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Senior moment.

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Santana Mon 13-Sep-21 13:36:30

Today I was convinced my foot was swollen when putting on the same shoes I had worn yesterday.
I had bother insoles in one shoe.
Come on, own up, what daft things have you done?

Coolgran65 Wed 15-Sep-21 05:10:33

Like many others I look for my glasses while wearing them. Yesterday I did so while also having a spare pair on top of my head !!

justwokeup Wed 15-Sep-21 08:06:27

Not quite senior but I was once amazed to have signed a cheque in my maiden name when it was pointed out that the signature didn’t match the name. I’d been married 15 years and had all the family with me! Got some strange looks from the salesperson.

Petera Wed 15-Sep-21 08:14:31



Dialling a phone number on the TV remote control.

I’ve tried changing the channels with the phone, and answering it with the tv remote. You’re in good company.!

My DP has tried to turn me up with the remote control if I'm speaking too quietly.

Hetty58 Wed 15-Sep-21 08:15:02

It's happened quite a few times (oh, the shame of it) that I've hunted around for my glasses (I have several pairs)

- only to find, when putting them on -

that all along, I've been wearing some on the top of my head!

Hetty58 Wed 15-Sep-21 08:15:56

(coolgran, snap, just read yours!)

Hetty58 Wed 15-Sep-21 08:22:57

And - making dinner and coffee - then pouring coffee (instead of gravy) on dinner - deary me!

GreenGran78 Wed 15-Sep-21 10:31:11

The other day I went out to fetch my washing from the line. After putting it all in the laundry basket I decided to dead-head the roses. Next morning I suddenly realised that the washing was still sitting outside in the basket. Luckily it hadn't rained during the night, but everything was damp and had to be hung out again.

Bellanonna Wed 15-Sep-21 11:24:29

This is a very reassuring thread!

I have more than once tried to dial a phone number using the
“Enter Passcode” page on my phone.

I go to bed with a glass of water in one hand and hot water bottle in the other. I place the glass on the bedside table and throw the bottle onto the bed. Unfortunately I recently reversed the procedure and had a very wet bed.

Thisisme Wed 15-Sep-21 16:46:17

A relative walked to the paper shop to pay the bill before going off on holiday. When he got back to the house he noticed his car was missing - panic - called his daughter to report the theft and deal with police etc while he and his wife carried on to their holiday. When he could, he called again and was told that the car had been found....outside the paper shop. Did I say he walked? Apparently not.

Rosina Wed 15-Sep-21 18:48:53

My lovely aunt wore herself out decorating a room; knowing she would be tired, she had put a tasty little casserole in the oven and as the day wore on she could smell the delicious aroma developing. Work done she hastily showered, put on her pyjamas, tipped the casserole onto her plate, put the dish in the sink and then squirted washing up liquid all over her food. We didn't ask what she said.

lemsip Thu 16-Sep-21 23:06:57

I was so busy keeping an eye on the suspicious looking van parked near my car in a half empty car park that I strode up to my car and got in .... and wondered where the steering wheel had gone! I'd got in the passenger side. I felt a fool and rummaged in the glove compartment for a while before getting out and going round to the drivers side and driving off, what a fool

LullyDully Fri 17-Sep-21 08:34:44

Out of interest, a Kindle in the washing machine won't work afterwards, even on a 30° wash.

Franbern Fri 17-Sep-21 09:05:36

Not sure if to classify this as Senior Moment, or just having too much techy stuff at home
I sometimes use my big living room tv to play radio stations, but other times I do that via my Alexa. Cannot think of the number of times, I have sat, tv remote in my hand, trying to change from radio channel to a tv one, and wondering why the tv just has a blank black screen -then remembering that I need to turn on Tv and tell Alexa to stop the radio!!!

melp1 Sat 18-Sep-21 15:05:16

Around eight o clock one evening hubby suddenly asked where his car was as it wasn't in the drive.
Called police who asked if we still had the keys yes we had couldn't think how they'd driven the car without the alarm going off.
Half an hour later I asked where he'd walked the dog he said the local nature reserve nearby why?, I asked you didn't drive there did you. It then clicked he'd driven there then walked back home. He rushed up to the reserve and low & behold there was the car so he got in and drove back.
He then called the police and had to explain what had happen they laughly said he shouldn't have driven it back as he could have been arrested for driving a stolen car.

Barmeyoldbat Sat 18-Sep-21 16:07:43

I was cooking the dinner, a simple dish of pasta and a dish that needed finishing off in the oven. So oven on , 2o minutes later pasta on to cook. All ready except nothing in the oven, tomatoes dish still in the freezer.

Framilode Sat 18-Sep-21 17:19:57

Going out to a very posh pre-Christmas do and was giving my hair a final spray. I looked in the mirror and had sprayed it with glitter spray for the Christmas tree. Too late to do anything, I had to tough it out.

annodomini Sat 18-Sep-21 17:50:45

Framilode, that was one way of entering into the Christmas spirit! You don't have a photo, by any chance?

Audi10 Sat 18-Sep-21 17:52:41

I’ve done that too wizend

grannypiper Sat 18-Sep-21 18:36:13

Made a pot of tea, poured it into the mugs, went to the fridge got the milk and poured it into both mugs, problem it wasn't milk it was Irn Bru. Two days later DH done the same thing

nadateturbe Sun 19-Sep-21 08:55:09

Woke in the early hours of this morning and put olive oil eardrops on my tongue instead of Rescue remedy Night drops.

Santana Sun 19-Sep-21 09:13:24

Just remembered the time my mum had an uncomfortable walk to the shops, and found a woolly mushroom in her shoe when she got home. Think she was knitting a garden basket for one of the toys.

Smurf52 Mon 11-Oct-21 19:53:11

nadateturbe I too visited a clinic which had a sign outside stating clinic for the elderly. That’s the first time I realised I’m actually elderly at 69. I feel half my age so it was a bit off putting. Can’t they find a nicer word for elderly? No one of pension is called an old age pensioner now…!

Maywalk Tue 12-Oct-21 11:18:17

I keep using the hand held riser device on my recliner and wondering why I am rising up or lying down when pressing it trying change the TV channels.

Mind you at the age of 91 I mustn't grumble.