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Anyone else awake? ?

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FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 04:23:20

Just that.
Fancy a chat? smilebrew

Aldom Sun 19-Sep-21 04:37:23

Morning Fanny. I've just made a cup of tea and brought it back to bed. How about you?

travelsafar Sun 19-Sep-21 04:38:56

Yes wide awake after a dream.

Aldom Sun 19-Sep-21 04:40:59

Hello Dear travelsafar. Have you decided what hair style to go for?

Floriel Sun 19-Sep-21 04:44:45

Wide awake, as I often am at 4am-ish, and about to revert to childhood and read L M Montgomery. I have reread most of the Anne of Green Gables series and reached Anne’s House of Dreams. They are just the best!

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 04:50:45

Ooh, there’s four of us!
I saw your hair thread travels, I think that a bob would be nice

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 04:52:12

Aldom I’m on my third cup of tea. I’ve put a wash on and fed the dog (like me, she has absolutely no routine!)

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 04:55:07

Floriel have you seen the series ‘Anne with an E’?
DH binged on them, I had to stop him from watching it all night! He loves anything like that, he’s a big fan of Catherine Cookson.

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 04:57:00

I’ve had an email from the National Lottery saying that I’ve won a prize!
I can’t log in though, as you can’t in the middle of the night.
It’s bound to be £2.50 smile

Aldom Sun 19-Sep-21 04:59:46

Floriel I haven't read Anne of Greengables. Lots of friends read it and love it.
Travels, was your dream disturbing? I had a nightmare one night last week. I was completely lost in London. Could not find my family. Horrible.
Yes FC, I think a bob is probably the best way for travels to go initially.

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 05:00:10

Book wise, I’ve got to read ‘The Machine Stops’ by EM Forster. I’ve some how ended up leading a discussion about the book on here! It feels a bit like homework, I’ve got my post it’s at the ready

Floriel Sun 19-Sep-21 05:00:38

Fanny, yes I have and enjoyed it very much. The casting was excellent, especially Anne and Marilla - I think it was Geraldine James? But nothing really compares with the books. It’s always fascinating reading your old favourites through adult’s eyes. Gilbert Blythe as a husband seems too good to be true, but I doubt I realised that when I was 10.

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 05:02:03

Aldom all my dreams seem to be like that. They always involve me trying to phone people but being unable to.

Aldom Sun 19-Sep-21 05:02:57

FC, I have finished my tea. It's not actually tea, I drink Red Bush. Naturally decaffeinated. Ooo I hope you have a good win from Nat. Lottery.

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 05:06:01

£5 and a Lucky Dip!

Aldom Sun 19-Sep-21 05:14:13

FC I've read Room with a view. Loved it. I love Florence too.

annsixty Sun 19-Sep-21 05:22:09

I too am awake, I have been having bizarre dreams for ages now and when I wake I am going over and over them trying to analyse them.
They are so detailed.
I am resisting a cup of tea, I make enough toilet visits each night already without adding further liquid.
If I get back off and don’t need further “pit stops” I shall probably sleep until 9:30ish.

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 05:24:46

‘Morning Ann yes, dreams are so weird aren’t they.
I don’t even think that they ‘come from’ me anymore (if that makes sense). It’s like a parallel world.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 19-Sep-21 05:50:36

Good morning, been awake since 3.30, used up all of my lives on Cookie Jam, fed the animals on Hay Day and finished the games I play with my cousin on Word.
I finished The Last of The Tudors by Philippa Gregory last night
Don’t want to get up and wake up DH, so I thought I’d pop in on GN.
I expect you’ve all gone back to sleep…..

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 06:00:04

Nope! Still awake, but only just, Oopsa

Ashcombe Sun 19-Sep-21 06:02:54

We’re awake, drinking TIB but we are an hour ahead in France. No doubt we'll doze off again as the weather forecast is for rain so no reason to be up early.
I, too, have had some vivid dreams, hearing about which DH patiently bears on many a morning!!

BBbevan Sun 19-Sep-21 06:03:09

Yes just woken up. Slept almost the whole night which was unusual. Just waiting for DH to surface for some tea. Hope all is well with everyone.

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Sep-21 06:10:08

Hello Ashcombe and BBbevan
Mick has just started his thread, so it is now officially the morning! sunshine

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 19-Sep-21 06:48:16

I can’t go back to sleep as I have a busy day today, clearing out a shed, which will soon be plastered out and transformed (hopefully) and packing all of the stuff into a new shed just finished yesterday, hope it stays fine……cos it’s a long walk to and fro if it’s raining.
Have a good day everyone.

Grandmajean Sun 19-Sep-21 08:21:06

I was awake most of the night but resisted turning on my phone !
FannyCornforth I have those dreams too !
I am usually desperate to get in touch with a family member and my phone won't let me type in numbers or else the numbers are all confused in my head. It is always frightening as I am invariably in a situation where I am separated from people I need to find !