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A bit of nostalgia. Remember these!

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mrsmopp Thu 30-Sep-21 22:49:28

Embassy coupons. Green shield stamps. A pair of nylons.

A Ten shilling note. Winkle picker shoes. LSD.

A fountain pen. Brylcreem. Winkle pickers.

Bouffant hair style. A spin dryer. 33 RPM records.

A wind up record player. Stiletto heels.

Hellogirl1 Thu 30-Sep-21 22:50:37

Every one of them!

Callistemon Thu 30-Sep-21 23:03:21

Backcombing and beehives
Fluorescent socks
Paper nylon petticoats and dresses with full gathered skirts
White gloves

Dansette record player - and 78rpm records.
Transistor radio and Radio Luxembourg

mrsmopp Thu 30-Sep-21 23:17:43

Bed sit girls. A shilling for the electric meter.
Milk in glass bottles.

MiniMoon Thu 30-Sep-21 23:29:56

My mother got a full Spode dinner service with Embassy coupons, before she stopped smoking.

Radio Caroline
Pop beads
American tan tights
Suspender belts
Four pennies for the phone box, press button A to talk, or press button B to get your pennies back if nobody answered.

Sago Thu 30-Sep-21 23:50:49

Policemen at busy junctions in boxes directing the traffic wearing white gloves.

ElderlyPerson Fri 01-Oct-21 01:38:32

Rosebud Kitmaster model locomotives

Grandma2213 Fri 01-Oct-21 01:39:40

I remember all of the above! Standing in the girls' cloakroom in front of the mirrors, backcombing our hair at break times. My mother also bought me a girdle instead of a suspender belt though I was as skinny as a rake. My legs were so thin the nylons always wrinkled!

Divided skirts for PE and games. We had to kneel down and the hems had to be three fingers from the floor.

Elasticated swimming costumes that held so much water they almost dragged you down and took days to dry!

I had a Saturday job at Littlewoods and was on the nylon counter. The most popular shades were American Tan and Mocha. My friend was the first of us to have a pair of tights. They were so expensive that when she laddered them they were sent for repair!

Later I got a typewriter with Green Shield stamps when I was on a typing course!

My parents had a coin in the slot TV. It would cut off mid programme when it ran out of money. When the man came to empty it he took the rental and they were given back the extra coins.

It was last century after all!! grin

nanna8 Fri 01-Oct-21 02:01:00

Electric rollers to straighten your hair ( mine was too curly ), ability to buy just a couple of sherbet lemons, 5 cigarettes for my dad ( I think they were called senior service), gobstoppers that changed colours as you sucked them, primary schools that caned their pupils ( boys only at my school!)

welbeck Fri 01-Oct-21 04:06:43

i saw a big boy aged 17 or 18 stand meekly in front of an elderly woman teacher who administered the tawse on his outstretched hand.
if i had not seen it myself, i would not have believed it.
during a-level history.
she was not a trained teacher and knew little about the course.
it was not the acme of academe.
she also would throw a heavy book, the early stuarts, at any boy who did not answer to the roll. he was probably dozing from lunchtime drinking.
answer when you are called ! she'd say indignantly, and give
me my book back.
as if he'd wrested it off her. he'd apologise and return it to her.
in the normal manner, not thrown.
i was only there for the one year. i wonder why.

welbeck Fri 01-Oct-21 04:08:49

i remember the early felt pens, which looked as if they actually had a piece of felt, cut at an angle, for the nib, in a clear barrel, and you could see the coloured ink running up and down.

welbeck Fri 01-Oct-21 04:11:45

a portable reel to reel tape recorder.
i displeased the infant school teacher by attempting a rendition of bill haley's rock around the clock. i was 5. just started.
the others did nursery rhymes.
i didn't enjoy school.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 01-Oct-21 04:27:26

