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Good Morning Saturday 14th august 2021

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Michael12 Sat 14-Aug-21 06:04:20

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry but dull grey cloud over brackley this morning ,today will see a bus journey to Buckingham and bicester returning via Buckingham ,and hopefully the flea market will be on.
cycling on tV will take remainder up with the start of the Vuelta in Spain .
I may also have my usual Chinese Take Away.
Take Care,

grandMattie Sat 14-Aug-21 06:25:37

Good morning from a bright E Kent. It’s been so dry that I’m going to have to water the flowers again…
Friday 13th went without a hitch. My old friend wasn’t well so I had an “empty”. I used it by following a course on dying and dipping fabrics, mist enjoyable, but I’m unlikely to do any of that.
We thawed out the freezer and found a number of homemade ready meals which I had forgotten about. I very, very rarely do that, which explains my forgetfulness. Meals done for the next few days. Yippee!
Nothing on today (although I shall be fully clothed, Grandmafrench !) but shall carry on with my patch-working.
Hope today brings sunshine ☀️ and smiles to your souls, and joy into your lives. 🦩🦩🦩🌈☀️😊.

maydonoz Sat 14-Aug-21 06:47:31

Good morning all from a bright, and hopefully to be a good day in Welwyn, Herts.
Am awake early, so will start a wash soon and keep fingers crossed for a dry day.
Had a nice day out yesterday, DH and myself took our nearly 4 year old DGD out on a bus trip to another town. She loves going on the bus, there was a market to look around and had some lunch out so she was delighted.
Tomorrow we'll be doing lunch for family, including ourselves will be eight, so will do some of the prep today. Will cook a piece of beef in the slow cooker, and maybe bake a fruit crumble for afters. The rice, veg and salad will do tomorrow so hopefully all will work out well. My DIL's Mum will be returning home after the summer so we wanted to invite her, couldn't do before with quarantining etc.
Wishing you all a pleasant weekend and keep on doing what you enjoy.

Beechnut Sat 14-Aug-21 06:56:28

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s dry and dull.

I did everything I wanted to do yesterday. I went to bed quite late and then couldn’t get off to sleep due to some emotional thinking going on.

No idea what to do today so I’ll take it as it comes. I hope Beechnutella sends me a photo of herself in her fancy dress outfit. She still loves it as old as she is.

Hope all goes well today for you all 🌼

Nannytopsy Sat 14-Aug-21 07:06:43

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Blue skies and sunshine in Suffolk. Hope it brightens up for your trip Mick.
We have 3 of my old colleagues staying, so yesterday involved an awful lot of talking, wine and food! DH made a very passable butler 😊. I think we would still be there if I hadn’t pointed out that it was 1 am and I needed my beauty sleep. I am struggling to sleep this morning though which is annoying.
I hope the day is kind to everyone

Jaxjacky Sat 14-Aug-21 07:06:49

Good morning all from high cloud in S Hants. Friday night in our local was enlivened by a quick drink with my son and his GF, both tired as they’re mid moving. Spent the evening watching the first game of the Premiership season. Today a bit of allotment and gardening, Tesco delivering later, I’ll get a wash on in a minute.
Have a pleasant day, gentle for those in pain or distress, sun in the sky and hearts for all. X

baubles Sat 14-Aug-21 07:17:42

Good morning Mick, morning all from rather grey looking South Lanarkshire.

DGD2 stayed over last night. She’ll be up and looking for breakfast any minute now. We’re going into town later, she has some birthday money to spend but I’ll be surprised if she actually does buy anything, she’s more of a saver than her sisters.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Lincslass Sat 14-Aug-21 07:21:44

Good morning from a very overcast NELincs, thought it was raining at first, but no just very overcast , hoping it stays a dry day for a spot of pottering in the garden 🪴.

Scentia Sat 14-Aug-21 07:22:51

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it looks a little grey out there.
The Covid house are all recovering well🥳
I have realised my weakness in my body is getting worse, I have been trying for the last hour to unscrew the trap under my bathroom sink as it is running slow - no chance. Just a few years ago I fitted a bathroom myself (I say a few, probably about 10!!) but I really wouldn’t have thought a nerve issue could cause such pain and weakness. I will have to ask for help and that is something I have never usually had to do😞
Today I must rest as I have been out walking two days in a row, in the middle of the countryside to stay away from people as I am still isolating until Sunday.
I do hope you all have a lovely weekend 🥰

NanKate Sat 14-Aug-21 07:24:38

Morning Mick and All.

