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are you still in your pjs

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travelsafar Mon 27-Sep-21 09:24:34

Its a miserable day outside, pouring with rain and i am still not dressed as not going anywhere and no one... i hope...visiting. I have had breakfast and and washed and cleaned my teeth and usually by now i would be dressed but i thought what does it matter there is no rush. Is this the slippery slope for the coming months!!! lol

silverlining48 Mon 27-Sep-21 09:30:39

I am still in’s raining and I don’t have anywhere to go ( no petrol, see other post) no public transport either in case someone suggests I get a bus, so am staying here snug and warm for a while.

JaneJudge Mon 27-Sep-21 09:33:23

No I have just done my daily stint down the A1M in it. At times I actually felt like I couldn't see confused

merlotgran Mon 27-Sep-21 09:33:49

I really ought to motivate myself to have a shower and get dressed. I had my 'flu' jab on Saturday which has left me with a sore arm and I really CBA to start the day.

Time to buck up!!

Calendargirl Mon 27-Sep-21 09:34:15

No, never stay in pyjamas, always dress as soon as I get up, about 6.20 today.

Like to be showered and back in them soon after tea though, about 5.30.

Think I am a bit odd!

Beechnut Mon 27-Sep-21 09:36:08

I’m halfway….sat here in my nightie with a cardigan on.

ayse Mon 27-Sep-21 09:36:17

It’s a miserable day here too. Ensconced in bed with tablet, coffee and DH. Will have to walk to the shops later to get some supplies but no rush. I have lazyitis as DM would have said.

BigBertha1 Mon 27-Sep-21 09:37:26

Usually stay in Dg until after breakfast but today up and dressed ready to go and do daughters housework as she has had a bad fall and has a nasty sprained ankle. We dont usually get up until 8am most days.

MayBeMaw Mon 27-Sep-21 09:37:32

The rain has stopped here (but I don’t know for how long) but it just goes to show that sometimes discretion (staying in your pj’s) is indeed the better part of valour (getting up and going out) !
Commiserations for having to drive in it though JaneJudge flowers ☔️☔️☔️☔️

ayse Mon 27-Sep-21 09:37:35


No, never stay in pyjamas, always dress as soon as I get up, about 6.20 today.

Like to be showered and back in them soon after tea though, about 5.30.

Think I am a bit odd!

I do pjs just after dinner at about 6.30. I think I wear them more than any other clothes right now 😬

Grandmadinosaur Mon 27-Sep-21 09:38:11

I’m always dressed as soon as I get up. Looking at the weather I wish I didn’t have anywhere to go today but I do. No option to cancel as it’s my Birthday so I have an afternoon tea booked with a friend. It will be lovely when I’m there.

Grandmabatty Mon 27-Sep-21 09:40:44

Happy birthday Grandmadinosaur. I'm dressed and have picked up dgs and now dropped him off at playgroup. Tomorrow will be the same. The weather is abysmal here too.

Tizliz Mon 27-Sep-21 09:44:11

Funeral today of our very good friend. Proper miserable weather. So a little worn suit not PJs.

Riverwalk Mon 27-Sep-21 09:44:59

Unusually yes, and about to shower and go out. It was very dark, wet & windy but the sun has suddenly appeared - how long for who knows! sunshine

annsixty Mon 27-Sep-21 09:47:05

I am actually still in bed wearing mine and reading GN.
Merlot I also had my flu jab on Saturday and have had the sorest arm I have ever had in 20 odd years of getting the vaccine.
By Saturday evening my arm was swollen with a red, very hot area about the size of a tennis ball.
I was tired all yesterday and had two bad nights as every time I turned I woke up with the discomfort.
I will get up shortly and face the very unexciting day ahead.

Callistemon Mon 27-Sep-21 09:48:11

It's a lovely, bright, sunny but very breezy day here (sorry, folks) and I am up, dressed, the washing machine is on but I'm now on GN when I should be cleaning.

TillyTrotter Mon 27-Sep-21 09:48:35

Happy Birthday 🎶 Grandmadinosaur 🎂 🎁 💐
Sunday is often the say I don’t hurry to get dressed.
I am ready to go out this morning as I’m going to the “silver” screening of a film (for over 55’s).

Lucca Mon 27-Sep-21 09:49:21

Half and half….. got a tip off about a petrol delivery early doors so nipped out in tracksuit bottoms and pj topto fill up (not panic buying I have to get to dentist at some point this week). But ….came back and slunk back into bed with tea and toast (I know, dreadful behaviour)
Done some texting and online banking and now going to read for a while and hope weather clears up for some tennis and /or a walk.

Callistemon Mon 27-Sep-21 09:49:35

annsixty have you taken a couple of paracetamol? It could help.
I hope it goes down soon

Callistemon Mon 27-Sep-21 09:50:51

Happy Birthday Grandmadinosaur 🎶🎉🎂

I'll send some sunshine your way

Hetty58 Mon 27-Sep-21 09:51:04

Yep - still not dressed - but it's raining, so the dog's gone back to bed (that's my excuse).

Kali2 Mon 27-Sep-21 09:51:05

Never ever stay in PJs- shower, get dressed - and only get into PJs as I get into bed.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 27-Sep-21 09:55:09

I get up tea, breakfast housework then shower and dress. Today will be quite late as lots planned in the house.

FannyCornforth Mon 27-Sep-21 09:58:50

Nightie and dressing gown, lying on the bed with the dog ♥️ here.
In a few hours, I’ll be having a bath and putting on my pjs.
I’m due a relaxing wallow smile

FannyCornforth Mon 27-Sep-21 10:00:29


Yep - still not dressed - but it's raining, so the dog's gone back to bed (that's my excuse).

I think we share a very similar ethos and lifestyle!