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Good Morning Wednesday 15th December 2021

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Michael12 Wed 15-Dec-21 06:04:22

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , but its dry here in Brackley this morning .
Today , a small early shop , and I then want to get my jab cards Photostatted so i have all three vacations cards on a copy of A5 paper , so I can show when going to cinema , and other venues in accordance with the law.
I have no android type I phone so showing a copy of the vaccinations is beater than taking out of my wallet in public areas .
Take Care,

Scentia Wed 15-Dec-21 06:17:26

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and mild again.
A full day at work today, I really don’t have time to work to be honest😂😂
Yesterday I had to really shout at a little boy in the soft play as he was really kicking my DGS when he was lay on the floor, I wouldn’t normally but there was no parent in sight, well there was once I started shouting 😂 my poor DGS was saying ow, ow ‘top it’ so I had to intervene. All sorted in the end and the ended up playing nicely together!!
Parish Council meeting tonight, I had my first minutes addressed to Councillor Scientia, I have made it in the world!!
Take care everyone and stay safe.
Good idea about the photocopy Mick

Gagagran Wed 15-Dec-21 06:27:49

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a VERY mild (17 deg.) south coast.

We have both got covid passports on our phones even though we shan't be attending any of the venues requiring them. Who knows where the powers that be will decide we need to show them next?

DH's bike club Christmas lunch is today and they are cycling to the cafe where people with learning disabilities serve etc. They go there every Christmas and it's always a top notch meal.

I shall be pottering while the cleaners are be here to do their magic. My main task is to sort the freezer to make some space for a delivery on Saturday.

Hoping our family gathering on Sunday can still go ahead in light of this dratted omicron. Fingers crossed.

Have the best day you can everyone! sunshine

Beechnut Wed 15-Dec-21 06:29:36

Good Morning Mick, Scentia and all who follow from Severnside. Damp, dark and fairly warm.

Some pottering today and I want to go out into the garden to fill up the green bin ready for collection day.

On Monday night my brother and I talked about our family coming from overseas after Christmas. Yesterday we had the news they have cancelled their trip. I had a few tears but it’s better to be safe and they are now planning for next summer.

As far as I can I’m keeping outings to a minimum.
Stay safe everyone 🦩🎄

monk08 Wed 15-Dec-21 06:30:32

Good morning all from the Black country, dry and mild.
Mick you can get official passes from NHS website DH downloaded his and sent for mine, at the time it didn't have the booster on but would have now, he also sorted our friends out with theirs.
Mums and toddlers today so early start, we have a visit from Santa.
Will catch up later, welcome any newbies, best wishes to anyone celebrating and virtual hugs where needed.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

Sar53 Wed 15-Dec-21 06:39:49

Good morning from Essex by the sea. It's mild and dry outside.
Shopping this morning to use our vouchers in Lidl.
DD2 is having two more moles removed this afternoon exactly a year since her malignant Melanoma was removed. Fingers crossed 🤞 that these two are benign. Hopefully we will get the results of the biopsies soon.
We are having a Christmas drink with friends this evening, they've asked that we do lft's before we go. Luckily I managed to get a box through the post yesterday.
Have a wonderful Wednesday whatever you may be doing xx

kittylester Wed 15-Dec-21 06:48:19

Good morning all from a mild North Leicestershire.

Up early as the tiler, who didn't make it yesterday, is coming at 8.30 this morning. Then we have a Sainsbury's delivery between 10 and 11 then my brothers and I are going to put a plant and wreath on the grave of our other brother. We usually go for a meal after in a near by pub but have decided to forgo that this year.

This evening, we should be going to Wolfie's nativity service but he has a cold and might not be well enough. Whether it should go ahead at all is debatable, in my view

brook2704 Wed 15-Dec-21 06:58:25

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s still dark but looks dry outside
Yesterday I had a really lazy day so I’m awake early today as I think I’ve caught up on all my needed sleep. Just raring to go now once I’m released from isolation on Friday
So disappointing about your family plans Beechnut I hope the trip is rearranged soon.
Hope all goes well for your DD Sar everything crossed
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Ashcombe Wed 15-Dec-21 07:07:14

Good morning, all, from a calm and mild Torbay.

The Ladykillers was well received last night and I enjoyed the chance to welcome and seat patrons, besides selling ice creams in the interval, one of which I had to sample (for quality control purposes, you understand.)

DH is just leaving his local station en route for Paris, then via €star to London, eventually arriving in Torquay this evening, if all goes to plan. DPD should deliver his PCR test today, after which he will be “imprisoned” in my flat, awaiting a negative result!

Lidl shop soon and Wednesday Club Christmas party at the theatre later.

Heartening news yesterday .after all, LauraNorder. Sincere condolences to Barmeyoldbat and thoughts with all with health worries regarding themselves and family members.

