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Good Morning Sunday 12th December 2021

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Michael12 Sun 12-Dec-21 06:05:02

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , but also dry here in Brackley at the moment.
Yesterday, was Bicester only with the bus for Buckingham running late
Today a quiet day in , plenty to do .
Spoke to my sister ,she will go to Canada next week, they paid £40 to have a PCR ,and hope next year to go on a cruise subject situation.
Take Care,

Scentia Sun 12-Dec-21 06:18:33

Good Morning Mick and all to follow from here in East Staffordshire where it is dry and feels mild.
I am in need of food in the house so I will have to go and do a food shop this morning. After lunch I am off with DD to a Christmas event at a local farm Bluebelle Dairy where we will be taking part in ‘snowlympics’ goodness knows what that will involve but I better come away with a medal😂
Now you folks have a good day and smile if you can manage it today❤️

grandMattie Sun 12-Dec-21 06:24:58

Good morning from a dark, wet E Kent.
Had a busy day yesterday printing out the little books. I wrote them with DGS in mind. He is a superhero who flies into Bible stories and finds things out without changing the text. I showed one to the Sunday school leader who is a retired vicar and she asked me to make copies to give the children as presents.
Spoke to DS1 I. India. His plans to come home for Christmas are in hand. He should be here this time next week! 🥳 To his amusement, he’s been given a certificate by his surgeon for the metal detectors at airports, about thee pins in his hand 😂
Church this morning - I wonder how this sitting with masks on and singing with masks OFF will work out. Very silly IMHO.
Roast chicken for dinner.
Carpe diem ,my dear virtual friends. Look after yourselves, stay safe, and I hope today brings a random 🦩or even a whole flamboyance 🦩🦩🦩

Flossiebo Sun 12-Dec-21 06:36:32

Morning all.
Having a 'down' day today, so won't linger, just wanted to check in and wish you all a warm and peaceful Sunday.

Ashcombe Sun 12-Dec-21 06:44:49

Good morning, one and all from a dry and balmy Torbay where it’s 12 degrees!

Another busy day for you, Scentia; such energy! Good luck with the snowlympics! Those books sound like great presents for the children, grandMattie. You must feel so relieved about DS1’s travel plans and the support from his surgeon.

Yes, I am also wondering how church will be this morning. Our family service attendance was just beginning to pick up after the lockdowns so I hope our younger folk aren’t deterred by the latest news.

Yesterday, I finally made a start on putting up some decorations. Today the tree will be allowed out of its box and I expect I’ll have fun (!) putting it together. It’s a slim tree as befits the limited space here.

Sorry you're feeling down, Flossiebo and hope reading the greetings on here will lift your spirits.

Have a blessed Sunday, dear friends. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Daisytwoshoes Sun 12-Dec-21 06:50:47

Morning everyone don’t post very often but read everyone’s news daily
It’s still dark outside ,just having my first cuppa of the day
Awake early as we have the 2DGS for a sleepover
Sending “Floosiebo “ 💐 hope you feel better as the day goes on .
Have a nice Sunday all

Jaxjacky Sun 12-Dec-21 06:53:53

Good morning Mick and all, dark but dry and positively balmy here in S Hants at 11deg.
A gold I hope Scentia.
I’d better get your autograph now grandMattie before you’re whisked away you woman of many talents, delightful. Such good news on your son, 7 sleeps.
Washing today, a bit of printing then I need to think about a birthday present for my son, 31 on the 2nd January.
Wishing you all a pleasant day, especially those poorly or down. I hope your day improves Flossiebo 🦩🦩.

notgran Sun 12-Dec-21 06:54:52

Good Morning All. I remembered while coming down the stairs that I hadn't turned the lights off my door wreath. On going outside to do this, it is weirdly warm outside. I wonder if my wreath lights have caused that? grin The Christmas tree is going up to-day. I do "tacky" for lots of my decorations and our tree is one of those ones that snows. It gives us, family and friends a giggle. Then a swim this evening when I'm hoping the pool will be quiet as it was last week as people have other more exciting things to do. Every cloud etc. wink

mumofmadboys Sun 12-Dec-21 07:03:23

Good morning all. I also wonder how church will be this morning. The rules are all so inconsistent arent they? I am going out shortly for the first of my two daily walks. Hope everyone has the best day they can

Stilllearning Sun 12-Dec-21 07:12:41

An early (for me) good morning from S Lanarkshire, still pitch black outside. I haven’t been sleeping all that well recently so straight through till 6 30 this morning was lovely and enjoying my first cuppa of the day, I might even snooze again!

