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Good Morning Monday 29th November 2021

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Michael12 Mon 29-Nov-21 05:59:00

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , but dry and cold outside here in brackley this morning, today is tidy up day , there a few items I want to discard for space.
Otherwise a day in today .
Take care,

loopyloo Mon 29-Nov-21 06:23:01

Sounds good.Mick.
DD is going off to do her early shift.DH already left for work.
House temp was down to 17 so heating now on.
Have a good day everyone.

Ashcombe Mon 29-Nov-21 06:33:44

Good morning from a slightly frosty Torbay.

Yesterday, we made a start on writing Christmas cards so that DH's can be posted from here for his contacts in the UK. He is due to travel home tomorrow so I’m unlikely to post on here as I’ll be dropping him off at Newton Abbot station very early. ☹️ I just hope and pray he will be able to return as planned on the 15th December so we have Christmas together this year.

Have a good week and stay safe and warm, everyone! 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 29-Nov-21 06:35:25

Good Morning Mick, a tidy up day sounds a good idea as we have a snowy Oxfordshire and it looks very cold.
Lots of washing to do today and I’ll probably get the Christmas Decs out of the roof space and have a sort out especially the lights.
Have a good day everyone and be careful if you go out, wrap up and stay warm.

grandMattie Mon 29-Nov-21 06:45:28

Good morning from a dawning E Kent. It’s dry and we are promised sunny intervals. Nice change from the dreary weather we have had.
Last nigh, I had a surprise. I couldn’t place the unexpected flavour and scent in the first mouthful of the glass of red wine DHhanded me. He told me that he had bought a bottle “with a shot of coffee” of all things, by accident. Good wine spoiled in my opinion. The second mouthful was ok, but really?
Ash, iso hope olddudders can make it back again in time for Christmas. To me, this new variant is extremely transmissible, but the mortality seems negligible. Hope I’m right and all goes back to normal-ish.
I shan’t be sending Christmas cards/letters this year; it’s been such a difficult one. I’ll probably just send good wishes by mail instead.
Have a good day everyone; I hope those improving improve,n those with difficulties, I proven and everyone has a gentle day. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩☀️🦩☀️🦩🦩☀️

Scentia Mon 29-Nov-21 06:48:59

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where the snow has frozen over and it will be a walk into work. We will just stay until all deliveries are in and out and then come home. No point heating the factory unnecessarily.
I really should do a food shop but I can’t bear it to be honest!! I may do an online shop.
Take care everyone and stay upright.❤️

Beechnut Mon 29-Nov-21 07:05:41

Good Morning everyone from a dark, cold and frosty Severnside.

I plan a day indoors doing some tidying and cleaning and maybe some diy that is on my ‘honey do’ list. I’m not really an untidy person but sometimes I can’t believe how untidy the house can get and I can’t blame anyone else for it 😀

Have a good day all and stay safe and warm ❄️🦩

BlueSapphire Mon 29-Nov-21 07:11:00

Good morning from a still dark and chilly Northampton, (-3°). Peering out of the windows I can see a light dusting of snow on the gardens, looking like someone has sprinkled icing sugar over them; very pretty, but I expect it's treacherous. Heating had come on in the night.

Yoga first thing this morning, then back home and hibernate in the warm all day. Will catch up with reading this afternoon and probably knitting.

Echoing Ash's sentiments to stay safe and warm today.

mumofmadboys Mon 29-Nov-21 07:12:00

Good morning all! We are off on a short HF walking holiday to the Derbyshire dales today. It's an area we don't know so looking forward to seeing another part of the country. Will pack plenty of warm clothes. Have the best day you can everyone.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 29-Nov-21 07:13:32

Good morning from a dark, frosty East Yorkshire.
Great joy here yesterday as DIL and baby were allowed home. Dgs meeting his sister for my the first time was besotted! Ds and Dgs were coming for lunch so it was a bonus that they could all be here. So it was cuddles all round ... lovely.
I do hope you will be able to spend the festivities together Ash 🙏

Today I will be getting the living room prepped and have a good tidy up ahead of putting up the Christmas decs later in the week.

Jaxjacky Mon 29-Nov-21 07:13:34

Morning all from a 0deg S Hants, the snow/sleet we had last night has frozen, MrJ will have a job de icing his car, I’ll wait until later to go out to the farm shop.
I’m fingers crossed for you Ashcombe that oldudders returns as planned.
Just watching the news, hoping you’re all safe with power and no damage after the weekend of wind and snow.
Have a good day all, hopefully a 🦩and some 🌞.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 29-Nov-21 07:15:44

My photos didn’t appear. Try again.
Yes I hope anyone suffering in the weather to keep safe.

Take care everyone.

Pantglas2 Mon 29-Nov-21 07:17:10

Morning all from a noisy north Wales where the bin men are cracking on emptying the streets bins - sounds like it’s all bottles.....🍾🤪

A pootling day for me, where I shall meander through a kitchen wipe down, some admin, some Xmas sorting and canteen duties as per usual- I can make a day look so busy😇

Hope you’re feeling better after your fall Gwen my shoulder/arm still has twinges after my trip a month ago!

Have a lovely day folks x

Scentia Mon 29-Nov-21 07:18:05

MOMB. Please check your route as a lot of roads are closed in Derbyshire.x

mumofmadboys Mon 29-Nov-21 07:20:21

Thanks Scentia - very kind of you to warn me.