Happy hump day! 🦩🥰🦩🎄🦩

grandMattie Wed 15-Dec-21 07:13:12

A late “Good morning” from E Kent.
Had a dreadful night. Got up around midnight for a wee. The next thing I knew was that all lights were blazing and DH was fussing around me. Sweating profusely,I refused point blank to move, didn’t even pull up pjs. I was then very sick, and managed to get back to semblance of verticality 😂. Poor DH, I’m never ill, he was so panicked. Today, He will treat me as if I was made of glass. Feeling better but not 100%.
Stay safe, keep well. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Jaxjacky Wed 15-Dec-21 07:13:26

Good morning all from S Hants, 11deg. We too have our passes on our phones, out later to pick up some left’s ordered yesterday.
My voluntary phone day and a drive later, in between there’s washing and I might make some stuffing.
Fingers crossed for your daughter Sar.
Disappointing Beechnut I can understand the tears.
Enjoy your day, stay safe, thoughts with those struggling 🦩🦩

Grandmadinosaur Wed 15-Dec-21 07:21:28

Good morning from a dark,dry East Yorkshire.
Yesterday started with a nice surprise. When DH was putting out the bin first thing the man next door had taken a parcel in for us. We’d had a note through the door from DPD but no box ticked as towards what had been done with it. We hadn’t been expecting anything. Anyway DH shouted up to me “there’s a surprise for you” . It certainly was as we were sent a drinks hamper from Fortnum and Mason 😀 we got one last year from a business associate. As he no longer dealt with them he wasn’t expecting one this year. We’d only stocked up at the weekend too. Oh well - party anyone?
Coffee morning was enjoyable and was lovely to see our friend who recently lost her husband. She was so brave I’m sure I wouldn’t be so composed. I also picked up my order from Next.
Today it is the Nativity for GS. He is the Narrator and as his friend decided he would rather be an animal he took on his lines too. He’s taken it all in his stride. Oh how I’d love to be there to see him. Last night when he was here I put Christmas songs on Alexa and on the mention of the word Bethlehem in one he said mm Bethlehem I know that word!
I’m meeting DIL afterwards as she says she wants to start venturing further than the village. We are going into town we will take it slowly and have lunch somewhere.

Have a good day everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 15-Dec-21 07:24:00

Morning Mick and all

Not sure if I will go to the gym today, I still bits and bobs that need doing round the house. Mild weather here in S E Essex

Sar53 hope all goes well for your DD 🤞
Oh dear grandmattie hope you feel better, have a restful day.

Keep safe and well folks 🤶🏻🎄

Grandmadinosaur Wed 15-Dec-21 07:24:48

GM sounds like a nasty turn there. Take it easy today and hope you soon feel better.

Safe journey to Olddudders

Michael12 Wed 15-Dec-21 07:27:26

Just to let you know I went onto NHS website ,and have asked for a letter showing all jabs for domestic purposes , but will get some copies done in between time to cover me say for tomorrow because the royal mail system it may not arrive in next few days .

Gingster Wed 15-Dec-21 07:29:35

Good morning all from a very dark Essex.
Little gd has just come down. She usually sleeps until i wake her and I enjoy my cuppa alone. Never mind we’re up and running now! 🤗.

Dd came home from hospital late afternoon yesterday and is feeling quite poorly. I’ll keep little DGD here for another few days. We’ll ‘play it by ear’.

Sar - thinking of you and your brave DD. Best wishes and love to you both. 🙏

Hoping you all keep well and safe.
Enjoy your outings, lunches and get togethers 🎄

BlueSapphire Wed 15-Dec-21 07:34:52

Good morning everyone from another mild day in Northampton. A little walk out this morning to the nearby shops as I have a voucher from a local charitable organisation to be spent in the village. I shall probably get wine 🍷🍷🍷.......

Then change the bedding and load the washing machine. Had a text to say that afternoon social club is cancelled, so will spend the afternoon reading/knitting.

At last the rest of my large waste items has been collected by the council, and then my lovely neighbour called to ask if I needed anything else taking to the tip, so I got rid of an ancient printer, scanner and computer keyboard. At this rate my garage will soon be empty!

A nice get-together of present and past neighbours for coffee and cake yesterday morning and a good catch-up of news. After lunch I managed a trip to Sainsbury's/M&S food expecting it to be less busy but there were lots of people about. Saves me going at the weekend when I expect it will be heaving.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

ginny Wed 15-Dec-21 07:45:24

Good morning all. It’s still quite dark outside so not sure about the weather as I’m still in bed.

So sorry to hear such sad news
from *Barmyoldbat’ *yesterday.

