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Flashing lights to show speed trap.

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millymouge Tue 09-Nov-21 15:50:24

I was driving home with DH and dogs from a lovely afternoon in the country park. The route takes me through several small, very pretty villages all with a 30 mile speed limit, and I started getting cars coming towards me flashing their lights, DH commented that there was obviously a speed camera up ahead. I am always very conscious of my speed so was within the limit, and sure enough there was a police car parked up just off the road with a camera. I personally would not warn anyone by flashing lights of a trap because, goody goody me, feels you should try to stay within the limits. Would you flash, do you flash, do you think it is wrong or just motorist friendly to warn other drivers (who should be sticking to the speed limit)?

GrannyMacawell Tue 09-Nov-21 15:56:47

I am with you..I don't flash. and I don't speed. frankly I want speeding drivers to be caught...maybe then they will think twice about putting others lives at risk

AGAA4 Tue 09-Nov-21 16:07:00

I think it may be an offence to warn others of speed traps. It won't be careful drivers who are caught by the traps only those breaking the law.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 09-Nov-21 16:08:47

It is an offence to warn others of a speed trap. Let them get caught, as they deserve.

Esspee Tue 09-Nov-21 16:11:07

Must say I haven't seen a speed trap in over 10 years and thought/hoped the police were using their resources to deal with crime.
Traffic generally moves at a safe rate, roughly within 10% of the speed limit.
I do flash people possibly going a little over the limit but anyone really speeding I wouldn't dream of warning them. They are the ones we need to catch.

Kim19 Tue 09-Nov-21 16:11:55

I would always flash oncoming traffic. Think police could be more effectively used than sitting in a van trapping people. Actually believe it's a money making practice more than a safety one.

Septimia Tue 09-Nov-21 16:14:41

I wouldn't warn anyone about a speed trap. If they're speeding then they're breaking the law.

The last time someone flashed at us we discovered that it was because there was a hedgehog crossing the road! We slowed and it reached the pavement safely. Much better use of headlights.

MayBeMaw Tue 09-Nov-21 16:16:33

Mixed views- if it makes people slow down that is a good thing. Even better if they stay slowed down!

Calistemon Tue 09-Nov-21 16:17:28

I'm thankful someone flashed me on a country road at night because I found a herd of deer were galloping down the road in front of me when I rounded the bend.

Ailidh Tue 09-Nov-21 16:17:40

I never flash and I never speed - consciously; my satnav bingles at me a bit if I accidentally go over, which is rare.

My reasoning, apart from being law abiding, is that if I did hit someone, I'd be horrified; if I hit someone while I was over the limit, I don't think I could live with myself.

If I get fined for accidentally going over, that's my tough luck.

Calistemon Tue 09-Nov-21 16:18:30

Ps I wasn't exceeding the speed limit and wasn't going through a village.

PippaZ Tue 09-Nov-21 16:27:10

I have always understood oncoming traffic flashing their lights meant a general "slow down". It could be for anything, Calistemon's herd of deer, an accident, flooding, etc.

Obviously the pious on here have a direct route to God and will have already been warned of these things.

Visgir1 Tue 09-Nov-21 16:32:31

I flash!

Pantglas2 Tue 09-Nov-21 16:34:31

Surely the point of me flashing a speeding oncoming motorist is to get them to slow down for everyone’s safety? I don’t only do it after passing a speed camera!

AGAA4 Tue 09-Nov-21 16:35:05

It is the responsible thing to do to flash your lights if there is a hazard ahead for other drivers not for speed traps.. which the OP mentioned.

Liz46 Tue 09-Nov-21 16:35:34

OH flashed another car once because there were geese in the middle of the road. We had pulled up behind another car and the passenger got out to chase the geese who were attacking the tyres but the geese started to attack the passenger!

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 09-Nov-21 16:38:37

I think one should always try to alert others to a danger ahead. A speed trap is not a danger but may turn out to be inconvenient and expensive to speeders, which they should be left to find out for themselves. Visgirl beware of finding you have flashed an unmarked police car!

timetogo2016 Tue 09-Nov-21 16:53:16

I flash,A, to slow them down,B to warn drivers there are Deer crossing as we have lots of them where i live and C, if drivers haven`t put their headlights on.

Scones Tue 09-Nov-21 18:08:34

Flashing lights here mean there are ponies, cattle or sheep in the road. Sometimes big groups of pheasants. Recently someone flashed their lights at me and around the next corner were two peacocks being chased up the lane by a girl with a huge net!

I always keep within the speed far within the limit I'm called Captain Slow in our family.

I wouldn't flash for a police trap because it was being caught speeding that stopped me driving too fast. I did one of the police speeding courses which scared the bejesus out of me and made me realise the dangers of going too fast. I hope it would work for others who drive too fast and might save their life or the life of someone else.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Wed 10-Nov-21 12:03:20

I flash to alert oncoming traffic of a need to slow down, be it flooding, wildlife in the road, speed traps etc. As for the self righteous on here, it is possible to miss changes of speed limits, for instance those on here in Bristol who are familiar with the road going in and out of Keynsham which has a change down to 30, yet the signs are always completely obscured by tree branches until you are alongside them. There will be other examples of that around the country which would be a nice little earner for the speed trap industry.

MeowWow Wed 10-Nov-21 12:04:49

I would never flash my lights to warn traffic of a speed trap. They shouldn’t be speeding in the first place and deserve to get a fine if caught.

Worthingpatchworker Wed 10-Nov-21 12:05:28

Trap. No. If you are travelling within the speed limit there isn’t a problem. Often areas are monitored because they have had incidents involving pedestrians and cars. I’d rather the police did this, regardless of people flashing their lights or not, than have someone I love injured or killed.

StoneofDestiny Wed 10-Nov-21 12:07:44

Flashing gets them to slow down - job done.

Direne3 Wed 10-Nov-21 12:13:04

Must say I haven't seen a speed trap in over 10 years and thought/hoped the police were using their resources to deal with crime.* hmm When did speeding cease to be a crime?

Bazza Wed 10-Nov-21 12:13:44

I’m definitely a flasher, having been fined for being two mph over the limit. Certainly for any hazard in the road. Glad the hedgehog made it unscathed.