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What cars have you had and what has been your favourite

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Artaylar Thu 09-Sep-21 17:17:40

Been driving since 1984 and during that time
Austin 1300
Honda Civic
And now.....Hyundai i10 as pictured.

My favourite was my very first one, the Austin 1300, lovely little car with bags of character. Very smooth drive too.

FarNorth Fri 10-Sep-21 00:20:40

Ford Anglia, which was my mum's.
Austin 1300, first car I owned.
Happy with Peugeot 107 now.

Rosie51 Fri 10-Sep-21 01:32:59

Austin Mini
Sunbeam Rapier
Austin 1100
Austin Allegro
VW Beetles x 2
Morris Traveller
Vauxhall Cavalier
Triumph Dolomite
Austin Metro
Peugeot 505
Vauxhall Carlton
Nissan Primera
Ford Focus
Ford Fiesta

My favourite was the Carlton, a smooth easy drive. Not all were exclusively mine, husband and I frequently drove whichever was outside and available.

Rosie51 Fri 10-Sep-21 01:34:20

I forgot the tiny Fiat which lasted a day before it was sold on!

Georgesgran Fri 10-Sep-21 01:59:09

Another one here who likes cars. My first was a bright orange Beetle, affectionately known as the flying fart. DH always has something big and practical, so for 20 years I embarked on a love affair with 3 Porsches. Now I’ve DGCs I drive a Jaguar XF - the Grannymobile!

Sara1954 Fri 10-Sep-21 08:06:35

Mostly always had Volvo, a few others here and there, but always go back.
When my older children were small we lived in a fairly rural area, and did a school run with several other families, and I’d open the tail gate and they would all pile in, certainly couldn’t do that anymore!

glammanana Fri 10-Sep-21 09:57:53

I learnt to drive in an old family LandRover
After passing my test my first car was a
Mini which served me for 5 years.
Suzuki Jeep
Shared bigger family cars with OH for school runs etc.
Various company cars when working
Audi TT
Mini Clubman which I have now and is my favourite up to now.

Katek Fri 10-Sep-21 10:52:06

Started off with a Mini and now drive a Renault Captur. I’ve had various makes/models in between, amongst them a Honda Jazz, Mercedes A class, VW Polo. DH has had way too many to mention, loves cars, but currently drives a BMW X1. Just asked him to name his favourite and he says it was probably his Volvo XC90

Greyduster Fri 10-Sep-21 11:06:47

First car, a clapped out mini which was all we could afford and we ran it into the ground. Then a clapped out Austin 1100, followed by:
A beautiful Triumph 2000 automatic;
Yet another mini (new this time);
A Ford Mondeo;
A Ford Escort;
A Nissan Primera;
A Mazda 323;
A Renault Clio;
A Honda Jazz;
A Honda Civic;
Another Honda Civic;
A Honda HRV;
A Honda CRV;
Another CRV (hybrid).

My favourites as a driver? The Primera, and then the Jazz. As an owner and because it was such a lovely car, the Triumph.

Helen657 Fri 10-Sep-21 12:10:52

My first car in 1985 was a Triumph Acclaim which I bought from my godmother - I got a small bank loan and she allowed me to pay off the balance of £400 at £50 a time when ever I could afford it - took me 2 years (thanks a million Auntie Peg!)
VW Polo x 5
Volvo S40
Volvo C30
VW T-Roc
I loved the Acclaim as it gave me so much freedom & made it easier to see my boyfriend (now DH), but my favourite was the Volvo C30 which was a delight to drive especially zooming across the Pennines.
Sold it 3years ago when ankle surgery forced a switch to an automatic, and chose something a little higher to make it easier to get in & out of!! Love the T-Roc for all the gadgets and safety features!

DH has always had a company car which I drive too

Janeea Sun 12-Sep-21 10:39:38

Always loved minis and this is my first convertible

JdotJ Sun 12-Sep-21 10:44:02

One that gets me from A to B

granma47 Sun 12-Sep-21 10:45:05

We have just bought a Skoda Karoq after having a lovely long lasting reliable Skoda Octavia for the last 10 years. The Octavia has been given to our son who will hopefully have it for many more years to come. I am getting used to not having a handbrake or key and the Karoq has yet to prove itself but I am enjoying the SUV higher seats.

sazz1 Sun 12-Sep-21 10:53:53

Too many to remember but first was Rover 2000
Favourite is my kia picanto I still have. It has brilliant air con and brakes, easy parking and tight turning, less than £800 spent on repairs in 13 years just brakes and clutch. Will buy anorher when it dies.

