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Good morning -Boxing Day 🎁 🎁

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MayBeMaw Sun 26-Dec-21 06:09:54

Good morning all!
I hope everybody had the best Christmas Day they could and is ready for part two.
The healthy walk, reading one’s Christmas books at leisure perhaps, lots of lovely left overs and the ham still to enjoy?
Not forgetting those who might be finding it hard though - wishing you a peaceful day.
Hope you are enjoying the IoW Mick ?

FannyCornforth Sun 26-Dec-21 06:19:18

‘Morning Maw!
Happy Boxing Day everyone! smile
It was lovely to see such a busy thread yesterday.
I hope that everyone had a happy Christmas Day, whatever your circumstances; I know that my husband and I did.

aggie Sun 26-Dec-21 06:26:00

Good morning Maw , Fanny , I’m on my way back to bed to try and sleep , it’s dark wet and stormy out !

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 26-Dec-21 06:30:36

Good morning from a very wet and windy Oxfordshire, Maw and all who follow and to Mick hope you are enjoying your break.
Awake at stupid o clock this morning, but no cooking to do today!
Hope everyone had a good day yesterday, hugs for those who found it a challenge.
Have a good day everybody.
Oh and MissOops dog found a 🦩

Beechnut Sun 26-Dec-21 06:36:03

Good Morning Maw, Fanny, aggie and all who follow. It’s a dark and wet start on Severnside.

My Christmas Day plans did not happen as Beechnutella’s fella tested positive on the Eve of. I had made alternative plans food wise so I had the best day I could.

I hope you all had a good day and enjoyed reading the extra long good morning thread like I did.

Have a good day and stay safe 🎄

grandMattie Sun 26-Dec-21 06:38:04

Happy Boxing Day; thanks Maw for opening up. Hope Mick is enjoying his break.
We had a good day yesterday, on the whole, with a few hiccups, but that was natural.
Another one today, I hope. DD is taking the Eucharist this morning Xi- she is rather annoyed as it is St. Stephen’s day, and they are not to sing “Good King Wenceslas”! 😂
Hope everyone has another good day with lots of ☀️☀️☀️And 🦩🦩🦩🦩

mumofmadboys Sun 26-Dec-21 06:47:01

Good morning all! Planning a quiet day today with a walk and no cooking! Another son arrives tomorrow. Wishing everyone a peaceful Boxing Day.

Sar53 Sun 26-Dec-21 06:48:26

Good morning from another wet day in Essex by the sea. Happy Boxing Day.
A nice but very hectic day with DH's family yesterday. Today a journey to see my girls and their families.
My turn to have a glass or two of fizz as I was the driver yesterday.
I hope you all have the best day today, plans and covid permitting and let's hope it stops raining 🌧 😀 🎄🎅 xx

Ailidh Sun 26-Dec-21 06:53:53

Good morning!
Up at the usual time, which is 04:30, so a nice, long day of me time ahead.

Would normally have walked the dogs by this time but this dark and wet and vile out there, so they've had the offer of the back garden for their ablutions and we're now all cosied up.

I had a pigs in blankets omelette for breakfast. I can recommend it.

Gagagran Sun 26-Dec-21 07:12:10

Good Morning everyone from a dark and wet south coast. Suspect this is the weather Mick will also have on the Isle of Wight as we are very close.

We had a quiet Christmas day but with phone calls and emails from family, which was lovely. The three bird roast was delicious and there is enough left for today so it will be an easy meal prep. We finished the jigsaw last night and although it was a difficult one, the joint effort and the attractive result was very satisfying.

DDiL got her CPR result yesterday and it was positive so she is now isolating and their Christmas has been much curtailed. They have an annexe so she can be in there but has been with the family up until yesterday so might be a case of closing the stable door a bit too late!

Not sure what the day will bring but we are warm and cosy and well stocked with supplies so have much to be thankful for.

Have the best day you can everyone. sunshine

Ashcombe Sun 26-Dec-21 07:13:58

Good morning all from a dry (so far!) Crewe.

Travelling on the motorways on Christmas Day is highly recommended! Only two lorries encountered throughout the journey! Despite squally showers in the SW, we covered the distance in four hours, including a fruitless stop at Gloucester Services, where no facilities were available, followed by a very welcome coffee stop at Strensham.

It felt quite unreal, once we'd arrived, to imagine we'd undertaken the trip but wonderful to be with the family. DGS2 (11) said it made Christmas Day for him and DGD delighted with her welcome. DD2 said it made all the preparation of the delicous lunch worthwhile, having visitors arrive in time to share it.

It's lovely to read of the enjoyment of many of you yesterday and I'm sorry for those for whom plans had to be cancelled. Today, my DS and DGS3 will join us plus the inlaws,for which we shall all take LFT's.

Have a relaxing and enjoyable Boxing Day, whate'er betides. 🦩☃️🦩

Grandmajean Sun 26-Dec-21 07:15:39

Happy Boxing Day.
Saw daughter and family yesterday but tomorrow big day here as all ten of us will be together Covid permitting.
Lots to do in preparation.
Have a lovely day.
Sorry to read about your spoiled plans *Beechnut . Difficult times.

Nortsat Sun 26-Dec-21 07:21:27

Good morning Good Morning-ers from east London, where it is still pitch dark.

I second the wish that everyone had a happy and peaceful day yesterday. Our day was very pleasant and we enjoyed our food.
As with everyone else, plenty of leftovers, so just some vegetables to do for supper … nice and easy.

I have my new Christmas dressing gown and slippers to wear this morning and my Christmas reading to start. So I am planning a gentle day.

I wish everyone (inc Mick) the same. 💐

Grandmadinosaur Sun 26-Dec-21 07:33:02

Good morning all from a rainy East Yorkshire. Thank you Maw for getting us going.

