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What cars have you had and what has been your favourite

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Artaylar Thu 09-Sep-21 17:17:40

Been driving since 1984 and during that time
Austin 1300
Honda Civic
And now.....Hyundai i10 as pictured.

My favourite was my very first one, the Austin 1300, lovely little car with bags of character. Very smooth drive too.

foxie48 Sun 12-Sep-21 14:20:15

I loved the Volvo estate we had in the 90's, it was an automatic and I used it to tow a horse trailer and for zipping up and down the M5 to our cottage on Exmoor. I just associate it with such happy times. I also liked the Audi A3 Sportback I had as a company car, it was nippy and great fun to drive. I was sorry when I retired and had to hand it back. I'd have bought it but OH found it difficult to get in and out as he has such long legs.

michelleblane Sun 12-Sep-21 14:44:15

Driving since 1972
Renault 10
Triumph Herald Convertible (bought for £50 sold for £100 2 years later)
Hillman Hunter GT
2 Triumph Spitfires (wish I still had one)
2VW Polos
Vauxhall Nova SR
Peugeot 305
Ford Escort XR3i convertible (fabulous but stolen and totally stripped)
Talbot Horizon
Subaru Impreza (husband's pride and joy)
2 Subaru Forresters
Jeep Patriot
Vauxhall Mokka
Husband had TR3A before he met me and has never recovered from selling it!!!
I loved my early cars and did lots of maintenance on them. Such fun.

Westcoaster Sun 12-Sep-21 14:56:33

I am quite a recent driver so no big long list of cars to my name. I did love the Ford C-Max we got just after I passed my test, but it has been overtaken by the current car, a Toyota Yaris. A bit boring to look at, but lovely to drive and an automatic to boot. smile

Marmight Sun 12-Sep-21 15:03:20

Austin A30
Austin 1100
Triumph Spitfire
VW camper
Lancia Beta
Citroen Visa
Lotus Elan - briefly. Not kid friendly
Honda Shuttle
Suzuki Vitara 4x4
Suzuki Vitara 4x4
Renault espace
Mazda MX5
Honda CRV
Volvo XC60 AWD (Present car suitable for ageing person. Solid & dependable- the car not me)
I have a yearning for a TVR before I hang up my car keys for good but fear I’d struggle to get in/out ?

First 2 inherited from aged relatives
Triumph Spitfire was my favourite as it was my first car purchase. I had to relinquish it as not suitable for transporting a newborn ?

Supergran1946 Sun 12-Sep-21 15:26:42

Without a doubt my very favourite car was my pale green MGF. I hung onto it for 12 years. It started to cost more than it was worth in repair bills, but I still shed a silent tear when I finally let it go

Haydnpat Sun 12-Sep-21 15:31:25

My new VW electric
It's a dream !

grannyrebel7 Sun 12-Sep-21 15:54:46

We have the exact same car Artaylar same colour as well. It's great on petrol and very easy to park. I like it a lot, but my favourite car was our Vauxhall Zafira estate.

ElaineRI55 Sun 12-Sep-21 15:57:48

Loved my dad's Austin princess Vanden Plas in the 60s (when a lot of folk didn't have a car)
My first car was a Morris 1100
Liked VWs for a while: had a polo, golfs and a scirocco
Had Fords, Renaults, Citroens and a Nissan.
Best so far is our MG ZS electric car bought Jan 2020.
Comfortable; smooth; fairly nippy; cheaper and more environmentally friendly to run.

Camelotclub Sun 12-Sep-21 16:18:19

Had 3 Renaults (then boyfriend worked for them), then Dad's old Granada (most comfortable), then husband's MG Maestro, then Fiat Panda (gift from Mum and the easiest to drive), then two VW Golfs. Current one is 11 years old and done 26,000 miles!

BBbevan Sun 12-Sep-21 16:28:20

Worst, a Ford van in the 1960s.

Best Jeep Wrangler with a soft top. Not so long ago

tictacnana Sun 12-Sep-21 16:31:35

My favourite was my sporty little red mini that I bought at the start of the pandemic. She was written off by an idiot in a BMW. ?

Happysexagenarian Sun 12-Sep-21 16:35:04

Out of all the cars we've owned my favourites are
A Renault 5 - a joy to drive
A classic Austin A30 - small but built like a tank. I really loved that car.
A Mazda hatchback, now 12 years old - the most reliable car we've ever had (touch wood).

