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Two pleasant surprises already this morning!

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Katek Thu 09-Sep-21 11:47:58

I needed to speak to GP this morning re prescription change. ‘Here goes’ I thought as I prepared to do battle but no! Receptionist answered after couple of rings, booked a telephone appointment for an hour later and then GP called back 10 minutes early! I needed a lie down after that! Then I had to phone Sainsbury’s re delivery tomorrow, and I was through all the multiple choice selection process and speaking to an extremely helpful lady within 1 minute and 15 seconds! Another lie down needed! Why can’t insurers and utility companies be this efficient?

TillyTrotter Thu 09-Sep-21 12:00:28

Well done Katek, there’s such a feeling of satisfaction isn’t there?
I had to ring Customer servs at Amazon, and was prepared to wait and do battle if necessary. Like you, my call was answered after a few rings, and my refund processed within 10 mins.
It’s great when it works like that.

MerylStreep Thu 09-Sep-21 12:05:03

I’d forgotten that I’d ordered 6 of my favourite plants. They’ve just arrived.

Nannylovesshopping Thu 09-Sep-21 12:09:12

Oh they are gorgeous, are they for pots, or straight into the ground?

Caleo Thu 09-Sep-21 12:33:34

That is good to hear Katek. I have found the answering services for big supermarkets to be efficient and easy to use.

Caleo Thu 09-Sep-21 12:34:47

Meryl Streep, these are beautiful! I wish you joy of them.

sodapop Thu 09-Sep-21 12:45:20

It's great when things go right for a change isn't it Katek maybe you should do the lottery today as well smile

Katek Thu 09-Sep-21 12:49:56

Now there’s a thought…….!! grin

25Avalon Thu 09-Sep-21 12:56:05

You’re lucky these days if there’s a phone number yet alone anybody to answer it. A lot of companies you can only do with online. Some of the online chat services work well whilst others don’t. It’s alright until something goes wrong and you need to speak to a person.

annsixty Thu 09-Sep-21 13:38:41

I heard my doorbell this morning but as I am very slow I didn’t get there in time.
It wasn’t the postman or a delivery as they know to open the porch door and leave things inside.
I have just been to open the door to Sainsbury’s and noticed a small pile containing 5 £1 coins on the porch windowsill
No note, just the coins.
No one owes me anything so I am bewildered.

annsixty Thu 09-Sep-21 13:40:25

As the OP has had two surprises maybe the next one for me will be a pile of £50 notes.

MerylStreep Thu 09-Sep-21 13:43:00

For pots. I lost some last year when one evening a short sharp frost hit. My own fault, I should have been on it 😰

Neen Thu 09-Sep-21 20:56:06

This made me smile the lottery this weekend x

Harmonypuss Fri 10-Sep-21 11:40:20

Some of the online chat services work well whilst others don’t. It’s alright until something goes wrong and you need to speak to a person.

When in this situation and knowing that an autumn's system won't be able to sort my issue I just type
"I need to speak to a human"
It normally gets me an actual human on the online system or they will phone me.

Harmonypuss Fri 10-Sep-21 11:46:19


A phone appointment for a prescription change within an hour or two???
On Monday (5 Sept), I asked my surgery for something similar (my pharmacy hasn't been able to get one of my meds for several months so I've had to ration them) and the surgery receptionist told me that this is NOT an emergency and therefore the earliest available telephone (never mind f2f) appointment is 30 September!

123kitty Fri 10-Sep-21 12:31:32

Postman just delivered a surprise box of flowers- opening them I found some were bruised and some flower heads had fallen off, what a disappointment. I filled in an online questionnaire explaining the problem with their flowers. Had a response immediately offering a replacement - that's what I call customer service.

Shelbel Fri 10-Sep-21 12:35:27

I've got some orange Fritillaria imp. But those red ones are lovely. I'm jelly grin

Kim19 Fri 10-Sep-21 12:36:40

I've had a couple of pleasant surprises myself. Having been told it took many weeks to renew a driving licence I acted a accordingly. Four days! Admittedly the telephone wait was long when I applied for my vaccination proof certificate (plan to visit many nightclubs when I'm next in Scotland!) but the efficiency, brevity and unpleasantness of the chap who dealt with me was just wonderful and...... I had the requested document through the post in three days. Perhaps should have recommended that he trained to be a doctor.

Kim19 Fri 10-Sep-21 12:37:18


Lilylaundry Fri 10-Sep-21 12:45:14

I too had a lovely surprise this morning with our local surgery. I phoned to make an appointment for my flue vaccination and the phone was answered immediately after their messages about press 1 for this, 2 for that, etc. Before dialling, I had made myself a mug of tea to drink whilst having to listen to that awful music but didn’t get the chance for even one sip!

inishowen Fri 10-Sep-21 14:04:48

I had to phone tesco as they'd cancelled our insurance for no reason. After explaining to a guy who sounded stoned, he put music on, then never came back! Started the whole process again and got someone helpful, thank goodness.

pintuck Fri 10-Sep-21 15:44:18

Can’t believe your driving licence renewal was so quick. My husband sent off his renewal form plus photo in July - not a word since and his old licence has now expired.

Alison333 Fri 10-Sep-21 16:43:10

I heard my DH talking gobbldygook into a phone and asked him what on earth he was doing.

He said if the robot on the switchboard can't understand, you automatically get put through to a human.

That was several years ago and he still does it - works every time!

Katek Fri 10-Sep-21 19:48:02

Definitely on a roll this week! Just heard today that our (residents’ association) grant application to buy new picnic benches for the village park has been approved!

Off to buy that lottery ticket!

Mistyfluff8 Sat 11-Sep-21 05:15:49

My husband phoned Drs flu line to cancel his appointment that had come through the post(not mine)took 2and a
half hours to get through to their dedicated flu line and yes he complained about service