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Good Morning August Bank Holiday Monday 30th August 2021

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Michael12 Mon 30-Aug-21 06:02:37

Good Morning Everyone,
A grey cloudy start here in brackley this morning , with the added change mornings drawing inwards , daylight gradually getting shorter .
Today , a nice easy day for myself ,some housework etc , otherwise staying in .
Take Care,

Ailidh Mon 30-Aug-21 06:35:22

Good morning.

Have been out with the dogs - it's getting to the point now that not only is it dark when I go out with them, it's also darkish still when I get back.

I'm doing the Million Step Challenge for Diabetes UK. The Facebook group sets us daily photographic challenges to stretch us to walk that bit farther to find them. Today is "old doors". Being a comer-in of only six years, I asked the local history group for ideas for doors and dutifully tramped round them all. Alas, they were old buildings but with replacement doors, apart from a second floor loading door at our rag mill, which has been in continuous operation since 1899.

A day now of food, crochet and the Downton Abbey movie.

Stay safe, keep well. 🌺

grandMattie Mon 30-Aug-21 06:39:01

Good morning from a grey East Kent l. The weather is in expected Bank Holiday mode - grey, chilly and damp.
You’re right, Mick, daylight is definitely shorter, but the we are hurtling towards the equinox.
It’s a shame about the weather as the “festival” would have drawn people in. There are a few, but there are fear stalls and things are generally on a much smaller scale than usual.
Normal Monday housework today. A porcini pasta for dinner.
I hope our GraMmingos have relief from pain, sorrow and anxiety and today proves to be a happy one. ☀️☀️☀️🌻🌻🌻🦩🦩🦩🦩

Fi66 Mon 30-Aug-21 06:39:37

Good morning Mick.
A pleasant surprise to find a message nice and early. I've been waking up with the sunrise or earlier for a while now. I quite like it.
I'm going to take a walk or a drive somewhere today for a change of scenery. Probably a garden centre or local park.
It's very peaceful outside and I don't want to spoil it with the radio.
I love the smell of autumn mornings. Enjoy your day, and I will try to follow your example.
Best wishes

Urmstongran Mon 30-Aug-21 06:48:20

Good morning everyone from Malaga where the sun’s just coming up but wowzer, it’s blowy! The palm trees are dancing like crazy. Still warm though.

Apparently this stretch of the Andalusian coastline used to be known as the Costa del Viento but when Franco decided to open up Spain to tourism in the 1950’s, clever marketing men renamed it the Costa del Sol as it sounded more appealing!

I think we will have a think what to do with our day as it unfolds and the wind dies down. Beach? Hmm. A walk into Torremolinos - an hour - lunch and the train back at tea time? Possibly. It’s nice just to please ourselves with no calls on our time.

Hope Scentia and Gwenisgreat both feel a little bit better today. Jabbed or not, it must still be a bit scary being diagnosed with Covid. I know I would be anxious but then I do have health anxiety so I’m an official wuss.

Enjoy Monday all who can. x

cornergran Mon 30-Aug-21 07:00:39

Morning Mick, morning All. Cloud cover over our corner of Somerset, back to the norm it seems after a sunny Sunday.

Garden tidying accomplished yesterday my first job today is a foray into the loft to clear out some dressy clothes I’ll never wear again, a charity shop will benefit. Then it’s on to defrost the freezer before some admin. Not exciting for sure but it will leave a sense of accomplishment.

I’d enjoy some of your sunshine urms although I’d not be so happy with a windy day. The daylight is definitely shrinking, trying to think positively about darker days ahead.

Take care everyone. Hope Monday is kind to us all.

Nortsat Mon 30-Aug-21 07:01:49

Good morning Mick and the GM team from (guess the colour of the sky) east London ... yes it’s grey.

Grocery delivery for us this morning and then the usual housework.

Out for lunch and then a nice walk along the banks of the Thames this afternoon. I don’t mind if the weather isn’t great.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday, Good Morning-ers 😎 and all good wishes to those who are facing challenges.

glammagran Mon 30-Aug-21 07:11:42

I don’t post very often but think of all you G’netters all the time.

Last weekend we had one night away at a 5* hotel in the Cotswolds. We certainly pushed the boat out. It was our first night away since November 2019 when it was my DH’s 70th.