There have been lots of others but those three stand out from the rest. Really wish I could have the A30 back sad

Happysexagenarian Sun 12-Sep-21 16:36:12

I forgot our Austin A60 - so comfortable.

Magrithea Sun 12-Sep-21 17:22:20

My first car was an ancient Mini Traveller, bought for £50 from a friend of boyfriend (now DH!). Then a Morris Marina (rubbish!) then got to drive the boyfriend's brand new Renault 5. After we got married we had a succession of Hondas and Mitsubishis of various sizes as the family grew! Now we have a VW Golf and an Audi Q5 which I love!

Nannyknee Sun 12-Sep-21 17:58:59

My first car was a grey mini it cost £140 I called it squirrel
Then A Beetle, golf, metro, but my favourite was an Audi TT but had to sell it because my bad knee would let me get in !

Milliedog Sun 12-Sep-21 19:58:26

I'm thinking of getting a Suzuki Vitara. What are your thoughts?
My favourite car was my old Honda CRV. I had to replace it after many years because my old dog could no longer get into the back unaided...The new Hondas aren't as lovely looking, otherwise I'd get another!

Marmight Sun 12-Sep-21 20:49:44

Milliedog. I had the Vitara quite a long time ago. Not sure about the more up to date version. I preferred the Honda CRV so would probably go for that again given the choice.

LadyGracie Sun 12-Sep-21 20:52:25

I passed my test in a Morris Minor in Malaysia, we've had various cars
VW Beetle x 3
Vauxhall Chevette
Ford Contina
VW Polo x 2
Mazda 2 & 3
Renault Clio x 2
Fiat Panda
Hyundai ix20 auto, we love this car, hopefully it will see us out grin

BlueSapphire Sun 12-Sep-21 21:05:20

DH had a very fast 2 litre, I think, Vauxhall Viva GT when I met him. He loved that car!

Then we acquired a German Shepherd Dog, so needed something bigger, so got a Volvo Estate, which eventually came with us to Cyprus for 3 years.

Then a Ford Escort Estate.

A Mitsubishi when we lived in Australia, followed by another Escort Estate on our return.

And finally DH got his dream car, a Jaguar X Type, which we had till DH died.

No car now, gave up driving.

LadyO Sun 12-Sep-21 21:48:12

Humbertbear I couldn’t agree more, I had my PT Cruiser for 13 years from new and would definitely have bought another one if they were still available in the UK. Replaced with a Skoda Yeti which suits me perfectly but my heart belonged to my beautiful, retro ‘Tom Cruise(r)’ ?

Harmonypuss Sun 12-Sep-21 22:05:55

I've had 23 cars since the late 80s, Ford, Nissan, Citroën, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Kia, Skoda, I've loved most of them but my favourites are my 2015 Peugeot 3008 and my current Toyota C-HR

BigBertha1 Sun 12-Sep-21 22:17:11

Sorry to be late to the party again but I would just like to give a shout out for my red2CVfrom the mid '80s and my pale blue Tigra in the early 20's. Sharing a Quashquai with DH more adventuring.

muse Mon 13-Sep-21 01:27:11

Milliedog. I drove Suzuki for 15 years. First was a soft top Vitara. Then I had 2 Jimmys. Very reliable cars.

My first car was an old red Beetle when I was 24. Just passed my test.
Next a MGB roadster. White, chrome bumpers and wire wheels. Had to sell it as I had two children then and they grew too big for the car. Heart wrenching decision. Loved ? it.
Lots of family cars as children grew up.
Then I got into Suzuki for a while.
I retired and along came the love ? of my life. BMW Z3.
Sold that as I was moving to Cornwall and needed a practical car. Back to Suzuki.
This year I bought my first automatic. Audi Q5. Wow! A superb car but I wish I’d still got that Beamer. ?

Georgesgran Mon 13-Sep-21 19:07:28

Marmight forgot about the Lancia - mine was the HPE - I loved it, at the time.

Forgot to add DH had 9 Saab Turbos - company cars, but terrific performance.

My lottery win would get me an Aston Martin - Fat Chance, as I don’t do any lottery.

harrigran Mon 13-Sep-21 19:22:47

First was a Ford Anglia followed by just about every other Ford.
Then we had several different Vauxhalls.
Two or three Volvos, last one was rubbish.
Last four have been Mercedes GLS and we have had the present one for six years. I don't think you can beat Mercedes for reliability and their after sale service is second to none.