Cloudy day in South Bucks.

Well we’ve survived 5 days of DS and 2 DGSs staying. They left saying they would miss us and us them. The house needs a mass clear up now, as toys, games and general mess requires clearing up.

I’ve downed tools in the kitchen so a nice glass of chilled wine and lunch at the Italian is in order today.

cornergran Sat 14-Aug-21 07:28:26

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset seems to have permanent cloud cover, it is dry at the moment after overnight rain.

PCR a test result arrived incredibly quickly, negative fortunately. I’ll potter around here quite happily for the next couple of days. It was good to deal with all sorts of little stuff yesterday, more to come today.

Hope there’s positive news from ash and life seems brighter soon beechnut. Enjoy your trip out mick. Thinking of everyone with worries and health issues while enjoying reading the positives.

Take care, hope Saturday is kind to us all.

brook2704 Sat 14-Aug-21 07:34:00

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cloudy and dry.
Good news that the family are all recovering well Scentia, a bit less of a worry now
Nothing much planned for today, just a day of catching up with housework and outside cleaning jobs. DH is doing some heavy work in the garden digging out some overgrown shrubs so I’ll leave him to get on with that.
Lots of lovely family and friends meet ups on here, I hope everyone has a really enjoyable time
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Jaxjacky Sat 14-Aug-21 07:36:39

Good news Scentia on the family.

Nannagarra Sat 14-Aug-21 07:37:38

Good morning from the Sefton coast where it is cloudy and rather dull.
Sorry to learn about Olddudders. 🤞for his speedy recovery. Spent a busy day in Skipton yesterday where I saw this mural. How I miss Freddie.
Looking after mini DGdog while DS2 and family go to London for a couple of days. She’s such a cutie!
Have the best day possible, everyone.

Grandmabatty Sat 14-Aug-21 07:43:49

Good morning all. Bright in Polmont. Good news about your family Scentia. It's my mum's birthday today so I'll nip over with her presents in a while. I have food shopping to get too. Tonight the family are meeting at mum's favourite place for dinner. Have a good day all.

Ashcombe Sat 14-Aug-21 07:44:00

Good morning, everyone, from a gentle day in Torbay, with a pretty sky that looks promising.

Thank you very much for all your kind support for olddudders and me. I’m pleased to report that the patient did manage some sleep, including four hours sitting up on the sofa last night, despite hallucinations early on from the newly prescribed Diazepam. On Monday, he has an appointment for a scan at a specialist clinic in Le Mans after which we will finalise plans for when my visit could be of optimum benefit.

I’m rather late today as my typing was (pleasantly) interrupted by a call from DD1 who lives in Australia. Having suffered a back problem in the past, she was particularly anxious to hear news of DH. She has been diagnosed with advanced cataracts! Despite telling her previous optician that she struggled to see clearly even with updated lenses, her condition has only just been picked up now she has found a better optician. It’s possibly been caused by UV rays as she’s lived there since 2007.

I’m pleased to hear of recovering patients in Scentia’s family and I wish all with worries or pain a brighter day. 🦩⛅️🥰

Elizabeth1 Sat 14-Aug-21 07:55:05

Good morning everyone from a sunny cool day from the east coast of Fife. I’m hoping for the sun to keep shining today as we’ve planned a bbq for those who missed out at the earlier one held in July. If not it’ll still be loads of fun with doors and windows wide open. My DH had quite a cuffuffle yesterday trying to get a gp appointment eventually he was advised to get a test then funnily enough he was given a gp appointment later on in the day what’s that all about ?

It’s farcical seeing as how I sneaked the central heating on recently, the house was beginning to get cold with the rain and dampness. Fingers crossed for a fun day.

Have a good Saturday everyone be kind to yourselves and others less fortunate.let the fun begin flowers

Greyduster Sat 14-Aug-21 07:58:51

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It’s uniformally grey in South Yorkshire today, but it has calmed down a bit. It was so windy yesterday that it kept blowing my pots of plants over in the garden. I cleaned all the kitchen down and did a pile of ironing but we didn’t venture out and I was very crotchety. I think I’m suffering from post holiday blues! We will have a walk today though.
Good to hear your test was negative, Corner.
Have a good day one and all.

Sar53 Sat 14-Aug-21 07:59:17

Good morning from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea.

A trip to town this morning so that DH can upgrade his phone, a bit of food shopping and maybe some lunch out somewhere.

