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Oban in early October

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Polarbear2 Fri 17-Sep-21 11:39:57

My OH is buried in building work and I’d like to escape for a few days. I’d love to try Oban. It’d be early October. Thinking train up from SYorks then hotel/B&B and use bus trips to go out and about. Or ferries? Is October a bad month weather wise? I’d be on my own and although I’m fairly confident I’m not experienced at solo travel.
Thinking train rather than driving as I think the 8 hour drive would kill me. Costs need to be kept in check too. Any advice welcome

Aveline Fri 17-Sep-21 12:09:50

We were there last October and the weather wasn't great. However, in previous October visits we've been very lucky. Argyll is beautiful. You might wish you had your own transport though to drive around. Lots of nice hotels and probable bargains too. Day trips to Mull and Iona would be lovely.
Alternatively, are there any bus tours you could join? Then you'd have transport, accomodation and company?

Cheesey Fri 17-Sep-21 12:55:28

We often visit Scotland in October as the Autumn colours are beautiful. Weather can be mixed, as with anywhere else but the Argyll scenery, especially the coastline north of Oban is amazing.
This April/May we stayed in a very good new Premier Inn in Oban. It is just around the corner from the station, all the restaurants and cafes on the sea front. Ferries too over to Mull, Barra etc.
If you are watching costs too there is a good Wetherspoons right on the sea front. Most restaurants are reasonable though we found.

fairfraise Fri 17-Sep-21 14:28:49

We stayed in Oban once many years ago in a hotel on the front, in August. I liked it. We caught the ferry to Arran and stayed there a few days, first in Brodick on the foreshore and then a YH in Lochranza which was absolutely beautiful .. Went up Goat Fell too. Oban itself connects to West Coast places. Haven't been back but always meant to. Enjoy your time there!

Chewbacca Fri 17-Sep-21 14:49:02

My friend is holidaying on Oban at the moment and said that the weather there has been fantastic. She's staying in a bed and breakfast place, that judging from the photos she sent me last night, looks very nice indeed, and she's paying £45 per night. She said that 4 nights there would be enough before moving on to other islands but she's very much enjoyed her time there.

Aveline Fri 17-Sep-21 14:54:17

Oban's not an island!
Ferries to Arran leave from Ardrossan which is quite far south of Oban btw. I think that person might have been a bit confused. There are so many Scottish islands to visit.

Chewbacca Fri 17-Sep-21 15:02:41

Oh I'm sorry Aveline entirely my mistake. I'll have another read of her messages and photos and see where my friend actually is. Having never been to Scotland in my life I'm afraid I wouldn't personally know anything about it and so probably shouldn't have posted at all.

Polarbear2 Fri 17-Sep-21 15:02:50

Thanks all. That’s very useful. So - drive or train?? I like to get myself out and about I must admit. I’ve thought of one of the coach tours and I’m sure the company would be great but I do like to do my own thing ??? It’s the 8 hr drive that’s putting me off

Zoejory Fri 17-Sep-21 15:04:15

I was going to say no! far too hot

I'd read Oman instead of Oban

Chewbacca Fri 17-Sep-21 15:05:32

It was Bute blush

Polarbear please disregard my post at 14.49; wrong place entirely.
Aveline I'm sorry I outraged you.

Kim19 Fri 17-Sep-21 15:27:03

Wouldn't guarantee the weather at any time of the year but it is so beautiful that I would certainly take a punt. Also, since you mention budget, you might consider trying SYHA as some of them do private rooms with temporary membership. I've done this on a couple of occasions (not Oban) with huge satisfaction. I wish you a happy and successful visit.

Polarbear2 Fri 17-Sep-21 16:33:09

Oman!! God no. I’m a redhead. I’d fry. Scotland is much more my kind of place/weather 😁.
SYHA is interesting though. I haven’t done YH since I was 16. Adventure beckons 😁

Aveline Fri 17-Sep-21 16:59:45

Chewbacca it would take more than that to outrage me! It really puzzled me and I thought through all the geography of the area just in case it was possible to get a ferry to Arran from Oban!
Last year DH was lucky enough to join the mail flight to the outer isles from Oban airport. Not for me though but he had a wonderful time. Just something to do that you may not have thought of. The airport isn't very near Oban so not really an option for you re travel PolarBear2. I know what you mean about the drive. I wouldn't fancy it. Let the train take the strain. It'll be a wonderful picturesque way to go.
So many waterfront hotels wanting 'bums in beds' as they say. There should be terrific bargains.

fairfraise Fri 17-Sep-21 17:28:22

Aveline I stand corrected! It was 25 years ago. Must get up there again sometime.