Our day was chaotic but lovely as expected with an excitable 5 year old! He was thrilled to bits with his main present a Hot Wheels toy. He loved our present too - a robot with many functions! My DS rewarded me and his dad with his gifts. I am very much looking forward to my spa day. 😀

I am up early to put a piece of pork in the oven. We are going to my dads today and will catch up with my brother and SIL. GS is coming too. As it was a last minute decision I am taking lots of food stuff with us.

Sorry to hear about your day Beechnut

Enjoy Boxing Day whatever you are doing.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 26-Dec-21 07:37:13

Morning all

Off to my baby sisters for a couple of days, cannot wait.

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous Boxing Day wherever you are.


dragonfly46 Sun 26-Dec-21 07:38:25

Good morning - it is pitch dark here in Leicestershire.

We had a lovely day yesterday and have easy dinner tonight with salads and cold turkey.

My son bought me the present of the year ( apparently) a bee revival kit so I will have to go out and look for poorly bees!

Hope you all have a good day, thinking of those who are sad or worried.

kittylester Sun 26-Dec-21 07:51:20

Good morning from my bit of Leicestershire which is also pitch dark.

We had a lovely day yesterday despite the oven seeming to objectto the number of roast potatoes it was being asked to do.

Everyone we expected made it here and DD2 and family stayed over and will stay tonight to.

The best bit of my day was seeing our 14 year old, 6'3", cool, guitar playing grandson playing hide and seek with his cousins and taking really special care of the youngest - 3 year old Wolfie.

Have a great boxing day.

Gingster Sun 26-Dec-21 07:56:16

Good morning all and Happy Boxing Day.

Yesterday was relaxed and calm - just Dh and me. We pottered, had lunch, watched tv, had facetimes . Today will be different - 12 for lunch with games, present giving and receiving, stockings to open and excited GC. DS1 and family can’t join us for Covid reasons but we will zoom them during the afternoon.

DIL’s brother and his wife welcomed a new baby boy on Christmas morning. 🙏

Wishing you all a happy day. 🎄🎅 . Safe journeys all who are travelling. 🙏

NotAGran55 Sun 26-Dec-21 08:01:10

Happy Boxing Day from soggy West Berkshire .

We had a wonderful day yesterday entertaining my brother, sister and families and today will be doing it again with my in-laws and SIL with Sen .
The year before last on Christmas Day we were in hospital with SIL when she was taken ill, and last year we could only see her through a window, so this year will be very special.
She sees the world though the eyes of a little child and it’s magical and very moving.

Enjoy your day as much as you can and keep safe 🎄

Josieann Sun 26-Dec-21 08:01:49

Good morning Day 2. It is no surprise the puppy has been sick with over indulging. I won't be graphic, but his tummy wasn't keen to digest the red plastic toy cracker or Chritsmas pudding in his stocking!
I hope you all have a happy Boxing Day.

brook2704 Sun 26-Dec-21 08:02:32

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a frosty cold start to Boxing Day
Thank you maw for opening up
Yesterday was lovely, we went to DD2 house and spent the day eating, drinking and playing family games with the excited DGC. We got home just before midnight so today is going to be spent relaxing and doing my Christmas jigsaw
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Kalu Sun 26-Dec-21 08:05:06

Good morning all. Thanks for opening up again Maw, hope you are enjoying your time with family. Enjoy your holiday on the IoW Mick. We were supposed to have snow last night and sleet today. It’s still dark outside and I haven’t pulled the blinds up yet so no idea what the weather is doing in Glasgow.

Such a lovely thread yesterday with so many joining in. I hope those who met up with families enjoyed their day and those who unfortunately couldn’t, with so many plans cancelled due positive readings or some, for whom it wasn’t possible, have the opportunity to meet up soon.

Boxing day is our day to spend with DD1 and the girls who still think of the 26th as their Christmas Day with us. Non stop chat ahead. 😁

Have a pleasant day all and best wishes to those with worries or feeling down, I hope you can find something to lift your day.

baubles Sun 26-Dec-21 08:15:33

Good morning all from South Lanarkshire. It’s pitch black but I can see icy patches glistening on the road.

No heaps of leftovers here sadly as I’d got some food in as a plan B but only enough for yesterday, I can raid the freezer though. Annoyingly I’d cooked two hams and made two trifles and taken one of each to DS on Thursday then left the others on DD’s doorstep. We should have all been together today so they’ll have to eat their way through a mountain of food.

DH slept a fair bit yesterday, he has flu type symptoms but I’m hoping it won’t get any worse than that. I’m about to do another LFT.

Sorry to hear that your plans have been disrupted too Beechnut.

Lots of chocolate, television, and reading for me today and of course the daft dug will need to be walked.

Wishing everyone a peaceful St Stephen’s day. My parents were married on this day in 1950 in the church in the photo.

Jaxjacky Sun 26-Dec-21 08:16:40

Good morning all from a dark, damp S Hants. We had a brilliant day yesterday, having the GC’s and DD opening stockings in our room at 7 am was the best start. They left in the afternoon, so a quieter day today.
Thoughts with those who’s plans went awry, or struggling.
Enjoy Boxing Day, a walk later for us.
Love the dog toy Oops!

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 26-Dec-21 08:21:32

Good morning all from dark Harrogate
I’m sorry your day was not as planned Beechnut. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a quiet day.
We had our Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve, this is DD1’s idea. So Christmas Day we were back at her house by8.30am to see the children opening their presents, and Oh Boy! They were excited!! But soon the presents were opened and DGS decided I was there to play with him, and no one else!! We helped polish off the leftovers and got home about4pm for a rest!!
Today it’s just the two of us, back to our normal routine.
Hope everyone else has manage to enjoy the this special time without too many disruptions from covid especially.
Have the best day you possibly can