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Is there anything that gives you 'the creeps'?

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MissAdventure Wed 27-Oct-21 18:12:58

Following on from the Halloween theme, I'm interested to know if you're a brave person?

For example, would you go down to the cellar in the middle of the night if you heard a noise?

Would you pop your head up into the attic if you heard what sounded like child's laughter?

Would you step outside in your nightshirt on a stormy night to close the shed door?
Can you watch "psycho" and then happily jump in the shower afterwards?

MissAdventure Wed 27-Oct-21 18:15:40

Can you nearly do proper paragraphs? blush

MissAdventure Wed 27-Oct-21 18:19:01

If you heard a sound like long fingernails scratching the floor underneath your bed, would you lean down and have a look?

DillytheGardener Wed 27-Oct-21 18:26:21

Ha ha! Well Jaws made me afraid of the sea…. The Blair Witch Project made me afraid of cabins in the woods… and so on. I cannot watch horror films without gaining a new phobia. I once stayed in the hotel where the shining was filmed. A beautiful building but I daren’t sleep a wink. shock

Grammaretto Wed 27-Oct-21 18:26:40

It depends. Usually I am unfazed by noises. If I was I would spend my life in a state of shock as I live alone in a huge old house with creaks from pipes, birds on the glass cupula, mice, and who knows what.
I find most noises quite comforting and here the ghosts are benign.

Robin38 Wed 27-Oct-21 18:26:41

No to all four! 😬

DillytheGardener Wed 27-Oct-21 18:27:05

I prefer the Charlie Brown Halloween specials I think 🤔

MerylStreep Wed 27-Oct-21 18:34:37

I wouldn’t do any of the things you mentioned but horror films do absolutely nothing for me. I usually end up laughing at them. 😂

MissAdventure Wed 27-Oct-21 18:35:35

Would you have one of these in your house?

Calendargirl Wed 27-Oct-21 18:36:45

Would hate to be chased. If I dream of someone chasing me and just about to catch me… pleased to wake up.

MissAdventure Wed 27-Oct-21 18:40:01

Oh yes.
I have those dreams too.
It's one of my worst fears.
Some maniac after me.

Curlywhirly Wed 27-Oct-21 18:48:56

If I arrive home (by car) on my own and it's late, I make a quick dash from my car to the front door. I always imagine that there's someone in the bushes on our drive waiting to jump on me! I also always close the blinds in the lounge when it gets dark, as I think someone could be peering in and watching our every move. Me, paranoid? Surely not!

VioletSky Wed 27-Oct-21 18:50:13

I poop myself when the toaster pops or I am not expecting my own reflection.

When I'm in the zone though I can do anything. I couldn't deal with a spider for me but I have brushed one off the shoulder of a lady I used to care for with my bare hands. If I'm decorating in the zone, I will just push spiders out of my way.

My brain is either weird or there is a difference between known things and jump scares

BlueSky Wed 27-Oct-21 18:52:00

No! I’m horrified when in films you see them doing all that! Only comedy for me in the evening !

Sago Wed 27-Oct-21 18:54:46

I lived in a haunted house and spent many a night there alone.
My husband was petrified the first time he slept there without me, he marvelled at my bravery!

Scones Wed 27-Oct-21 19:00:49

VioletSky "I poop myself when the toaster pops or I am not expecting my own reflection."

Me too!!! I can't tell you how many times I've almost fainted at the woman staring back at me from our glazed kitchen door.

MissAdventure Wed 27-Oct-21 19:06:43


blossom14 Wed 27-Oct-21 19:15:23

In the early 80's we bought a 17th century cottage in Cornwall just off th A30. An old barn was attached at the rear and abutted onto our bedroom. My husband was away from Monday to Friday every week. Every night the rats would run around the guttering about 11 p.m and return about 4 a.m.
We did get pest control out, but hey ho we were in the middle of rural countryside.
I was a suburban home counties lady. I gave my DH an ultimatum. Ended up in Buckinghamshire -small village, new house, no rats.

TillyTrotter Wed 27-Oct-21 19:24:19

Yes I am nervous and I could not be in an enclosed space with a snake even in daylight.
I do “jump out of my skin easily” when a screeching noise escapes my lips which spooks me even more.

CanadianGran Wed 27-Oct-21 19:27:10

As a child there was quite a long path from the house to the back garden shed. It was my duty to feed the dog, whose food was kept in the shed. Winter evenings with the shadows and dim lighting made me run at record breaking speed between safe zones. There were also spiders living in the cracks between the stone wall of the shed. It was a chore done very quickly!

I'm much braver now. smile Except of course spiders still give me shivers.

BlueBelle Wed 27-Oct-21 19:28:40

The other evening it was fairly dark and as I looked out the kitchen window I could see a face peering over the fence I don’t have any garden lights but I decided to investigate and hopefully frighten the intruder away As I got closer I realised it was my big sunflowers (face) peering at me it was growing in a pot and I d forgotten I d moved it nearer the fence a few days before

lemongrove Wed 27-Oct-21 19:28:41

blossom 😁the rats are brave then, they don’t mind living in really old houses, no imagination those rats.
Remember the rhyme:
The things that go bump in the night,
Should not really give one a fright,
It’s the hole in each ear, that lets in the fear,
That and the absence of light!😄

MissAdventure Wed 27-Oct-21 19:29:15

The hangers in my wardrobes sometimes dangle a bit in the night, when the "wardrobe monster" is active, and that makes me a bit jumpy.

tickingbird Wed 27-Oct-21 19:29:23

Noooo…..I’d be under the covers shaking like a leaf. When the girl gets out of bed in a film to go into the dark cellar I’m screaming “No! What are you doing?”

MissAdventure Wed 27-Oct-21 19:29:47