Enjoy Saturday whatever you are doing xx

Gingster Sat 14-Aug-21 08:00:22

Good morning all from a lovely sunny Suffolk coast.
Had a super day yesterday. DB and his wife managed to get here for the day. She has been poorly for a couple of years and is losing her confidence in going out anywhere. I think a lot of it is psychological, as she was a different woman when she left.
My other brother arrived and we set off not far from here to see my nephew in ‘Pirates of Penzance’ . It was at an outdoor woodland theatre. Beautiful evening and such a wonderful show.

We will have a restful day here with dB. Dh will go and watch a footie match this afternoon and we will catch up with family gossip.

harrigran Sat 14-Aug-21 08:01:06

Good morning from a sunny NE 🌞
Family are away on holiday so a quiet weekend.
My sister will visit this afternoon and bring some shopping.
Checked my Boots card yesterday and found I had almost £75 worth of points to spend so I did an online shop, I will have enough bathroom essentials to last me the rest of the year now 😅
Enjoy the weekend.

Grandmajean Sat 14-Aug-21 08:01:18

Morning all from a dull Cheshire.
Glad the necessary scan is sorted for Monday*Ashcombe*and hope it is diagnostic.
Not many posts yet today and I thought I was late !
I will be anxious all day as DS ,DIL and two GC are driving from Cheshire to Skye for a week's holiday. A very long drive. DS is very good at giving me regular updates on the journey so hope to hear soon that they have stopped for breakfast as an early start was planned.
Will come back later to read more posts.

Nannagarra Sat 14-Aug-21 08:02:45

Happy birthday to Greatgrandmabatty. Enjoy your meal in her favourite place this evening, Gmb.
You have such encouraging news Scentia. 👍
Oh, Ashcome, I hope your two nearest and dearest are soon on the mend.

Marydoll Sat 14-Aug-21 08:03:26

Good morning Mick and all from a cool and cloudy Glasgow.

I have no plans for today, perhaps a little one handed, pottering in the garden, if I feel up to it. My heart is quite unstable at the moment, leaving me breathless and exhausted.

After receiving a number of injections in my hand yesterday, I couldn't move my fingers at all and the pain was excruciating. I knew this was normal, but it has never been as painful before. This made undressing and having a bath, very problematic, to say the least. DH, in his own wee world, was oblivious to my plight. sad
Try not to visualise the situation I am going to describe. blush I was stuck, half undressed in the bathroom and DH did not hear my cries of distress. I was almost at the point of cutting myself out of my underwear! Neither did he hear my cries for help, when I couldn't get out of the bath! Why did you not call for help?, he asked. 🤬 Why don't you get a bl***y hearing test?, I retorted!

It was a very fruitful visit, as it was my new RA consultant himself, who did it. I had never met him, because he had been seconded to Covid ICU, since he was appointed at the beginning of the pandemic. He is very different from my consultant of the last thirty years. I feel I'm too set in my ways to ^ break in^ a new one! 😉
The appointment did give me the chance to have a good chat and sort the blood tests out. They were in fact three months overdue! He advised me that GPs won't to them, as they are not contracted to do so for that treatment, they must be done in hospital. Therefore, another hospital appointment is in the pipeline.

My consultant told me that he had been in London last week, finding it quite scary and worrying, seeing so many people unmasked. As numbers are rising again, he feels people should still be wearing masks in certain venues, as we still do here in Scotland.

Speaking of masks, yesterday I popped into Morrison's early for a quick shop. As I was sanitising my trolley, I spotted a masked man staring at me. I found it a bit unnerving to say the least! As he approached me, I began to get quite nervous. He was standing right beside me and I still didn't recognise my own SIL! 🤣
He had come out to avoid DD, who working from home, was having a very stressful day! 😁

DH has just come back from getting the papers, there are none to be had anywhere in our wee town. He met a neighbour, who says there is no milk either, so DH offered our milk!!!! That was very kind of him, but what does he think we will drink?

Hoping to hear some news from Scentia.

Wishing you all a pleasant day, whatever your plans. Keeping all those who have to carry that unbearable burden of pain and sorry in my thoughts. 💐

monk08 Sat 14-Aug-21 08:04:05

Good morning all from the Black country, cloudy with a few breaks in the sky.
Nothing planned today perhaps start a new book.
Usual full English calling so will catch up later.
Enjoy your Saturday and may you all find some 🌞.