Yesterday was our very dear DGD’s 3rd birthday with a garden party for 20 relatives. She was in her element playing with and bossing around her older cousins.

A couple of weeks ago by husband’s brother died aged 76. They did not get on and had not seen each other for 25 years. He’d been married 4 times with several children and was a life long alcoholic. It’s amazing he lasted as long as he did.

Wishing everyone a good bank holiday Monday.

FannyCornforth Mon 30-Aug-21 07:13:51

‘Morning all!
A rare appearance from me in Derby. Best wishes to everyone here.
I was prompted to comment by mention of the weather.
Why is it so very cloudy?
I’ve just looked at the weather forecast for where I am; and it’s literally just cloud for days on end?!
I’ll get back in my box now!
Oh, and I loved the backstory to the Flamingo 🦩 tradition, thanks Laura, it’s beautifully apt.
Happy Monday everyone 😽

Pittcity Mon 30-Aug-21 07:14:55

Good morning from Derbyshire where the sun is trying it's best to peep out from behind the grey. The heating came on in the hotel while we were out yesterday and it was a warm night. My cousin worked out how to turn the rads off in her room.
I am a bit worse for wear having had a few vinos and a lot of food in my sister's cold garden yesterday. We are having a family hotel breakfast before we all wend our separate ways home today.

Love to all x

Daisytwoshoes Mon 30-Aug-21 07:17:23

Good morning mick and all. it’s dull here in Somerset and deff getting darker in the mornings.
DH has gone off to golf .so a quiet morning here .maybe a bit of housework.
Got friends coming for afternoon tea , and that’s most of our day taken care of
Hope those with health problems feel a little better today .
Have a nice bank holiday Monday everyone

Ashcombe Mon 30-Aug-21 07:19:35

Good morning, one and all, from an overcast Sarthe. I was promised sunshine before I travelled over here so I'm considering asking for my money back!

DH has had a better night: a glass of wine with roast chicken dinner then paracetamol at bedtime proved more beneficial than Diazepam. I'm still abstaining from alcohol as I wean myself off the Prochlorperazine.

Yesterday, I received my first lesson in the use of the lawn tractor, about which I was apprehensive. So far, I've only driven it a little way and have yet to attempt actual mowing.

I do hope Scentia and Gwen are beginning to feel better as the days go on. Enjoy the Bank Holiday or normal Monday for those of us in Europe, whatever you're up to!☀️🦩☀️

Scentia Mon 30-Aug-21 07:22:20

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where the weather is an unknown to me as yet because I haven’t opened the curtains!
I am on day 4 in the Covid diary room and I had a difficult day yesterday as I was in terrible pain, after a call to 111 it transpired that I am not drinking enough and my one kidney was storing up toxins from the virus. I must drink drink drink to avoid a visit to the hospital 😊
DH is off out on his motorcycle for the day, he is still negative and we are so pleased as he has a poorly heart and really could do without it. I will venture into the garden once he had left and do some pottering. I am getting tired and breathless very quickly so will take it easy.
Urms. It is scary but as each day passes I am less scared but yes you are right it was an anxious time initially.
I feel well in myself and I hope Gwen does too❤️
Stay safe folks😀

grandMattie Mon 30-Aug-21 07:23:25

Good luck with lawn tractor, Ash. If it’s anything like our old one, it is noisy and incredibly uncomfortable. Numb bum for hours! Glad things are improving, except for weather…

fatgran57 Mon 30-Aug-21 07:26:13

Good morning (evening almost) from Tasmania.

Our days are drawing out here Mick the opposite to you.

Daylight saving will start in early October not all that far away now.

Bit of rain here today but got two loads of washing almost dry so not too bad.

Best wishes to all.

Beechnut Mon 30-Aug-21 07:28:54

Good Morning everyone from Severnside and welcome Daisytwoshoes.
It’s dry and dull here. I’m starting to wake up later with the darker mornings.

I’ve some washing to do first and then I’ll go and finish my weeding. I’m pleased with yesterday’s efforts as I didn’t go about it half heartily.