Hope your day is better than you fear Flossiebo

I haven’t returned to Sunday mass yet, still preferring to go during the week when it is much less busy, also I really enjoy the church in Ireland which I found during lockdown. The priest gives an excellent sermon and always leaves you with something to think about.
I certainly don’t understand the logic of sitting with masks on but taking them off to sing?!

Tomorrow is return to the hearing world day, I am so pleased my isolation is nearly over. Yesterday DD4 came and got the tree and decorations down from the loft, put them up and left me with a Christmas house! I can only hear clearly through my mobile phone so we sat opposite each other and spoke on the phone😂

Parcel wrapping today and if the rain stays off I may walk and hand deliver the local cards.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday 🦩🦩🦩

Pantglas2 Sun 12-Dec-21 07:13:05

Morning Mick and all the early birds from a dark and dry north Wales.

The last of present delivery today - a giant hamper for DD and SIL filled with hand picked expensive treats from Waitrose- the sort of stuff you’d never buy yourself because it’s cheaper in Aldi!😂

Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday and 💐 for ‘flossiebo* and all having tough times x

cornergran Sun 12-Dec-21 07:19:12

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset feels milder, looks damp out there.

Finally finished fhe cards to post, a weight lifted. Local friends to do, plenty of time for those as they are hand delivered by Mr C. Fingers crossed for us, please, it seems our family tea might happen. Confirmation or otherwise expected by 11 this morning. If it can’t anyone want a sandwich and for too much cake?

Hope the day brightens for you flossiebo.

Take care everyone. Hope Sunday is gentle with us all.

Grandmajean Sun 12-Dec-21 07:30:17

Morning all.
Mostly cheery news this morning so hope our good wishes cheer you upFlossiebo
You are two busy people GrandMattie and Scentia
Watched a really good film last night with Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren. The Good Liar. Give it a go !

Pittcity Sun 12-Dec-21 07:47:29

Good morning from a dark, mild, Colchester. Double figure temperature today. Our heating came on earlier but has reached temperature and clicked off already.
DD is dropping 2 DGS off with us while she does a cross country run this morning. Her DH is working all weekend so we'll probably ending up sharing our roast pork.
Love to all 🦩 x

Beechnut Sun 12-Dec-21 07:48:18

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s getting light with fine rain falling.

I bought a few things at the Christmas fair yesterday and saw my husbands friend. We spent a lot of time laughing. He doesn’t change and we wouldn’t want him to

Today is hoovering and dusting the downstairs rooms and make a start on putting decorations up. After I took them down last year I put them in the garage to make life easier.

I hope your day picks up Flossie and everyone has a good one 🎄

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 12-Dec-21 07:50:46

Good morning all from still dark Harrogate
Hope you feel better as the day goes on Flossie
I am hoping to go o church this morning - haven’t been for a week or two.
We must have similar hearing aids Stillearning Phone calls to my mobile blue tooth into my hearing making it much easier to hear a conversation.
Got the Christmas tree up yesterday. - it’s getting to look a lot like. Christmas!!
Have the best day you can folks.

Gingster Sun 12-Dec-21 07:53:52

Good morning all and yes it is milder today. Thank goodness.

Little GD has gone to other nanny’s overnight and will come back here this evening. Dd has just told me she has to stay in hospital to have a drain and intravenous antibiotics. 😥

The Christingle making and craft afternoon was lovely. We had a few carols and a little service. The children stood with their candles alight while we sang ‘Away in a Manger’. Always emotional. 🙏.

DS2 is arriving soon for breakfast . He lives in Herts so we don’t see him as often as the others. He came to Essex last night to have an evening with old pals. Slept overnight with brother and will journey home late morning. He’s such a dear and very precious to us. (As they all are, of course) . 🤗

I can’t understand how you have to wear masks in church but take them off to sing. It’s the singing bit that expels all the breath! 🤔😷🙄. Crazy!

Wishing you all a lovely day.