I was the ink monitor, I filled the ink wells on our desks.
Blotting paper in the ink wells ( not me Miss!).
School milk , nicely warmed on the radiators in the Winter to melt the ice on top ( yuk yuk yuk).
Lemonade Powder, made your tongue and teeth yellow.
Scraping the ice off of the windows, no heating at home.
Vests, pants and school clothes warmed on the Rayburn door and then getting dressed in the only warm room in the house
( the kitchen).
The pleasure of asking the teacher for a new exercise book, with the tables on the back.
The Woodentops.
Shilling for the meters.
Waiting for the T V programmes to start at 5 ish in the afternoon. 2 channels only.
Playing the National Anthem when BBC shut down for the night.Mum told me that she always felt she should stand up.
Happy days

Kim19 Fri 01-Oct-21 05:30:39

Still have the set of coffee tables my Mum got me with cigarette coupons. Also have a few fountain pens. Parker & Conway Stewart are my favoutites..

mrsmopp Fri 01-Oct-21 05:38:52

The smell of wet gaberdine macs hanging in the cloak room.
Sellotaping pictures of Elvis, Tommy Steele and Adam Faith under our desk lids.

mrsmopp Fri 01-Oct-21 05:45:26

Going to Woolworths on a Saturday morning to spend my pocket money - five shilling. It took some time!

mrsmopp Fri 01-Oct-21 05:48:29

Navy blue knickers!

harrigran Fri 01-Oct-21 05:58:20

Going home for lunch everyday when I was at school and my mother having it on the table as I walked through the door.
We didn't have a fridge so in the summer I was sent to the nearest shop with a newspaper to wrap a block of Wall's ice cream in, they gave me a small packet of wafers to go with it.
Petticoats with a hoop in and ones made of stiff net that clicked your nylons.

Ashcombe Fri 01-Oct-21 05:59:11

Liberty bodices!
Chapped legs.
Wagon Wheels

NotAGran55 Fri 01-Oct-21 06:31:21

Miners makeup
Hint of a tint hair colour
Freeman Hardy and Willis

Neen Fri 01-Oct-21 06:37:17

A fountain pen and wind up record player I do and had. Fountain or at least real ink pens as my granddaughter calls them - they still do, as she has a lesson with them and enjoys that lesson. So I've picker her up one for Christmas.
It always encouraged me to write neater I found. Iq always in awe of calligraphy writing, it's art isn't it.
I remember the wind up record player with cliff Richard records and Lena zavoroni ones .
Thank you for the memories.

DanniRae Fri 01-Oct-21 07:40:23

Hot water bottles in the bed before you got in
Playing out in the street as there was hardly any traffic
Clothes over the oven door to warm them up
My mum's first washing machine - a "Hotpoint Countess"
A 'bunround' from the door to door baker as a treat once a week - fighting over who had the one cherry on the top
2 Bottles of fizzy Corona a week - also bought at the door
Taking mum's Co-op order book into the shop for her

Ah! Very happy days smile

Curlywhirly Fri 01-Oct-21 07:50:45

Ecru tights
Panty girdles
Putting coats on top of the bedclothes in winter
Ice on the inside of the bedroom windows
Rag and Bone man coming around with his horse and cart (like Steptoe and Son) and giving your Mum a donkey stone for anything she donated.
Watch with Mother and Andy Pandy.
Indian Brandee
Sanitary Belts
Half day closing in towns and absolutely no shops open on Sundays
May poles
Collecting bonfire wood in a pushchair and knocking on neighbours' doors collecting a penny for the guy.
Billy Smarts Circus on TV on Christmas day - I hated it!
Sunday roast at lunchtime then a tinned salmon or ham salad followed by tinned fruit and evaporated milk for tea
Vesta Chicken curry, Birds powdered custard, Fray Bentos pies in a tin (think you can still get them!)

Witzend Fri 01-Oct-21 08:28:21


Bed sit girls. A shilling for the electric meter.
Milk in glass bottles.

We still have milk in glass bottles!

Listen With Mother

Home made school summer dresses (Butterick pattern 1234) because it was cheaper than buying them.

Ditto hand-knitted jumpers

Family conversation in winter consisting largely of, ‘Shut that door!’ when we had only coal fires for heating.

Witzend Fri 01-Oct-21 08:32:08

Actually we did have a number of gas fires too, but they only ever went on when it was utterly freezing.