Have a good day all and take care. I dare say there are things going on if you fancy a trip out somewhere 🌻

brook2704 Mon 30-Aug-21 07:34:29

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s grey and cloudy here too. Yesterday was the same and although it was warm we didn’t see the sun all day.
Hope the extra fluids help Scentia at least you now know what to do to help ease the pain. Thinking of gwen too and hope you’re both better soon
I’m off to the gym today for the Aqua class and then back home to finish packing as I’m off down to DD1 in Cambridge again tomorrow - I’m really forward to spending the last week of the summer holidays with them all!
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

aggie Mon 30-Aug-21 07:34:49

Good Morning everyone , it's a beautiful sunny start here , l have opened the curtains and popped back to bed !
Usual Monday morning shopping trip is abandoned so no need to be up

DanniRae Mon 30-Aug-21 07:46:17

Good Morning to All from SE London - total cloud at the moment. We will go to the park this morning if our little dog seems up to it - she has been limping but seemed a lot better yesterday.
Otherwise a day indoors - reading, knitting and tv. Best bit? Our eldest daughter is coming here later to treat us to a Takeaway. Not sure if pizza, curry or Chinese or maybe something else? To be decided later.

Have an enjoyable day Everyone!!
All the best, Danni x

Georgesgran Mon 30-Aug-21 07:50:34

Good morning from Durham and at risk of repetition; it’s grey, dull and damp.
Both DDs poorly - I’ve been ordered to stay away in case I get ‘it’ (negative tests). Bought a planter yesterday - choice of 2 finishes and I picked the wrong one, so taking it back is my job for the day. Then an hour in the garden will be rewarded by a glass of wine later.
Enjoy the Bank Holiday - almost September - where has 2021 gone!

Gingster Mon 30-Aug-21 07:51:34

Good morning and , yes it’s grey here in Essex too. Very still and damp.

Scentia you are really going through the mill at the moment. Hope your pain subsides and don’t do too much in the garden. 🌸. Just potter and let your body heal. Our two close friends have Covid and although the flu symptoms have passed, they are left feeling like zombies - exhausted !

I’m beginning to be a bit concerned about my trip to see ‘Cinderella’ in London next week. Going up on the coach and then into the theatre. I’ll speak to my friend about it, but I’m sure we’ll still go. What with Covid and terrorist threats , I’m feeling less confident, 😢.

I spoke to DS2 yesterday and he said DIL wouldn’t have the jab and now has a barking cough and Is feeling poorly. Negative test but I can’t believe she refused the vaccine. She’s usually in the ball with everything. We have a family wedding on Friday so I hope she’s ok for that, 🤔.

Today I’m hoping , with dh)S help, to stain the decking around the conservatory. We’ve got rid of a small climbing frame and slide that we’ve had out there for 13 years, and it’s taken it’s toll on the decking. We have a very small garden, so I’d like to redesign it and make it pretty and cottagey! Dh says it’s fine as it is 😤, so I won’t get much assistance from him.

Let’s hope Bank Holiday Monday is kind to us all. 🙏

NotAGran55 Mon 30-Aug-21 07:52:09

Good morning from cloudy West Berkshire.
No plans as yet for the day , but husband is not working so we will probably go somewhere. Decisions, decisions.

Enjoy your day if you can .

monk08 Mon 30-Aug-21 08:00:59

Good morning everyone from the Black country. Dull start to the day here but that's normal.
Heard yesterday our neighbours of 20yrs are splitting up, house is on the market and they have 11 viewings tomorrow, we had no clue at all shows you don't know what goes on behind doors. Will be sad to see them go.
Will catch up later, tablet needs charging.
👋 to any newbies.
💐 for those feeling down.
May you all enjoy your Monday and find some 🌞 along the way.

harrigran Mon 30-Aug-21 08:02:17

Good morning from an overcast NE.
The weather was miserable yesterday and I felt under the weather so I asked the family not to visit and I went to bed for the afternoon.
Pleased to have something to watch on TV last night, makes a change from trawling through Netflix.
Enjoy the Bank Holiday but do be careful.

Grandmajean Mon 30-Aug-21 08:02:48

Good ☺️ morning all.
Dull in Cheshire today.
No plans for the Bank Holiday as don't fancy crowds.
Hope you feel better soon Scentia and Gwen
Know exactly what you mean about trying to change things*Gingster*.My DH never sees the need to improve anything either ! He is so lucky to have me to advise him.🤣