Thankyou Sar for your PM. and all your support ❤️

AGAA4 Sun 12-Dec-21 08:10:16

Good morning from North Wales. Just starting to go light.
I have spent a lot of time on. line over last few days ordering presents and just hope they arrive on time. The cake I sent for my son's birthday was late.
Will have a walk later but the paths are really muddy after all the rain we've had.
Usual chats and texts with family and friends today.

Flossiebo 💐 sorry you feel down.
Have a pleasant Sunday to Mick and all.

baubles Sun 12-Dec-21 08:13:04

Good morning Mick, morning all from damp South Lanarkshirewhereits just beginning to get light.

Hope you feel better Flossie, I woke up feeling like that yesterday, it’s horrible.

No removal of masks for singing in our church, is this to do with new regulations in England?

I went to a retail park yesterday to pick up a few things, the shops really weren’t too busy at all and it did me good to get out. I’ve one GC still to buy for, she’s at a tricky age, her Mum isn’t coming up with any ideas for me and the clock is ticking.

This afternoon I think I’ll start wrapping presents, it always feels more like Christmas when there’s a festive pile.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday. 🦩🦩

Grammaretto Sun 12-Dec-21 08:14:45

Good morning from the Scottish Borders where it is mild & quiet. DD's birthday today.
It always takes me back to the day she was born when DH brought me a bunch of roses from our garden!
I won't see her, unless virtually.
Hope you all have a happy day whatever you do .

brook2704 Sun 12-Dec-21 08:24:17

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dark but feels a bit milder
Your snowlympics sounds good fun Scentia - enjoy!
Day 7 of my isolation today so I’ll be ok to go out on Thursday - yeah! If it stays dry today though I’m going to potter in the garden for a bit as I need some outdoor air. I’ve a nice little sheltered sitting out area that I sometimes use in the winter, with a tree that we can decorate with lights so I might do that and sit out for a while with my hottie and a blanket
Hope your day improves flossiebo
That hamper sounds like the perfect gift pantglas and fingers and toes crossed for your family tea cornergran
Hoping your DD is doing ok Gingster and she’s home soon 💐
Take care everyone whatever the day brings 💐

ginny Sun 12-Dec-21 08:25:28

Good Morning. Lots of upbeat posts this morning but sorry Flossie isn’t feeling great.

DDs birthday celebrations went well ( everyone did a LFT ).
Delicious food, beautiful cake and decorations. Everyone really got into their characters for the Murder Mystery and much fun and laughter was had by all.

Today I am off to Blenheim to see the house and grounds all lit for Christmas. Going with all 3 DDs and lunch on the way.

Wishing you all a happy Sunday .

EnaSharples Sun 12-Dec-21 08:35:37

Good morning, its warmer today in Manchester. I'm sorry you are having a down day Flossiboe. I am feeling that way too, I had to use my oxygen the last few days and nights.
I wanted to come on this thread to say I'm sorry for the fuss I caused before. I accept Marydolls apology and I'm sorry if I misunderstood her words and I want to say thankyou to LauraNorderr for understanding my feelings and trying to help. I dont want to start it up again but I hope both ladies accept this and let me stay on here. I have tried to carry on posting on other threads but its hard to get to know people on more temporary threads iyswim. Have a nice day.

multicolourswapshop Sun 12-Dec-21 08:37:40

Good morning everyone from a starting to get light, dry and quiet day here on the east coast of Fife. What a restless night me and my dh have had he’s been so very restless with the shakes. Hopefully they’ll clear up today, he’s up and about, putting a hot bottle in the spare bed in preparation for a rest day for himself. He’s not a complainer. Once he’s had a rest he’ll hopefully start to feel better. Then we can all get on with things.

Have a good Sunday and stay safe.

Grandmabatty Sun 12-Dec-21 08:39:16

Good morning all from Polmont. 6° already so a mild day ahead. It's thin clouds up above Hello to Daisytwoshoes. I hope you feel better soon Flossiebo.
Yesterday I finally got the Christmas cards written. I made the Christmas day soup and it's in the freezer. I did all the usual Saturday cleaning and washing and washed all the floors. Today I'm going to wrap presents. Chicken for dinner later and I'll strip the carcass to make stock. I'll have a quiet day.