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Captain Tom Day to help loneliness in the elderly

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25Avalon Wed 08-Dec-21 10:34:04

The family of Sir Captain Tom Moore are planning an annual day in his honour “to revolutionise the way society thinks about ageing.” It would be like Children in Need but for the elderly, raising money to help with loneliness and isolation, and also digital skills. Dame Esther Rantzen is supporting it. What do GNetters think?

Sparklefizz Wed 08-Dec-21 10:40:06

Terrific idea. I saw his daughter interviewed this morning. What a lovely family they are!

MayBeMaw Wed 08-Dec-21 11:35:50

They are a lovely family and he was a remarkable man, but do we need another day?
What about the other 364 in the year?

Bridgeit Wed 08-Dec-21 14:48:04

Brilliant , what a good idea.

Alegrias1 Wed 08-Dec-21 14:50:41

If I said what I really thought I'd get banned.

Bridgeit Wed 08-Dec-21 15:04:05

Why not tone it down & share it , so we can get a sense of your feelings ?

Alegrias1 Wed 08-Dec-21 15:41:30

OK. Hard hat on.

I think this idolises older people, if you know what I mean. Having a special day for the elderly, when we should be considering continual things to support them (us?). I also don't believe in charities doing the government's job for them.

Also, I'm not keen on Captain Tom's family, I think they are self publicists.

Sorry sad

Flossiebo Wed 08-Dec-21 15:43:39

@Alegrias1 I agree with your last sentence. Unfortunately. And for that reason, I could not support this.

Grandma70s Wed 08-Dec-21 15:47:30

I agree with Alegrias1. Not impressed.

Bridgeit Wed 08-Dec-21 17:17:10

I don’t believe it idolises people, rather that it inspires others to also have a go. Seems like a win win situation.
As for the Government ( who ever they maybe) well we may as well whistle in the wind. ( Although we shouldn’t judge them on mass, there are still some gooduns !

Anniebach Wed 08-Dec-21 17:47:19

And if the government doesn’t do their job we need charities

Alegrias1 Wed 08-Dec-21 18:31:58

I'd prefer we voted in another government. But charities can be necessary to fill the gap.

I have personal experience of nouveau charities that come along and say that they're the saviours of particular demographic groups when what they actually are, are self publicists. Intent on ignoring existing charities to make us think they've come up with a fabulous idea.

Bitter, moi? smile

Forsythia Wed 08-Dec-21 18:39:55

I think if they want to do this then why not, if the support is there. Esther Rantzen invented the Silver Line, she clearly doesn’t see it as some sort of threat to her organisation so as she is a very public figure then I would imagine all is above board. This family are trying to raise awareness for elderly people. Should they be demonised or called self publicists for doing so? Is that charitable?

Alegrias1 Wed 08-Dec-21 19:09:15

I'm sure its all above board, I don't think there's anything dodgy. I didn't mean to suggest that at all.

I just think its a bit of "Look at us, we've had a great idea!"

I know my view isn't popular...

Forsythia Wed 08-Dec-21 19:12:48

They’ve all just been on the news: the daughter, Esther Rantzen and lots of elderly people in a care home who feel forgotten and cut off from life although they feel they have lots to give. If this idea of Captain Toms daughter brings them pleasure who on earth can be against it ? It’s worthwhile and they are doing it as part of his foundation legacy. Why not give it, and them, a chance before diving in with negativity.

Alegrias1 Wed 08-Dec-21 19:37:09

I just find it a bit patronising..... sad 25Avalon asked what we thought about it and that's what I think.

Forsythia Wed 08-Dec-21 19:41:02

And you are perfectly entitled to your opinion, as always.

25Avalon Wed 08-Dec-21 20:51:34

Apparently when Captain Tom went to live with his dd’s family he felt visible again with the family interaction. He realised how invisible he had felt previously. If it helps all the invisible people out there who cares if it’s self publicity …….. or not.

Anniebach Wed 08-Dec-21 21:05:07

Perhaps some don’t have to experience isolation so wouldn’t know how it makes one invisible l

crazygranny Thu 09-Dec-21 10:45:36


Alegrias1 Thu 09-Dec-21 10:49:08


Perhaps some don’t have to experience isolation so wouldn’t know how it makes one invisible l

Was that meant for me Anniebach?

Firstly, you have no idea what anybody on here has experience of.

Secondly, having views about how someone wants to tackle a problem doesn't equate to denying the problem exists.

Your post is a non-sequitur and seems to be a little unpleasant.

polnan Thu 09-Dec-21 10:53:07

I agree with Alegrias1

when I have the tv on in the afternoon, as I am lonely!
the advertisements for "charities" are so depressing.. if I could afford to pay to each charity the money they ask for, I would have nothing left over to live on

yes, I better be quiet here.
but I wonder how this new charity will reach me?

Anniebach Thu 09-Dec-21 10:53:23

Sorry Alegrias1 not everything is about you , don’t be disappointed please.

25Avalon Thu 09-Dec-21 10:53:56

Alegrias I think that’s a little harsh on Anniebach. She said ‘perhaps’ and admits to isolation and feelings of invisibility. She deserves kindness and compassion as does anyone suffering from isolation. That is what Captain Tom Day is intended to be about.

helgawills Thu 09-Dec-21 11:01:13

A lot of elderly people, like my 95 year old neighbour, are reluctant to interact with strangers, so it falls on a few neighbours to offer support and company. She has rejected help from age uk. Not at all sure what a day for elderly people would or could achieve