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Good Morning Thursday 14th October 2021

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Michael12 Thu 14-Oct-21 06:00:59

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark and dry start here in Brackley this morning , Yesterdays trip to see the last Bond film was OK , enjoyed it , the reason I say last was it gave me the impression the way the story went ,and the film ending a Lois Armstrong number from an earlier Bond film as well.
Today usual trip to Bicester later on the bus , coffee etc at the bakery cafe and small shop after .
Take Care ,

grandMattie Thu 14-Oct-21 06:21:50

Good morning from a still dark, grey E Kent.
I’m glad you enjoyed the film, Mick.
Quiet day today, after my Spanish class. They restarted a fortnight ago but I didn’t feel brave enough to attend, even virtually.
Yesterday was our first WA and tomorrow our second! We went out to dinner in the local hotel. We got married in my native Mauritius. Priests are not registrars there, but we needed it all to be legal and above board… I tell DH the two dates gives him a second chance to remember.
Have a gentle day everyone, especially harrigran and Marydoll. Catch a passing flamingo ?. ☀️☀️???

Blossoming Thu 14-Oct-21 06:48:58

Good morning Mick and all. It’s still dark outside in my corner of Lancashire. I had a fall yesterday and my foot i# badly bruised. The pain has kept me awake, just waiting for the painkillers to kick in. I think I will be staying in bed today so I can rest it.

Ashcombe Thu 14-Oct-21 06:53:19

Good morning from a chilly Torbay with a sunny day forecast.

Yesterday, our theatre social club was pleased to meet again, now that the premises have reopened following deep cleaning. We were delighted to welcome one of our members who is also a published author of four novels. She entertained us with some amusing anecdotes that have enriched her writing. Her name is Stephanie Austin and I would recommend her books. Here is a link to her talking about her work:-

Her books are available on Amazon, in bookshops and may be downloaded for kindles.

So sorry to read of your fall, Blossoming. I expect you’ve tried ice to reduce the swelling and resting is a good idea. All good wishes for your anniversaries, grandMattie! ???Glad Mick enjoyed the movie. ???

Enjoy whatever today brings, everyone. ?????

Beechnut Thu 14-Oct-21 07:14:23

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s dry and dark with the amber glow of sunrise.

I do enjoy a Bond film Mick even though you know it’ll ending in fights, explosions and him getting cosy with the girl ?

Congratulations on your two anniversaries Mattie. ?
I’d better get on and tidy my craft room as I have some cards to make for a new arrival and I’d best let the hoover come out to play, it’s been a while!

Have a good day all and rest your foot Blossoming ?

Jaxjacky Thu 14-Oct-21 07:21:01

Happy Anniversaries ?? grandMattie good plan two reminders!
Oh Blossoming rest is best x
Thoughts with harrigran and hoping GrannySomerset has hot water and heating restored.

Susan56 Thu 14-Oct-21 07:21:25

Good morning from Shropshire.

DD will be here soon to drop the hurricane off an hour earlier than usual?DGD has to have a second Covid test, the school has asked that all children have two tests a week apart.There were no appointments left locally to DD so she is hoping if she comes early there won’t be a queue at the walk in centre in our nearby town,

Happy anniversaries to the matties ???

Hope your foot settles down with a day of rest Blossoming.

Have the best day you can all??

brook2704 Thu 14-Oct-21 07:27:13

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s just getting light and it looks quite cloudy and windy
Congratulations Mr and Mrs grandMattie I hope you both enjoyed your meal out and your time together ??
Today we’ve got the DGC to look after, DGD has been invited to her friends house so we just need to do the drop off and pick up, then we just need to find something for DGS to do.
Take care with that foot Blossoming and hope it eases soon
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings ?

kittylester Thu 14-Oct-21 07:37:47

Good morning from a greyish North Leicestershire.

DH is going to the gym this morning while I am helping at a dementia cafe. One of the regular attendees grew up in our village and went to school in our house and he loves to tell me all about his school days.

We had a lovely time with Wolfie and his family (DD3) and we were joined for the cake cutting, candle blowing and singing by his other grandparents in Cyprus, via video call.