TerriBull Fri 17-Sep-21 17:54:30

I remember going there as a teenager when my parents decided to drag us all to Scotland for our summer holidays. Suggested to my husband it would be a good place to visit when we staying with friends in Edinburgh a few years ago and wanted somewhere to go off and explore for a few days before returning back to them. We went in August, it was like January down south, lashing rain and absolutely freezing cold. Our hotel faced the waterfront so we saw the ferries coming and going, through the grey sea mist.

I do remember going to Scotland in October another year when the weather wasn't so bad, lovely autumnal leaves as good as New England. The weather is everything really.

Shelflife Fri 17-Sep-21 18:01:51

Go on the train and have a wonderful holiday. Premier Inn sounds central , I would certainly consider that. Long time since I was in Oban - love Scotland!

Aveline Fri 17-Sep-21 18:48:24

I feel so sad reading this thread. I love it up there and just wish we were going again!
Have a great time PolarBear2!

Nonogran Fri 17-Sep-21 19:27:08

My birthday is in early October. We visited Scotland travelling from Glasgow airport by hire car as far up as Mallaig to celebrate.
Be warned, it rained and rained and rained all day, every day. It never stopped. There was no sun at all. Dreadful experience. Be prepared!

Hellogirl1 Fri 17-Sep-21 21:54:49

There`s a ferry to Arran from Claonaig in Kintyre, not far from Tarbert, it sails to Lochranza. Personally, I think that ,Scotland is beautiful whatever the weather, although I haven`t been to Oban.

Aveline Fri 17-Sep-21 21:56:27

But Tarbert's quite far from Oban! Scotland is quite big.

Hellogirl1 Fri 17-Sep-21 23:06:06

Not as far as Ardrossan. It`s about a 3 hour drive from Oban to Tarbert.
Sorry, don`t mean to sound argumentative, lol!

CanadianGran Fri 17-Sep-21 23:40:09

Why don't you rent a car when you get there for a day to tour the countryside?

A solo trip sounds like a nice idea.

Lolo81 Sat 18-Sep-21 01:09:22

My DH is a coach driver for these sorts of holidays and even though it’s a long drive, they do normally stop for a couple of hours for a nice lunch somewhere (which is normally included in the price). The good thing he says about the coach holidays is that many of the solo travellers meet other folk in the same boat and he’s had loads of people who do multiple trips per year who’ve met really good friends doing it that way! Also, all the connections/outings/meals are included so it’s costed out prior to going. Oban and the northern isles are lovely at any time of year, but I do love going in the autumn although it can be a bit rainy, so pack a waterproof jacket!! Regardless of how you do it I hope you have a lovely holiday.

Polarbear2 Sat 18-Sep-21 09:18:46

Thanks lolo. I went on several coach tour holidays in the 80’s with my newly widowed mum. We always enjoyed meeting others and had some great times. Germany/ France/Belgium. Great memories. I’m still considering for this one. Hit a problem in that it’s my week for childcare and altho the other granny would normally swap her dog is dying so she’s not up to it. I think driving will give me flexibility to be back for my GD.
Thanks all for the input. It’s really helpful.

Witzend Sat 18-Sep-21 10:41:01


Oman!! God no. I’m a redhead. I’d fry. Scotland is much more my kind of place/weather 😁.
SYHA is interesting though. I haven’t done YH since I was 16. Adventure beckons 😁

As a former resident, I have to say that Oman can be very nice in October! Probably not for a redhead, or any heat-hater, though, and as for May to September inclusive, forget it - for anybody!

December, though - that was when so many grandparents visited - both sets of ours came twice. Idyllic weather compared to the U.K. in December - to us it’d feel a mite too chilly for beach or pool, though.