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Best part of the day

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MayBeMaw Thu 30-Sep-21 07:29:23

I am sitting up in bed with a large mug of tea, I have skimmed GN and am about to read the paper online. The dog is curled up beside me (I know- dreadful!) and although it is wet and windy outside, we are snug and warm.

I found myself telling Rosie that this is the “best part of the day”. (Poor old dear, she talks to the dog too)

What is your “best part of the day” ?

threexnanny Sat 02-Oct-21 15:29:08

Since we retired and have time to appreciate life it's all good. We have each other and reasonable health to enjoy all our days so are very lucky.

GeorgyGirl Sat 02-Oct-21 15:49:56

For me, it depends on the Seasons - morning time in the Spring, twilight in Summer, cosy evenings in Autumn and Winter.

TiggyW Sat 02-Oct-21 15:59:11

Eating lunch in our conservatory with freshly ground coffee, watching the birds and listening to an audiobook.😎

Leolady73 Sat 02-Oct-21 17:23:34

This is exactly the same as my routine - lovely

Millie22 Sat 02-Oct-21 17:24:22

What a lovely post and a refreshing change. I have two the first when I wake up in the morning next to my DH and we chat over a cup of tea. The birds are singing in the garden and woods. The second is when I'm snuggly in bed after a busy day reading or maybe doing a puzzle. Currently reading the Poldark books for the nnnnnth time. Usually there's an owl hooting outside.

Panda25 Sat 02-Oct-21 18:20:46

Same as Lizzy72, getting into a cosy bed (preferably my own) with a good book. Utter bliss

PaperMonster Sat 02-Oct-21 18:48:48

I co-sleep with my daughter and I always say to her that I can’t work out which is the best bit of the day - when she wakes up and gives me a cuddle, or when she cuddles up to me to go to sleep. Utterly blessed.

Lulu16 Sat 02-Oct-21 20:07:09

Early morning going to the indoor pool for a swim.
The road is quiet, just a few dog walkers and early morning birds.

Iam64 Sat 02-Oct-21 20:10:54

Similar to yours Maw. The first cuppa of the day, snuggled up in bed with the spaniel ecstatically happy to be lying next to me. That awful young lab isn’t allowed upstairs, so miss fancy pants looks down her nose at him as she runs up to me.

Shazzyp Sat 02-Oct-21 20:57:03

This is such a lovely thread. Ive enjoyed reading all the comments. My favourite time is my early afternoon siesta listening to classical piano cuddled up on the bed with my little pooch.

Neilspurgeon0 Sat 02-Oct-21 21:07:01

Yes completely concur, first thing in the morning before all the troubles and issues of the day wake up and I can just sit there in peace with my coffee and my book or even just silent communication with myself. No distractions, no bloody people, perfection.

Never lasts alas 😡 someone always wakens, eventually

Happysexagenarian Sat 02-Oct-21 21:32:18

My best time of day is when I wake every morning and hear DH snoring next to me and I think how lucky we are to still have each other. If he's not there I know he's making the tea and no other cuppa ever tastes as good as that first one each day.

nadateturbe Sat 02-Oct-21 22:17:58

What a lovely thread. Thank you MawbeMaw.
So many of us appreciate simple pleasures.
I forgot how my husband and I love to go upstairs and watch the sun setting over the hills. Another favourite time of day.

Harris27 Sat 02-Oct-21 22:41:10

Mines 10pm bed book sleep if I can! Still working so I’m tired by then. Bliss!

Legs55 Sat 02-Oct-21 23:06:15

I enjoy my mornings as long as I don't have ay appointments, my routine is to try & get out of bed 8.00/8.30, check facebook, bank accounts & my sleep pattern (I have a fitbit & app on my phone which tels me my sleep pattern & quality of the sleep). I drink a mug of weak Marmite, feed cat & grab a glass of fruit juice & newspaper, do 1st sudoku. Breakfast & finish paper, crossword & a couple more sudokus

I also love my late evenings, by 10.00pm I will have finished my chores, I read or watch tv, bed is never before midnight & can be as late as 2.00am.

I have been widowed for over 8 years, I'm 66 & love the freedom to please myself, yes I wish DH was still with me but I now live closer to DD & DGSs, I have lots of friends & love going out exploring or just meeting for coffee

Naninka Sat 02-Oct-21 23:48:50

I love when I've looked after my GC all morning and come back to a bit of peace and quiet. I feel so happy that I've 'done my bit', enjoyed the company of the kiddies and helped their parents out, but, omg, to have a hot cuppa and a slice of something nice whilst sitting in the sun, watching the birds. Bliss! Even better if hubby comes out of his office to sit with me for a while.
But the best bit of all... hmm... just being alive and having loving people around me. x

Shropshirelass Sun 03-Oct-21 09:53:25

I sit in the garden room with a cuppa and my dogs, looking out over the garden and listening to the birds. My time, it sets me up for the day. I love peace and quiet, then my DH gets up!!!

Elvis58 Sun 03-Oct-21 14:00:10

Going to bed with a good book. The evening when everything is done.

misty34 Sun 10-Oct-21 22:42:55

I never could enjoy morning tea in bed. I have to get up as soon as I wake and move around to ease aches and pains. I love my 2 cups of tea though, I can't function until I have had them. Then I let dog and cat out for morning run around garden.
I too like to get all my chores sorted. I plan and prep evening meal put washer on etc. Then my next favourite activity is walking dog around the park.
The total highlight of day though is my ME Time after lunch is done a long soak in bubbles and lay in bed with whatever book I am reading. I love it, especially in colder weather. Sometimes I snooze a little. Bliss.