BlueSapphire Thu 14-Oct-21 07:38:56

Good morning everyone from a cloudy and dull Northampton, but it is set to remain dry. May start the washing machine where the bedding has been sitting for a couple of days.

Yesterday morning DS took me to the DIY store to choose some paint for the summerhouse; it was on special offer so I got an extra tin just in case, and this morning I shall ring and make a date for the 'handyman' to come. I should have got this job done the year that DH died, but I just wasn't bothered at that time and didn't have the heart to do anything much. Next year I shall get the inside painted, but that's a job I may actually tackle myself.

When I got home I set to and made the Christmas cakes, and this morning I shall feed them with brandy, then wrap and store until it's time to ice them.

Sainsbury's delivery this morning, then I may go to ballet this afternoon.

Happy anniversary, grandMattie; hope you have a good day.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Neen Thu 14-Oct-21 07:39:30

Good morning ?
The seagulls are definitely awake outside my chalet at Pakefield pontins and I had a really good sleep.
I've had a good few days away and can't decide whether to check out later today or first thing tomorrow. Probably later if I can tear myself away from doing bingo again ha.
It's grey but dry and I think cold, so on go the thermals underneath . Im so into comfort these days.
I hope something lovely happens for you all.

Nannytopsy Thu 14-Oct-21 07:40:01

Good morning Mick and all his followers. There are discussions about who will replace Daniel Craig as James Bond, so I think there will be another film. We really enjoyed it.
Light cloud here in Suffolk, so I think we shall see some sun. I have two meetings today so there won’t be much time for gardening.
Happy Anniversary to the gMs. Look after that foot Blossoming.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Urmstongran Thu 14-Oct-21 07:47:19

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s mild and dry. I have a blood test later this morning at the hospital up the road where I used to work. I may call in to say ‘hi’ to one or two ex-colleagues whilst I’m there! The blood test is a pre-requisite for an MRI neck scan in a few days’time.

Happy anniversaries (!) grandMattie! ??
It’s the birthday of one of my LWW friends in Spain. I sent a birthday card 2 weeks ago but in case it hasn’t arrived (?) I will give her a call today. I would hate for her to think I’d forgotten!

Enjoy Thursday all who can. x

Grandmadinosaur Thu 14-Oct-21 07:47:56

Good morning another grey one here in East Yorkshire.

I’m feeling a bit tired today after my trip into town yesterday. I didn’t find an autumn wreath but mooching around in TK Maxx I found a grapefruit knife of all things! Also bought a new bag and other bits and bobs.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I had a bit of back pain. It feels better this morning but I will have a quiet day as the only thing on my agenda is meeting DIL for coffee later this morning.

Happy Anniversaries to * grandmattie* and Mr GM.
Take care all.

harrigran Thu 14-Oct-21 07:48:12

Good morning from a dry NE.
Been up since 3.50am, going to be a long day.
DS will be arriving soon, DIL dropping him off on her way to work.
DH was communicative while the nurse was here yesterday but as soon as she left he retreated back into himself. It is extremely difficult as he will not talk to me.
I have been told I can crush medication and give on a spoon which I am doing with baby fruit purees.
Today is our 54th wedding anniversary, not going to be much of a celebration.

Pittcity Thu 14-Oct-21 07:54:57

Good morning from Colchester where the clouds are wispy and in various shades. It was a lovely sunny day yesterday so we sat outside again for our coffee meetup.
The car is being collected for a service and MOT this morning and then we're walking into town for our flu jabs and lunch. I hope to get our bedding on the line before we go.
Thursday is Jay's online quiz night.
Happy anniversaries to the Grandmatties and love to all ? x

NanKate Thu 14-Oct-21 07:55:48

Good morning Mick and All.

A calm looking day in South Bucks.

Have a happy Anniversary/ies day grandMattie and your DH. ??

Having lunch with a friend at a local pub which has turned itself into an old fashioned Tea Room. What I like is they serve half portions which suits me fine.

I asked my 10 year old DGS what he thought of the latest James Bond and he said ‘It was very emotional’ he must be maturing.

Pittcity Thu 14-Oct-21 07:56:25

Special hugs for the Harrigrans on their anniversary ??