Grandmabatty Mon 29-Nov-21 07:24:16

Good morning all. Polmont has a little ice left from the snow yesterday. It's 1° but the forecast is milder today so I expect it will clear. Grandmadinosaur what lovely photos! A lovely wee family.
Yesterday I went to Aldi but then dozed off and on most of the day as I didn't feel quite right.
Today I have to go back to the pharmacy for my prescriptions as they hadn't ordered them last week. Then dd is visiting with the two boys after playgroup. I'm looking forward to seeing them. Apart from that, nothing is planned. Have a good day all.

mumofmadboys Mon 29-Nov-21 07:27:16

What a proud big brother Grandmadinosaur!

Gingster Mon 29-Nov-21 07:28:34

Good morning all and there’s a frost in the cars.
Yesterday we had a thorough clean up before the decs go up.
We pulled out cupboards and units - couldn’t believe the dust . 🤭.

Today is my chiming day and I must go, as we have rehearsals for the concert. I really don’t want to chance using the car (clutch dodgy). My options are bus or Dh to take and pick me up. I hate to be reliant on him and it will mess his morning up. Buses not great and go all round the houses. 🤔

DD has to see the consultant today to discuss more removal of a malignant mole . Hopefully soon! 🙏

Ash I do hope OD ‘s travels are without problems, and he’s back with you, before you know it 🤞

Wishing you all well. 🤗

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 29-Nov-21 07:32:03

Good morning all from chilly Harrogate
Yesterday’s snow didn’t last long fortunately. My. DDs had taken the DGC to some theme park near Doncaster sending me photos of ‘whiteouts’ en route. They did get back safely, thankfully
Happily I only get pain from my injuries if I move, so hopefully should all heal well, I just feel like an ejeet (idiot) for tripping.
Today, apart from my usual telephone calls, I shall have to take a trip into the attic to retrieve Xmas cards to see what I need to buy. My printer is not sophisticated enough to allow me to print my own.
I do hope Oldduddershas a safe journey tomorrow and back again on 15th December, it must be such a worry for you Ash
Hope everyone has the best day possible today.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 29-Nov-21 07:38:24

Morning Mick and all

Seems chilly here, haven’t looked out of the window, but if Gingster has frost so have I.

Off to the gym, post some Christmas cards, drop off advent calendars to GC. Afternoon I shall move the ironing board upstairs to commence gift wrapping🎁🎁🎁🎁

Wishing OldDudders a safe journey also mumofmadboys Beautiful photo grandmadinosaur

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Grandmajean Mon 29-Nov-21 07:40:25

Morning all.
Lovely pics Grandmadinosaur and great that the new grandchild is home.
Cold here in Cheshire and still a little snow around. Won't be going far .

kittylester Mon 29-Nov-21 07:44:33

Good morning all from aperishing cold North Leicestershire where we still have lying snow and the sky is looking fabulous with apricot stripes on a pale blue background.

Mount Everest to sort out and then a brew and cupcake with my 'boss' as we rejig our Carer's course.

Best wishes to everyone.

Grammaretto Mon 29-Nov-21 07:46:29

Good morning from dark and very cold Scottish Borders. minus 1°C but feels like minus 4°C.
Warm weather on its way, really?

I hope none of you or yours are affected by power cuts or worse. DD in the Highlands seems to have been OK so far though her long planned craft fair was cancelled and roads closed.
Nothing for it but a little sledging.
Thankyou for the lovely baby and big brother photos grandmadinosaur
My gt nephew, born a week ago, still has no name or maybe he has but it might scare us?
We didn't decide on a name for DD for more than a week so I shouldn't be surprised. In Scotland you have to register a child by the time they are 3 weeks. It's 6 in England.
Though perhaps in these covid times exceptions are made.
Have a happy Monday everyone.

Sar53 Mon 29-Nov-21 07:46:33

Good morning from a very frosty Essex by the sea. The car will need lots of scraping before DH can go out.
Housework for me today, some ironing and I will write the Christmas cards for Australia ready to post later this week.
Lovely pictures Grandmadinosaur, a protective big brother.
Gingster I hope your daughter gets on OK today, we are a year down the line for exactly the same thing. A worrying time for all of you.
Take care everyone on this cold and frosty Monday xx

Marydoll Mon 29-Nov-21 07:47:09

Good morning all from a chilly Glasgow, its -2° here. The cold is affecting me very badly, my pain levels are high, for the first time ever, the RA is affecting my elbow and index finger, making my left arm absolutely useless at the moment,
Like yesterday, today will be a day of doing absolutely zilch!

The golf has been cancelled, because of the slippery conditions. I never thought I would be glad to hear that, but both DH and his golfing partner have had falls in the last few weeks, due to the slippery conditions. Also, DH has a worryingly, very large stye in his eye and we have been following the advice of DIL to draw it out. All to no avail. Many years ago, he ended up in the eye infirmary late at night, with a similar problem, when it deteriorated so quickly. The matron looked exactly like Hattie Jaques in the carry on films, and was just as scary!

I'm sending my best wishes to Gwen for a speedy recovery and to all who, are in my thoughts and prayers.
MOMB and Olddudders, safe travels!
Gorgeous baby pictures, GD 🥰

Enjoy your day folks, whatever your plans.