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Senior moment.

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Santana Mon 13-Sep-21 13:36:30

Today I was convinced my foot was swollen when putting on the same shoes I had worn yesterday.
I had bother insoles in one shoe.
Come on, own up, what daft things have you done?

crazyH Tue 14-Sep-21 10:35:43

In the days when I was wearing skirts, left the house, and felt a draft in my nether regions. What I had done was, put my jumper on, slipped my tights on, but forgot to put the skirt. Fortunately, I hadn’t gone far down the road….

Santana Tue 14-Sep-21 11:20:53

It's comforting to know I'm not the only daft one!
Keep on laughing everyone.

Grandmajean Tue 14-Sep-21 11:24:10

I have put on almost identical boots but one with a slightly higher chunky heel than the other. Took me quite a while to work out why I felt so unbalanced ! Have also worn a navy and a black shoe ( identical pairs ) and this was twenty years ago but I was rushing for work and grabbed them on a dark winter's morning.

hollysteers Tue 14-Sep-21 11:28:18

Pulled in by policemen who when I opened the window, handed me a can of beans. I had been driving along with my shopping in a cardboard box on the roof.
Same thing, years earlier, amazed to find my son’s large birthday cake still on the roof when I arrived home.

Jenn53 Tue 14-Sep-21 11:47:12

Oh dear! It happened to me once while paying to get ticket at parking meter only it wasn't knickers but my tights from previous day! A woman looked at me with such contempt as I tried to retrieve them from the pavement!!! I was so embarrassed!

Moggycuddler Tue 14-Sep-21 11:50:33

I am always wandering around searching for my phone when it's in my hand. I also put a pair of scissors in the fridge for some reason.

Davida1968 Tue 14-Sep-21 11:52:51

Forgetting to change into shoes and thus wearing my (very comfortable) slippers when going out. One time it was to the Vet's (cat already in car, so no going back!) & once when going to the cinema with a friend. Didn't notice until I was at her home. (Both these were in pre-Covid times; I'd probably be even worse, now....)

PinkCosmos Tue 14-Sep-21 12:03:53

I made some stock from a chicken carcass. I sieved it over the sink and straight down the plughole

PinkCosmos Tue 14-Sep-21 12:05:30

Grandmajean - Have also worn a navy and a black shoe ( identical pairs ) and this was twenty years ago but I was rushing for work and grabbed them on a dark winter's morning.

I have done exactly the same thing - more than once

inishowen Tue 14-Sep-21 12:07:17

I was coming out of the doctors and spotted my husband waiting in the car. I jumped in and a voice said "hello". To my horror I was in the wrong car. I jumped out apologising profusely. To make matters worse I had invaded his space during covid.

NannyG123 Tue 14-Sep-21 12:20:24

I sprayed under my arms once with hair lacquer. Instead of deodorant.

Hellis Tue 14-Sep-21 12:36:16

I've often lost my glasses-on my head and cracked eggs into the bin but yesterday excelled myself . On adding the fabric conditioner to the washer drawer, poured it into the neighbouring cutlery drawer instead

Ashcombe Tue 14-Sep-21 12:44:48

As Daisy’s mother in an amateur production, I went on stage in “Daisy Pulls It Off” without a crucial prop (Daisy’s boater). I returned to the wings to retrieve it then walked back on stage whilst saying as an aside to the audience, “Senior moment!”
They loved it and the director wasn’t upset at all as it fitted the nature of the play being a school type production within a play.

lemsip Tue 14-Sep-21 12:59:23

yes, I too have searched everywhere for my mobile phone while it was at my ear taking a call
Also strained soup straight down the sink and been amazed at my stupidity.

Wheniwasyourage Tue 14-Sep-21 13:02:38

I've done the glasses one - searching all over for the pair on my head - and the knickers out of the trouser leg one - fortunately every time so far it's been before I've left the house. Several times I have tried to put a dirty dish, usually a mug, for some reason, in the fridge instead of the dishwasher beside it, and the milk doesn't do as well in the dishwasher as it does in the fridge...

It was embarrassing when I asked someone I know perfectly well where she worked, just because she was out of context. I had seen her, at her work, earlier in the week. blush

blueberry1 Tue 14-Sep-21 13:05:28

I once put some rubbish in the washing machine and the clothes for washing into the bin! Luckily I realised what I had done before switching the machine on.

Vetnry Tue 14-Sep-21 13:06:08

Me too (well, the male equivalent sort of things) - however as the deterioration of your short term memory gradually becomes medium term memory deterioration, it becomes just annoying ‘cos you (and the family) get used to living with it.

Gabrielle56 Tue 14-Sep-21 13:09:37

Found myself on the landing carrying the dogs bed that I should have put in living room after he awoke in den where he sleeps! Instead I took upstairs and really only noticed when I struggled opening the bathroom door..........

VioletSky Tue 14-Sep-21 13:19:43

I've put squash in the softener compartment of the washing machine before. That was a pain to sort out

Foxyferret Tue 14-Sep-21 13:21:20

On my travels to the laundry basket with my tights in hand, I stopped to go to the loo and flushed the tights down the loo. I did manage to get them out to avoid a blockage.

Candelle Tue 14-Sep-21 13:24:24

Being at a party feeling a million dollars but beginning to wonder why I was garnering surreptitious looks, was I really so beautiful?

Nope, I had one purple and one black full-length boots on..... Identical pairs, just different colours. In mitigation, my skirt was purple and black.......

Candelle Tue 14-Sep-21 13:43:37

Oh, there was the time I decided to wear a pair of shoes not worn for many years. Sitting on the train, I spotted a family nudging each other, looking and quite obviously talking about me.

I couldn't work out why until I left the train and found that the sole of the shoe was hanging off and about to disintegrate - I had to limp around but just made it home.

This was closely followed by yet another long unworn pair of shoes disintegrating, leaving a trail of black rubbery bits behind me along the street and over the restaurant floor (thanks, Hotter!).

Mimi1956 Tue 14-Sep-21 13:51:57

Oh I know that feeling only too well ?

MickyD Tue 14-Sep-21 13:54:11

PinkCosmos - hilarious ?
Recently I walked through the village and noticed my boots were going ‘clink, thud,clink,thud’ all the way for about a mile. I thought they probably needed to be re-healed. I walked the mile back home , took them off to discover they were 2 odd boots. One rubber healed, one solid healed. One had leopard print all the way up the back. The other plain black…

readalot Tue 14-Sep-21 13:55:39

Thanks for the laughs. There were some hilarious one's on here.