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What noise annoys ?

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Serendipity22 Sun 26-Dec-21 19:43:45

Ok, i start ... the sound of a rustling crisp packet

My hearing zones in on nothing but the crisp packet, but of course when i am eating crisps ( which i do everyday) my hearing zones in on anything and everything but not the crisp packet i am rustling haaa... weird confused

Blossoming Sun 26-Dec-21 19:45:44

Anybody eating with their mouth open.

GagaJo Sun 26-Dec-21 19:50:18

Can be anything with me. I think I have sound hypersensivity. I don't have it all the time, but it can be really bad if I'm trying to work. Noise can completely prevent me from concentrating. I can often overcome it by wearing headphones and playing white noise for work. It also affects my sleep. I have to have silence.

Shandy57 Sun 26-Dec-21 19:56:02

I can't stand the sound of crisp packets crackling either, and always used to tell the children to put them in a bowl. A few years ago I was with my now adult children queueing for a ferry, and the woman behind was eating crisps - my son whispered in my ear 'put them in a bowl!'. So funny, she had no idea why we were all laughing.

I also dislike people eating with their mouth open, especially when they talk with their mouth full. Tea slurpers are the worst!

NotAGran55 Sun 26-Dec-21 19:56:14

Yapping or barking dogs 🤬

bikergran Sun 26-Dec-21 19:56:59

** wind chimes!! whilst trying to relax in the garden, also can here them most days when my bedroom window is open.

They seem to be such little demons, but the slight puff of wind send the high pitched sound all around.

bikergran Sun 26-Dec-21 19:57:45

Not that I'm relaxing in the garden right now of course.

Chewbacca Sun 26-Dec-21 19:58:26

People sniffing instead of bowing their nose.

Chewbacca Sun 26-Dec-21 19:59:13

Or blowing their nose! Either way really!

Serendipity22 Sun 26-Dec-21 19:59:27

Ohhh absolutely, you zone in on them don't you haaa its like a magnet no matter how much you dont want to look, you do....

I have been known to move seats at the table .... !

Grammaretto Sun 26-Dec-21 20:01:28

I also dislike crisps or sweet wrappers in cinema or theatre. Why can't people eat before or after the show? Will they starve.
The other thing I dislike is the noise of high heeled shoes clip clopping.

Serendipity22 Sun 26-Dec-21 20:03:22


Good to know im not on my own ha ha ha.

I used to tell my son n daughter HURRY UP AND EAT THEM when they ate packet of crisps, which was annoying frequent ..... grrrrrrr

Elizabeth27 Sun 26-Dec-21 20:04:25

Another one for barking or yapping dogs.

Chewbacca Sun 26-Dec-21 20:07:47

Chewing gum being mauled round and round and slapped around the inside of someone's mouth is revolting.
My ex who breathed heavily through his nose, often with a slight whistle. grrrrrr

Serendipity22 Sun 26-Dec-21 20:08:42


Thats funny coz i was in a supermarket once and everywhere i pushed my trolley, this clip clop sound was behind me, it annoyed me sooooo much that i stopped dead in my tracks, turned to see the owner of the infuriating clip clop noise, smiled and said after you and swung my trolley to 1 side.

Urmstongran Sun 26-Dec-21 20:09:06

An unattended car alarm going off. Eek!

bikergran Sun 26-Dec-21 20:13:36

Sorry that should have been "hear" not here hmm

Hetty58 Sun 26-Dec-21 20:22:17

Other people doing DIY or using lawnmowers, strimmers, hedge cutters or power washers - infuriating. Building work, traffic and the horrid sound of car doors being shut.

I really should live in the middle of nowhere, not an end of terrace in London!

LtEve Sun 26-Dec-21 20:32:18

My Mum used to say 'A noisy noise annoys an oyster most'. Has to be said aloud for full
As soon as I saw the thread title it bought happy memories of my long departed Mum.

Thank you and sorry for derailing the thread.

Serendipity22 Sun 26-Dec-21 20:46:18


Lovely that the title brought such happy memories for you.


NanKate Sun 26-Dec-21 20:58:06

My tinnitus been rattling away for over 15 years arghhhhhhh.

Shelbel Sun 26-Dec-21 20:59:46

Dogs barking
People who are unnecessarily loud
Crunching on apples
Loud thumping dance music
Lip smacking

I'm quite noise sensitive.

MerylStreep Sun 26-Dec-21 21:00:36

People with chronic sinusitis can’t breath through their nose. They can only breath through their mouth, therefore they are breathing and eating at the same time. Not pleasant to witness but most times there is a reason that your not aware of.

Grannybags Sun 26-Dec-21 21:06:40

I agree with Chewbacca. Anything to do with noses!

Munching on apples
Wind chimes. Don't understand why you'd want them tinkling all the time
Dogs left home alone barking all day

Jaxjacky Sun 26-Dec-21 21:36:25

Crisp eating doesn’t annoy me.
Dogs barking incessantly
Motorbikes or cars nearby being repeatedly turned over and over
Dripping outside hitting something when it’s raining hard and we’re in bed. MrJ got up and moved errant watering can at 2am today!