Unigran4 Sun 12-Sep-21 10:56:23

Citroën 2CV (the tin snail). Sadly had an argument with a 16-wheeler truck

Bazza Sun 12-Sep-21 10:59:21

I had a silver Mercedes SLK with a hard roof that folded into the boot at the touch of a button. I absolutely loved it, I’m so pleased I owned it when I was young enough to spring in and out of it, unlike now. If stuck in traffic by shops I would always admire its reflection. Any other car I have owned has just been a means of transport, but the SLK was my one true motorised love.

Clevedon Sun 12-Sep-21 11:02:42

My triumph herald and 1970's mini! Visited a classic car show last week and brought it all back to me ?

Raingreene Sun 12-Sep-21 11:04:41

I started with a mini
Vauxhall Viva (written off hit by a car and pushed into another car )
Vauxhall Cavalier ( first child)
Ford Escort Estate ( second child)
Peugeot Estate
Fiat Ulysse 7 seater ( third child plus childminding duties )
Volkswagen Jetta
Volkswagen Polo (children left home!!) written off - reversed into by a lorry luckily no one injured
Volkswagen Golf SV ( grandchildren!!)
Best car… The Golf it’s automatic and I love it!!
Worst car definitely the Ford horrible to drive

Cymres1 Sun 12-Sep-21 11:06:33

Like so many people I had a delightful mini, orange and there were places you could see the floor through the chassis. 850 cc and I loved it. Many happy memories, like picking my cousin up from Manchester Airport and, having flown in from Shetland, the car and the speed of the M56 was seriously scary. Poor soul, think it's an experience he would have avoided if possible.
Sold my beloved little car for £30 in the end, it was like 30 pieces of silver seeing her go.

Jillybird Sun 12-Sep-21 11:08:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mallin Sun 12-Sep-21 11:09:54

My favourite car is……….
………… one I could afford, works and has recently been cleaned, by someone else!

Lizzie44 Sun 12-Sep-21 11:16:09

Fond memories of the first car I drove - a second-hand Triumph Herald Estate. Colour olive green. My parents never had a car and I was thrilled when DH and I were able to buy a car a few years after we married. The Herald Estate was perfect for transporting our first DD when she was a baby. The pram was two pieces - a carrycot and wheels/handlebar. Carrycot plus baby went into the back of the Estate and away we went. It horrifies me now to think what would have happened if someone had rammed into the back of the car. No protection or safety belts in those days....

TanaMa Sun 12-Sep-21 11:17:37

Had a fascination for really old cars so my first was an Austin Ruby - probably worth a bit of money today. As a young married couple we bought a Hillman Minx Coupe! Trouble was if it started to rain when tbe hood was down, you were soaked to the skin by the time you got it raised again!! Happy days!

Susie42 Sun 12-Sep-21 11:23:08

Austin A40 but I failed my test three times and didn't drive again for years until I moved to a town with very poor public transport, and I managed to pass my test.
Hillman Avenger which I managed to write off in a car park
Ford Fiesta
Vauxhall Cavalier
Mercedes 200
Mercedes E200 became too expensive to run after I retired
Honda Jazz x 3

OH and I usually took whichever car was in the front of the garage, he owned a VW caravanette, Vauxhall Carlton, Renault Laguna, Vauxhall Cavalier, Jeep Grand Cherokee which I loved driving, and a Honda CR-V.

henetha Sun 12-Sep-21 11:24:21

My first car was a red Reliant Robin. I did so love that car.
Then Vauxhall something.
Hillman Imp
Vauxhall Velux with the gear change on the steering wheel.
Mini Metro.
Suzuki Swift.
Several others which I can't remember...
I love cars.

essjay Sun 12-Sep-21 11:27:24

late start driver, early 40's. 1st car a fiat panda, awkward to start in cold weather, loads of times needed a push start. everyone took the mick, but that little car drove all over the country. had several ford's mainly Ka's, loved driving them. had a variety of other makes - peugeot, nissan- lovely old micra, lasted 4 years, am now back with a fiat punto, have had one before but not as good as my fiat panda