This morning I am going to DGS2s school carol service which is being held outside on the village Green.
This afternoon is our last craft club until the New Year. We will be wearing masks and are in a large room so happy to go ahead.
Thinking of all with worries and disappointments and hoping you all find a smile in your day.

brook2704 Wed 15-Dec-21 07:51:14

Oh my goodness grandMattie what a scare. I hope you feel ok now and please take it very easy today 💐

cornergran Wed 15-Dec-21 07:51:23

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset seems to be mild and dry.

Local cards (finally!) finished yesterday Mr C will deliver them today while I put marzipan on the cake. We’ve a grocery delivery due and must try to remove dust around the decorations.

Please rest today grandMattie, that sounds a dramatic night for you both. Safe trip wishes for olddudders. Good luck wishes to your daughter sar. Although covid passes are on our phones you’ve prompted me to send for paper copies too mick, would be easier to use for Mr C who has a love/hate relationship with his phone.

Take care everyone. Hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

Scentia Wed 15-Dec-21 07:52:54

Mick. Remember that the letter will only last 30 days and you will have to get a new one. You can call 119 to get a new one sent each time you want to go out.

Grandmajean Wed 15-Dec-21 08:03:17

Morning all
That sounds scary GrandMattie take care today.
Haven't looked out if the window yet but feels mild. Food shopping today. Hope to only have a few perishables to get next week.
Good wishes to all of you with worries .

Grandmabatty Wed 15-Dec-21 08:04:09

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 9°. Positively balmy. It's damp as well though.
Grandmattie take it easy today. Sar I hope your daughter is ok today.
Yesterday my quiet day ran away from me. I went Christmas shopping instead. I did have a lazy afternoon and evening though. My son finally gave me an indication of what he wanted and by bedtime I had the whole lot ordered so another job done. I somehow seem to be further behind than previous years.
Today I'll visit mum then back home to get wrapping. Have a good day all.

Stilllearning Wed 15-Dec-21 08:05:11

Good morning from S Lanarkshire, still dark but quiet.
grandMattie, that sounds dreadful, both you and your DH must be exhausted after such a fright during the night. Please do not underestimate the effects that your grief is having on your body. I hope you can get some help.

I’m back home after my weekly child care visit. I was wakened at 6am yesterday by excited 6 year year old DGS looking to see if the Elf had moved to my bedroom ( He hadn’t, DD is not so daft!) she had also bought herself a few days peace by putting him, Elf, not DGS!!, in isolation with several teddies, she is not a psychologist for nothing. I’ll try and attach a picture.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day and thinking of those of us with extra worries just now 🦩🦩🦩

Marydoll Wed 15-Dec-21 08:16:55

Good morning all from Glasgow, where it is 8°. My biggest decision today is whether to instruct MrMDoll to put out the washing or not. This is part of my training and personal development to become a Lazy gran 🤣 I plan to keep him busy in the foreseeable future. wink

DS1, DIL, and Dollie are awaiting the results of PCR tests, DS1 tested positive, using a lateral flow test yesterday. I am at my wits end, because Dollie, like me is CEV. She has just finished a course of steroids, which makes her even more vulnerable.
Even is she tests negative, she cannot go to school until after Christmas, due to her beloved daddy, testing positive, in accordance with the new rules here in Scotland.

Unfortunately, she will miss all the excitement in the run up to Christmas. She is so disappointed, but we have to keep everyone safe. We were planning to go down to school and socially distanced, listen to her class singing Christmas carols in the playground.
When I was teaching, I revelled in the activities, in the run up to Christmas and was so looking forward to it.

I am having difficulty typing, after an altercation with a tube of superglue yesterday. It was not just any altercation, it was a Marydoll altercation! wink.
Noticing that on of our outdoor wreaths was looking very tired and weary, I decided that as a relaxation activity, I would try and improve its bald appearance. Unfortunately, the tube burst! 😱
Did you know that, Body Shop, other retailers are available rose scented, foot scrub, is very effective at removing large quantities of glue from the body? An added bonus is that I smell gorgeous! 🤣
I will try and post before and after photos later, after today's appointment with the body scrub. I seem to have lost some sensation in my finger tips! ☹

The two, very unwell DILs and their families, are in my my thoughts and prayers and all on here, who are struggling just now.
Grammaretto, I hope you now have a working cooker!
On reading your news, Scentia, I felt the need to bow, in the light of your debut into public life. Well done! ⭐
I would be useless as a Councillor, I talk too much! 🔊🔊🔊💆‍♂️

I haven't really taken in the posts, so will go back and read properly.
I wish everyone the best day possible and the strength and fortitude to take what life throws at you.
Sometimes, we don't have the ability to do that and it is the kindness of strangers, who lift us up.
That happened to me yesterday, thank you to those lovely gransnetters, who did just that. 🥰