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A bit of nostalgia. Remember these!

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mrsmopp Thu 30-Sep-21 22:49:28

Embassy coupons. Green shield stamps. A pair of nylons.

A Ten shilling note. Winkle picker shoes. LSD.

A fountain pen. Brylcreem. Winkle pickers.

Bouffant hair style. A spin dryer. 33 RPM records.

A wind up record player. Stiletto heels.

sodapop Fri 01-Oct-21 08:36:12

Gas copper for boiling clothes
Blocks on bike pedals
Hilight of my week when my Girls Crystal comic was delivered
Steamed fruit puddings

Oldbutstilluseful Fri 01-Oct-21 08:45:13

Michael Miles, Hughie Green and Wilfred Pickles on the wireless
Tress setting lotion
Coronation street party which I enjoyed so much I asked mum when the next one would be. Probably not in your lifetime was the answer!

Witzend Fri 01-Oct-21 08:52:33

The smell of coal smoke out of doors.
A few years ago we were visiting my sister in a very small N Yorks town shortly before Christmas, when I got a whiff of it. It instantly took me back decades.

JackyB Fri 01-Oct-21 09:33:11

Sewing badges on blazers and hats. And elastic on the hats to go under your chin.

Sunday school in best dresses with matching hats.

Family games of Monopoly and laying cribbage with my Nanna. Her yellow nicotine-stained fingers.

Playing kick the can with the other children who lived in our lane.

mrsmopp Fri 01-Oct-21 09:36:07

Sitting in a zinc bath in front of the fire. I got out and my sister got in. The bath was then hung up on a nail outside the back door.

Franbern Fri 01-Oct-21 09:41:37

An Aunt and Uncle had a drycleaning shop, and also did alterations to clothes. Most days my Aunt would be sat at a small machine in the window. This machine 'repaired' ladders in nylon stockings. Such expensive items, could not just be disposed off when something got caught and damaged them.

I can well remember that 'Jack Frost' would visit INSIDE windows as well as outside. Used to try to get dressed in the winter months UNDER the bed blankets.

Only one fire in the house - in the'Lounge' in the evenings. Had to be cleaned out and reset each morning with wood and a few pieces of coal. Then, when lit, 'drawn' with a large sheet of newspaper. Used to love it when this caught fire and went up the chimney!!!

Chilblains every winter, clothes worn the whole week, had to be careful to keep them clean. My Mum also went out to work, so all laundry was sent to 'bagwash'.

We had to use ration book when doing the shopping. When we were re-housed from London to a Council Estate, with houses but no infrastructure for several years, my Mum and the other women along our road used to take it in turns to sit up to wait for the visit from the Butchers van which often did not get to us until very late at night. Meat Safes were fine in the winter, but were not really any good in the summer months, except for keeping the flies, etc off the food. Shopping had to be done on a daily basis.

OH.......the so-called Good Old Days - phrase only sued by those who did not actually live through them, or - had lots of money.

Lincslass Fri 01-Oct-21 09:49:56


Ecru tights
Panty girdles
Putting coats on top of the bedclothes in winter
Ice on the inside of the bedroom windows
Rag and Bone man coming around with his horse and cart (like Steptoe and Son) and giving your Mum a donkey stone for anything she donated.
Watch with Mother and Andy Pandy.
Indian Brandee
Sanitary Belts
Half day closing in towns and absolutely no shops open on Sundays
May poles
Collecting bonfire wood in a pushchair and knocking on neighbours' doors collecting a penny for the guy.
Billy Smarts Circus on TV on Christmas day - I hated it!
Sunday roast at lunchtime then a tinned salmon or ham salad followed by tinned fruit and evaporated milk for tea
Vesta Chicken curry, Birds powdered custard, Fray Bentos pies in a tin (think you can still get them!)

Birds custard powder in my cupboard.
Vesta curry and Fray Bentos can be got in Tesco’s, but think I’ll leave those there 😂

Kate1949 Fri 01-Oct-21 09:52:15

Single 45rpm records
Diamond mesh stockings
Sellotaping my fringe and 'kiss curls' to my face before bed.
Hair lacquer in tubes that you poured into a squeezy bottle to make your hair stiff as a board
Outdoors on the side of pubs
Oxo crisps

Lincslass Fri 01-Oct-21 09:53:38

Bread and jam for tea, to be followed by peaches and evaporated milk, if you ate all your sandwiches.
Tinned spaghetti on toast 🤢
Out all day on bikes, sandwiches packed, bottle of orangeade to share with friends.
Going round to friends house, then putting make up on .

