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What cars have you had and what has been your favourite

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Artaylar Thu 09-Sep-21 17:17:40

Been driving since 1984 and during that time
Austin 1300
Honda Civic
And now.....Hyundai i10 as pictured.

My favourite was my very first one, the Austin 1300, lovely little car with bags of character. Very smooth drive too.

Fennel Mon 13-Sep-21 19:51:02

jaxjacky from page 1.
We had an Alpha Romeo Spider soft top at one time . My main memory of it was driving back from my parents in Northumberland on the A1 with eldest son. "Do a ton,Mum" he said. So I did and the soft top collapsed in (suction).
Otherwise mostly Fords. I needed a car for work and the LA gave a good loan scheme for buying a car. But only something very plain and functional.

Smurf52 Mon 11-Oct-21 20:16:40

My favourite car was a berry coloured Peugeot 108 which I bought a couple of years ago from new. When I bought a touring caravan I had to trade it in for a 4 x 4. I sold the caravan and car to my son not long after and he is paying me back monthly. In the meantime all I could afford was a bronze Vauxhall Corsa 04 reg, but at 69 it should do me for the rest of my driving life as it had one previous owner and low mileage.

Grantanow Sat 08-Jan-22 11:28:16

Reliant Regal (all aluminium body)
Morris Minor (split screen)
Rover 90
Rover 100
Rover 85
Land Rover Series 3
Hillman Hunter
Renault TX3
Peugeot Estate (2 of these)
Saab 99 (2, v expensive on repairs!)
Volvo 240 Estate
Volvo V70 Estate Mk 1 (2 of these)
Volvo V70 Estate Mk 2 (current car)

The current Volvo is low mileage and petrol. I'm very reluctant to go electric as we have no parking for a charging point and electric cars are very expensive. I've never bought a new car and the present Volvo cost me £7,000 four years ago.

TheOtherCatsMother Mon 10-Jan-22 11:16:21

Mainly Golfs for me.

I had a VR6 which was a pocket rocket. I remember sitting on the kitchen floor on the phone (land line) crying to my brother because it had just become too expensive to repair.

Rosalyn69 Mon 10-Jan-22 11:21:29

My Jaguar F pace but sadly my hips started protesting at getting in and out of it so it had to go. I now have a Lexus. Every Christmas I ask Santa for an Aston Martin but he hasn’t replied yet.

MayBeMaw Mon 10-Jan-22 11:23:17

Morris Minor
Simca “Mille”
Citroen Visa
VW Passat
VW Polo
Another VW Polo (D1 wrote off the first within a fortnight)
The second was written off by D3 when somebody ran into the back of her
Yet another VW Polo - my turn to be driving when that was written off by somebody driving straight across in front of me on a dual carriageway
Skoda Fabia
Skoda Roomster
Another Skoda Roomster - due for renewal but I like it too much - roomy interior but only the external dimensions of a Golf.
( Paw had a succession of Vauxhall Cavaliers before one of the first Skoda Octavias)