Marydoll Thu 14-Oct-21 07:58:15

Good morning Mick and all, it’s 12°C here in Glasgow. It's very cloudy, with rain forecast. A day for the house, I think.

Firstly, congratulations to GM. It's good to hear you went out for a meal, it has been such a difficult time for you all. It was our wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, I cannot believe we have been married forty four years. Only old people are married that long! ?
Blossoming, you seem to have had a hard time of it recently , please take care and if the foot doesn't improve, get yourself to A&E.?
Thanks for the link Ash, I bet your author friend is really good company. I once bumped into an author in LIDL, who wrote detective stories based in the south of France, where she lives for part of the year. It seems she is quite successful. I didn't know her from Adam, but I could have talked to her for hours!

We had a lovely day yesterday with Dollie. As predicted, she arrived with a list of instructions and had made a forward plan. However just like her gran in her teaching days, we never got half of it completed! She was full of chat and and her wonderful sense of humour had us in stitches. I just want to reiterate, I am NOT biased!
The Chelsea buns were a great success with DS1 and MrMDoll, grudgingly admitted that they were among the best I had made! Take it from me, there must have been a blue moon in the sky last night.

DS1 messaged to say that Dollie had kept them entertained all evening with impersonations of DH and our conversations throughout the day. Apparently, she had been watching Bake off last night and took great delight in impersonating one of the contestants!

On a more worrying note, the hospital I attended on Monday has suspended all patient visiting due to community based Covid infections. Not a good email to receive at all!

My plans for today are mostly IT based. My phone is full, my PC has no memory left and I have a raft of PVG (Disclosure) applications to update for some of our church members, which were delayed due to Covid (and my procrastination). I will be a very busy bee!

DD and SIL are popping in tonight and I'm looking forward to seeing them. It's nearly a fortnight since they went to Islay, but didn't want to visit, until they were sure they were Covid free, having been in multiple destinations.

Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers, especially Harri and her family. Blossoming rest that foot!
Now to read the thread properly.

Marydoll Thu 14-Oct-21 07:59:22

Harri, such a sad day for you. ?

Urmstongran Thu 14-Oct-21 08:02:28

Oh harrigran that was a poignant post to read. You are going through a really tough time. Emotionally you must be on a rollercoaster. And it’s so very sad for you that your poor husband doesn’t want to engage with you. He must feel so low, aware of his prognosis and having to rely on you all like this. Big hugs. x

baubles Thu 14-Oct-21 08:05:16

Good morning Mick, morning all from Northumberland where it’s dry and cool.

Happy anniversary to the Matties winethanks.

I hope your foot heals quickly blossoming Glad your social club reopened Ashcombe, it must have been good to all get together again.

Enjoy the last day of your holiday Neen.

Yesterday turned into a beautiful day although up on the windy ramparts of Bamburgh Castle we had to keep a tight hold of the youngest two or they would have sailed off I’m sure. It wasn’t our or the childrens’ first visit there but they still found it interesting and asked lots of questions. The two year old was on a mission to find dragons which he found in the gift shop but was happy to leave behind thankfully.

More beautiful views. The photo of the littlest one sitting on the throne as his sisters pay homage isn’t too far off real life! grin

A visit to the grounds of a country estate is on the agenda today, there’s an adventure playground, forest walks and a tearoom. Something for everyone.

As always I hope everyone finds peace today with perhaps a ?or two thrown in. ??

Greyduster Thu 14-Oct-21 08:06:33

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a sunny South Yorkshire. Two sleepless nights in a row have left me drained this morning. DH has had a stomach upset and has been in and out of bed which hasn’t helped, poor chap, but he is now sleeping like a baby! I shall have to try and catch up later but I find it difficult to sleep during the day. I have also managed to acquire a frozen shoulder and a stiff neck from somewhere, too.
GrandMattie Happy Anniversary??!
Have a good day, all.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 14-Oct-21 08:08:27

Sending hugs harrigran on your Anniversary. ?

AGAA4 Thu 14-Oct-21 08:09:32

New to Good Morning so hello from a cloudy North Wales.
I will be meeting my son for his birthday lunch later in a pub by the lake. I haven't been out much lately and feeling a bit fed up.
Hope you all have a good day with special thoughts to those going through difficult times.