We’re ‘minding’ a friends home, no need to water the garden grin.

A very happy birthday to Mr GrandMattie. Congratulations grandmad, best practice plaiting hair. Happy birthday to your granddaughter, sar, an exciting day for her. Delighted your visit went well marydoll, rest today if you need to. Still hurting ash, thank you for thinking of me.

A different car to collect today, just hope we can get our heads round the technology or at least work out how to turn some of it off. Other than that the major excitement is changing the bed. How will we cope?

Take care everyone. Hope Monday is kind to us all.

brook2704 Mon 09-Aug-21 07:42:17

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dry and bright, hopefully it’ll last and we won’t see any rain today

A very Happy Birthday to your DH grandmattie definitely two reasons to celebrate and hope he doesn’t mind doing the dishes
Lovely news grandmadinosaur how exciting for you all!
Thinking of your friends baby grandson marydoll hoping all goes well

I’m off to the gym for the Aqua class this morning and later we’re going to DD2 house for tea and an evening of playing board games with the DGC, they love them! SiL is cooking something and I’m bringing dessert and a bottle or two.

Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Grandmajean Mon 09-Aug-21 07:42:49

Happy birthday to your DH GrandMattie
Ashcombe We had a brilliant time at my friends' Golden Wedding party. How lovely of you to remember. First time socialising in what seems like forever. It really cheered me up putting on my glad rags and talking and laughing non stop ! The " homeless crazy Princess" outfit was just too hard to beat though.
*Marydoll"am so sorry about your friend's worry over her tiny grandson and hoping better news comes soon.
The party carries on today for DH as the family of the Golden Wedding couple have arranged a round of golf and bacon rolls later this morning. Not my thing ( well, not the golf ) so will be a martyr and unpack the huge shopping delivery that is coming here . Ordered by DH who "forgot" he wouldn't be in !

harrigran Mon 09-Aug-21 07:45:49

Good morning from a sunny NE 🌞
Quiet day yesterday with no visitors, weather was heavy showers with the odd clap of thunder.
DD, working from home, is now on holiday so she says she will bring shopping. She must return to Brussels next month as that is her main home and is awaiting a new roof.
More good news, I made a curry last night and DH ate some. Baby steps but I am feeding him high calorie foods so I am hoping he regains some energy.
Pleased you got to visit Dollie Marydoll sounds as if your DH had a sparkly time too.
Enjoy the sunshine if you are lucky enough to catch some.

Grandmajean Mon 09-Aug-21 07:57:22

Just seen your post*Grandmadinosaur" Delighted to hear of the new baby girl who will soon be part of your family !

Alizarin Mon 09-Aug-21 08:09:53

Good morning from south Cornwall where it is raining steadily and refreshingly.

Was well fed last evening at ex daughter-in-law's. Grandson aged 11 had paid for a cake to follow the meal because I was coming. So sweet. We made plasticine snails while the chicken cooked and later the three of us walked to my bus stop in gentle rain under a 'blue hour' sky. Beautiful.

monk, I was in Borth a couple of years ago, beachcombing for used fishing line for hair for my sculptures. I loved Aberystwyth.

Marydoll, see if you can spot my fruit trees. Very hard to photograph on my crowded patio. They're in the terracotta pots. (I shall pray for the baby. My daughter was 10 weeks prem.)

Today I'm attacking giant brambles in the woods high above my patio so I can rediscover a seated area I carved out before my hip ops. Hands full of prickles are no doubt on the agenda.

Have the best day you can everyone.

Mapleleaf Mon 09-Aug-21 08:10:27

Good morning,

It's a brighter and calmer start to the day than yesterday, so fingers crossed it remains dry.

Some ironin, shopping and gardening on the agenda today.

Will pray that all goes well for your friends little GS, Marydoll.

Take care everyone 💐

Anniebach Mon 09-Aug-21 08:11:50

Good morning Auntyflo and all x