Anannymous Fri 01-Oct-21 10:05:01

Making go cart type things out of orange boxes from the greengrocer and old pram wheels.

Party line telephones

Paraffin heater in the bathroom on Sundays which was bath night. It smelt dreadful and gave off black smoke.

Froglady Fri 01-Oct-21 10:09:04

What were the 'pink stamps' called?

Witzend Fri 01-Oct-21 10:09:06

Round The Horne on the wireless.
Mrs Dale’s Diary ditto.
Not to mention the big old wireless. As a teen I used to tune it to Radio Luxembourg while doing my homework. 🙂

DanniRae Fri 01-Oct-21 10:10:08

My mum seemed to often set the chimney on fire! I can't remember how the fire was put out?

Witzend Fri 01-Oct-21 10:10:19

…and then forget to tune it back to the Home Service, which would irritate my folks.

Sparklefizz Fri 01-Oct-21 10:56:43

I love this thread and can relate to 99% of these, so have nothing much to add.

Soroptimum Fri 01-Oct-21 11:02:02

Mrs. Dales Diary, on the Light Programme.
Taping pick of the pops on Sunday evening.
Tinned pears and carnation cream.
Crisps with blue salt bags.
Lucky dip bags for 2d.

Barmeyoldbat Fri 01-Oct-21 11:22:34

Those hand risk things that had a handle you turned, the quicker you turner it the faster the risk went.
Fighting to get the seat nearer the fire in winter.

Hellogirl1 Fri 01-Oct-21 11:53:57

Listening to the Ovalteenies on the radio.
Being sent out with a plate on a Saturday lunchtime to the tripe van, hated the stuff then, still do.
Buying the "paints" to colour your black and white photos, didn`t work very well though.
Knitted bathing costumes, embarrassing when they got wet and slithered down!
Cars with orange "arms" that came out of the side, before indicator lights.
My grandma saying that if you were going to get run over, make sure you`re on a zebra crossing, then you can sue them!

Kate1949 Fri 01-Oct-21 12:11:01

That comic, Bunty I think, with the paper doll and clothes on the back that you could cut out. Very annoying as I recall as the paper clothes never stayed on. Reading the exploits of The Four Marys. Was that in School Friend? I had School Friend, my sister had Girl.

MrsPickle Fri 01-Oct-21 12:16:00

Spong mincers
The pink and blue tins of curry powder, which were used sparingly,
Foraging for food (we still do that!)
Christmas lights that took ages each year to check and repair
A tangerine and bar of Cadburys in your stocking' (pillowcase!)
Running boards
Candlewick bedspreads
Red Clarks sandals

DanniRae Fri 01-Oct-21 12:41:03

I think "The Four Marys" was in Bunty - It was the only comic I used to get. My brother got "The Eagle". My dad used to get "Titbits" and "Revelle" and my mum had "Woman" and "Woman's Own
I have a very vivid memory of being tiny and sitting on my mum's lap as she read out loud an article about Margaret Lockwood and her daughter Julia from her magazine.

glammanana Fri 01-Oct-21 12:42:06

My baby brothers nappies hanging on the "pully" in the kitchen to dry and a bucket full of napisan soaking them to get them white.
Pale lipstick that made you look like a ghost when you wore it.
White sandals every Easter,new ribbons for your ringlets.

Kate1949 Fri 01-Oct-21 12:48:48

Thank you Danni. I loved those Marys.
Going with our mum to collect her Co-op divi. We used to go to the Co-op offices in Birmingham to collect it. I can remember little pots on wires whizzing over our heads.
Grocery shops selling loose biscuits and crisps from tubs. Butter being taken from a large slab and patted into shape for you.
Bacon slicers.

Katek Fri 01-Oct-21 13:14:06

Drene shampoo
White enamel washing up bowl which made awful scraping sound if your fingernails ran across it!
Camp Coffee
Paraffin heaters
Mother having once a week shampoo and set and trying to make style last until next appointment
Making rose petal perfume
Tricycle with a boot!

Nell8 Fri 01-Oct-21 13:25:12

Taking snaps with film cameras (pre-digital). Then the wait to have the film developed knowing that half the prints would come back useless because somebody moved or blinked at the wrong moment.

Shops with orange stuff (?cellophane) over the window, presumably to prevent goods fading in the sun. Inside, hanging from the ceiling, sticky fly papers covered in dead victims or cardboard parrots impregnated with DDT designed to poison insects (and humans too, probably!).