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Best part of the day

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MayBeMaw Thu 30-Sep-21 07:29:23

I am sitting up in bed with a large mug of tea, I have skimmed GN and am about to read the paper online. The dog is curled up beside me (I know- dreadful!) and although it is wet and windy outside, we are snug and warm.

I found myself telling Rosie that this is the “best part of the day”. (Poor old dear, she talks to the dog too)

What is your “best part of the day” ?

shysal Thu 30-Sep-21 07:37:36

My favourite part of the day is soon after waking at around 4.30am. I sink into a hot bath and read a book for an hour or two. Soaks away any aches and pains in readiness for a walk.

Mattsmum2 Thu 30-Sep-21 07:41:18

I love night times and look forward to snuggling under the duvet and falling asleep. I’ve on the most part been a good sleeper but boy do I know it if I don’t get enough, feel jet Lagged!

Lizzie72 Thu 30-Sep-21 07:55:46

Getting into a cosy bed at night and picking up my book to read - bliss!

nadateturbe Thu 30-Sep-21 07:59:31

Probably morning tea with OH when we do a crossword puzzle together.

toscalily Thu 30-Sep-21 08:08:16

I'm not sure I have a "best part of the day" but I must admit that I find the first cup of tea is the "best one of the day".

Whitewavemark2 Thu 30-Sep-21 09:05:11

I love sitting in the conservatory in the early morning with the necessary tea watching the birds and listening to the peace.

kittylester Thu 30-Sep-21 09:11:08

I have 3 'best' parts of the day!

Similar to yours Maw, the first 2 cups of tea, in bed with DH a cat or 2, Breakfast TV on and on my phone catching up with family and friends.

If we are both in, DH and I have also started photocopying the Times crossword, sitting down with a cup of tea and a biscuit or two at around 4pm and seeing who can finish the crossword fastest.

But my real favourite time is cooking our evening meal, chatting over our days, watching the evening news and having a wine

hollysteers Thu 30-Sep-21 09:15:57

My best part of the day is after the evening meal, hot drink, book to hand, candles lit for cosiness and a choice of old films I have recorded.

Lucca Thu 30-Sep-21 09:16:52

Depends ….
If GC around then first thing in the morning when they appear and get into bed for chat and cuddles and plans.

Or for me often just walking to café for coffee (decaf 😡) and cryptic crossword.

Grannybags Thu 30-Sep-21 09:18:45

Wine time! 🍷

Grandmadinosaur Thu 30-Sep-21 09:20:18

For me also it’s first thing enjoying my mug of tea that DH brings me in bed each weekday. That’s when I usually check in here and decide what the day will bring.

Poppyred Thu 30-Sep-21 09:31:40

Yes definitely mornings. In bed with my coffee and iPad for hours on end……🙈🥱😊

Aveline Thu 30-Sep-21 09:38:55

I like to get up before DH, fire on, various cats strewn about, cup of fresh coffee and a good book. Perfect.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 30-Sep-21 09:42:39

I have just come back to lay on the bed with a nice latte, iPad and watching Lorraine (I know, but it’s easy watching) after getting The Chimp to school, steri-stripping a gash on The Imp’s forehead then settling him down on sofa with DD (coffee and paracetamol for her). Definitely my relaxing half hour.

henetha Thu 30-Sep-21 09:55:31

I like my first cup of tea in the morning, and usually my back pain hasn't started just yet.

Scones Thu 30-Sep-21 10:32:12

I enjoyed hearing about all the lovely moments in your days.

I try to get all my chores and appointments out of the way in the morning so the best part of my day is when I sit down with my lunch on a tray on my lap. I like to watch something utterly mindless or funny on TV as I eat. At the moment it's old episodes of Man about the House. From the moment I sit down the entire day is mine to do anything I please.

kittylester Thu 30-Sep-21 10:45:11

Having just reread this thread, I realise that all of my 'best times' include DH. I realise that not everyone has a person to do things with and my heart goes out to you if you have lost your special person - especially you maw, though Rosie sounds a lovely 'person' to share your life with.

Zoejory Thu 30-Sep-21 10:47:26

I rather like being up in the middle of the night. It isn't a nightly thing but occasionally I wake up and trot downstairs and I love it.

The dogs tend to follow me down and we just sit in the dark. I also get to see our resident hedgehogs pottering around the front garden.

Blossoming Thu 30-Sep-21 11:06:33

Early morning tea in bed (provided by Mr. B), propped up on big pillows, while I take my meds and catch up on emails and messages. Especially when it’s dark and I can hear rain lashing the windows.

Lincslass Thu 30-Sep-21 11:19:41

First coffee, sitting at kitchen table, shutters open and looking out into my garden, watching the birds eating their breakfast.

Daisend1 Thu 30-Sep-21 11:24:16

My best part has always been getting to the top of the stairs on a chilly autumn/winter evening in anticipation 'mmm' of a warm bed.
Hopefully my electric blanket has not let me down.

DanniRae Thu 30-Sep-21 11:56:11

I get up between 6.30 and 7 - make myself a cup of tea, sit in 'my' chair and catch up on my laptop and then catch up on any tv programmes I have missed. It is such a peaceful time of day!

MamaCaz Thu 30-Sep-21 12:06:59

First thing in the morning, when I am the only one out of bed. I love having my breakfast alone, enjoying the peace and quiet.

GagaJo Thu 30-Sep-21 12:11:25

Curently, just after 7.45/8pm-ish when DGS goes to bed. I have to stay upstairs, while he drops off to sleep, because he doesn't like being up there alone. So I relax on my bed and surf the net.

After that it's all go again. Dishes, tidying up, laundry, feeding the moggies. So those 20 minutes or so are nice.